How to Rip A Blu-ray to a PC: Check the Best Blu-ray Rippers For You

How to Rip A Blu-ray to a PC: Check the Best Blu-ray Rippers For You

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Nowadays, some computers and laptops don’t support disc drives anymore. But it's good if your device still has a disc drive. If so, it is better to rip your Blu-rays. Do you want to know why? It is because, soon, it is possible that all computers and laptops won’t install and support disc drives anymore. To prevent encountering any difficulties in the future, grab the opportunity to rip your Blu-rays right now. And if you want to do it already, we can help you with the ripping procedure. In this guidepost, we will give you the three notable ripping programs that may assist you in digitizing your Blu-rays. Plus, we will include the detailed methods for each software. In that way, you will learn all the processes on how to rip Blu-rays to a PC.

Rip Blu-ray to PC

Part 1. Rip Blu-ray to PC Using Free Blu-ray Ripper

To rip your Blu-ray using your computer, use Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper. It is one of the most outstanding Blu-ray rippers, which is easy to use. The downloadable program is easy to download and install, making it easy to access. Also, you can rip the Blu-ray as easily as ABC when utilizing the offline software. It is because the Free Blu-ray Ripper has an amazing and simple interface with simple methods for ripping Blu-ray movies. With that, professionals and beginners can easily operate the program without any problems. Plus, it can also offer a fast ripping process. If you are rushing and want to instantly rip any Blu-ray movies to your computer, consider using Free Blu-ray Ripper. It also supports formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, M4V, and more. But wait, there’s more. Aside from ripping Blu-ray movies, there are other features you can enjoy while operating the program. The tool also lets you edit your video using its editing function. If you want to remove unnecessary parts or edges of the video, you can use its cropping function. In addition, if you own the video and want to protect it from others, you can add a watermark using the watermark feature. So, if you want to enhance your video, navigate to its various functions and explore more. Use the steps below and learn how to rip 4K Blu-ray to PC.

Note. Ensure that the Blu-ray movie is inserted on your computer.

Step 1

Go to your browser and look for the Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper. Then, download and install it on your computer. You can also get the installer through the Download button below. Afterward, start installing the program.

Step 2

The first process you need to do is to insert your Blu-ray movies on the interface. To do that, click the Load Disc option on the upper right part of the program’s interface. After clicking, select the file from the computer folder.

Load Disc Insert Blu-ray Movies

Step 3

When you are done uploading the Blu-ray, you can use the Edit function to enhance and improve the video. You can adjust the video color, crop videos, and add watermarks to videos. After the changes, click the Apply button.

Use the Edit Feature

Step 4

After that, to change the Blu-ray to another video format, click the Profile button on the lower interface. Then, go to the General Video section and choose your preferred output format.

Select Desired Output Format

Step 5

Then, if you finished choosing the desired format for the video, click the Convert option. After that, the ripping process will instantly begin.

Rip Blu-ray Convert

Part 2. Use VLC Media Player to Convert Blu-ray to PC

Another satisfying Blu-ray ripper program you can’t afford to miss is VLC Media Player. If you know the program, maybe it is because you are using it to playback various videos. But if you explore more, there is another feature you can discover. Another feature of VLC Media Player is its capability to rip Blu-ray movies. It’s amazing, right? With that discovery, you can now rip your Blu-ray and watch it using the same program. In terms of its ripping process, it won’t disappoint you. You can rip the Blu-ray movies quickly and smoothly, which is great for all users. However, even though it has a fast ripping process, its Blu-ray ripping procedure is time-consuming. There are various steps you need to do before getting the desired result. Also, the interface of the program is a little bit confusing. We can say that if you are a beginner without any idea about the program, you can’t rip the Blu-ray easily. So, you must first learn its functions and features before going to the main goal.

Step 1

Download and install VLC on your computer. After that, select the Media option and click the Convert / Save button.

Select Media Convert Save

Step 2

Then, select the Disc > Blu-ray option. After that, to add the Blu-ray movie, click the Browse button on the right interface. When done, tick the Convert / Save button below.

Disc Blu-ray Browse Convert Save

Step 3

Go to the Profile section and choose the output video format you want for the Blu-ray. After that, the final process is to click the Start option to rip the Blu-ray.

Profile VLC Select Format

Part 3. Rip Blu-ray to PC with Handbrake

You can also use Handbrake to rip Blu-ray on PC. It is not that popular compared with other rippers, but once you use it, you will discover its excellent capability. The program can help you create a digital video file from Blu-ray. Also, it lets you edit the file during the ripping process. You can modify the video quality, frame rate, bitrate, video encoder, etc. Handbrake has a Preview function that lets you see your edited video. This way, you will know the possible outcome after the ripping process. But, the Handbrake has limitations. You can only rip the Blu-ray on limited formats. The program only supports MP4, MKV, and WebM formats. So, if you want to rip the Blu-ray to other formats like FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc., you must look for another Blu-ray ripper. You can see the steps below to rip Blu-ray on your PC using Handbrake.

Step 1

Get the Handbrake program on your computer. Then, launch it after you finish the installation process.

Step 2

On the left interface, click the Folder option to load the Blu-ray movie you want to rip.

Load Blu-ray Handbrake

Step 3

Afterward, proceed to the Summary section and navigate to the Format option. Then, select the video format you want for the file.

Summary Format Option

Step 4

Hit the Start Encode button on the upper interface to begin ripping the Blu-ray movie on your chosen video format. Then, after a few moments, you can watch your ripped Blu-ray.

Click Start Encode Button

Part 4. FAQs about Ripping Blu-ray to PC

1. Can I rip Blu-ray to my computer?

Yes, you can. You can use the Blu-ray ripper that was mentioned above. These are the Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper, VLC Media Player, and Handbrake.

2. Can VLC rip Blu-ray?

Definitely, yes. VLC is not only reliable for playing videos or movies. It can also rip the Blu-ray and turn it into various video formats.

3. How do I rip a Blu-ray to MP4?

You can use Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper to rip your Blu-ray to MP4 format. After launching the program, click the Load Disc option to add the Blu-ray. Then, select the Profile > General Video section to choose your preferred format. After that, tick the Convert option to begin ripping the file.

4. Is there a free Blu-ray ripper?

Yes, there is. You can use the free version of Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper. With this program, you can instantly rip your Blu-ray without spending money. It is also among the Blu-ray rippers with a perfect interface, making it suitable for all.

5. Can Blu-ray be pirated?

Sad to say, but yes. Blu-rays can easily be pirated nowadays. It can easily be recorded using cams or any video recorder.


How to rip a Blu-ray to a PC? Luckily, the post answered the question for you. We also give you the best Blu-ray rippers with methods you can check and operate. If you want to rip your Blu-ray to numerous video formats, use Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Ripper. Unlike the other two programs mentioned above, it can support almost all video formats.

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