Learn How to Trim GIF with the 3 Renowned GIF Trimmers [Online, Offline, iPhone, and Android]

Learn How to Trim GIF with the 3 Renowned GIF Trimmers [Online, Offline, iPhone, and Android]

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If you happen to encounter some cool GIFs, but you want to remove the undesirable frames on that specific GIF, you might need a GIF trimmer. An excellent GIF cutter can assist you in solving the issues quickly and easily. This blog entry will discuss the top 3 GIF trimmer tools and tell you how to trim the GIF; continue reading to learn more about these tools.

Trim GIF

Part 1. How to Trim Animated GIF Offline

Are you looking for a reliable GIF trimmer? With Video Ultimate Converter's GIF tool editor, you can trim, crop, and resize GIFs in a matter of seconds. It is an offline tool that is easy-to-use yet highly effective in GIF-making and editing. Eliminate all the unpleasant frames on your GIF by using one of its features called Video Trimmer. Import the GIF, trim the unnecessary frames, and export. More than its commendable trimmer, the user interface is clutter-free, extremely straightforward, and easy to navigate. All the things you will need can be found in a single-page menu bar. This makes the software feather-light and simple to use for even inexperienced users. Anyway, take a glance at the steps on how to trim a GIF using Video Converter Ultimate.

Key Features

Step 1

Launch the GIF Trimmer

To begin, go to the page of Video Converter Ultimate, download, and install the tool on your desktop. Otherwise, you can select the download buttons for the fast installation of the GIF trimmer. Upon launching, go to the Toolbox bar and look for Video Trimmer.

VCU Toolbox Trimmer

Step 2

Add the GIF on the interface

After that, upload the GIF from your folder by hitting the Plus (+) in the middle of the interface.

VCU Add GIF To Trimmer

Step 3

Begin to trim the GIF

Now, start trimming the GIF using the adjustable yellow handle on the timeline. By moving this, you can choose where you want to start the clip up to where you want to finish it. Continue doing this until you select the portion of the GIF you need.

If you are unsure of the portion you trimmed, you can always hit the Play Segment button to check if you cut the GIF correctly.

Tip: You can choose between Fade in or Fade out if you want to add a touch of effect to your trimmed GIF.


Step 4

Add segments

Next, upon trimming the GIF, you can always add segments by hitting the Add Segment button. If you want to merge all the parts, check the Merge into one dialog box. You can add more elements if the GIF is much longer than usual. By doing this, you can cut all the unnecessary clips and retain only the portion you want to keep.

VCU Add Segments

Note: You can utilize the Fast Split if you need to split the current segment by hitting the Split by average or Split by time.

VCU Fast Split

Step 5

Export the trimmed GIF

Finally, when you are finished with all the changes made, you may now export it by selecting the Export button.

VCU Export Trimmed GIF

Part 2. Quickly Trim GIF Online for Free

The GIF editor Veed.io is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys editing animated GIFs online. There's no need to install any program because it is a free online tool. It allows you to trim a GIF without leaving your current browser window. The great thing about this GIF trimmer is that it is compatible with any different operating system such as Windows 10, Linux, Mac, and mobile browsers.

Furthermore, users find the tool too essential. It is much better if the innovators can add more features such as stickers, emojis, transitions, and more. But if you're on a strict budget but still need an efficient editing tool, Veed is a good option. Follow the steps below to trim a GIF using this free online tool.

Step 1

To begin, pull up a browser and go to the main page of Veed.io

Step 2

Next, upload your GIF by clicking the Upload a File button, or drag and drop your file on the center of the interface. There are also other ways to import your GIF. You can paste a link, upload through Dropbox or shoot the clip right away using the Record button.

Veed.io. Choose File

Step 3

After importing the GIF on the interface, hit the Split button, which symbolizes a scissor. Using the adjustable yellow handlebar, you can trim the portion you need.

Veed.io. Trim GIF

Step 4

inally, select the Export button on the top corner of the interface when you are done. Now, you may share it on your social media accounts.

Veed.io. Export

Part 3. Efficiently Trim GIF on iPhone and Android

Suppose you want to trim a GIF on your phone efficiently. It allows you to merge, cut, and crop GIFs. It removes GIFs' backgrounds. It is equipped with many effects and stickers that you can insert into your GIF after trimming it. There are too many things you can do with this app. You can create GIFs using your existing clips on your gallery, add effects and stickers to create an animated greeting card. Removing unwanted frames is straightforward by following the four easy steps below to trim a GIF.

Step 1

First, download the GIF Studio on your phone. Install and launch it right away.

Step 2

You can choose the target file from the Album Screen or choose Share To GIF Studio if you view the animated GIF in another application.

Step 3

Next, hit the Concat | Cut tool from the menu bar upon importing the GIF. The start and stop-frame numbers will be displayed when the loading is finished. Choose the appropriate frame slot.

Step 4

After that, save the changes you’ve made by hitting the Save button. Share the GIF to keep you connected with your social media friends.

GID Studio Trim GIF

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Part 4. FAQs about Trimming GIF

Is there a watermark on Veed.io when I edit a GIF?

Watermarks can be added for free, but you also have the choice of using our Brand Kit feature, which is available for a fee. Using this method, you will preserve your logo for long-term use. It is no longer necessary to input the logo each time.

Can I cut out some frames on an animated GIF?

Certainly, yes! You can trim out the middle of the GIF or discard the final part of the GIF. The timeframe of the cut can be specified in seconds or the approximate frame numbers at which you want the GIF to be cut.

What is the best way to trim a gif on an iPad using GIF Studio?

Trim the edges of your GIF by tapping and dragging the corners of the timeline on the right of the screen. This icon can be located in the lower corner of your GIF animation, just below the play button. It will verify your GIF trimming and allow you to utilize the many editing features in the process.


So we can say with certainty that if you're looking for a tool to help you create a captivating GIF without spending a fortune, you should take into consideration the Video Converter Ultimate, your go-to tool on your GIF trimming issues.

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