How to Take a Screenshot on Any Samsung Phone (Full/Scrolling Page)

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No matter you want to save the current page of a document, or your high score in a game, taking a screenshot is always the first choice. Samsung is a popular brand for Android phones and tablets. There are many Samsung models in the market. Thus, the Samsung screenshot methods differ slightly between old and new ones. But don’t worry about that. This article will show you how to take a screenshot with a Samsung phone of all models. Just read and follow.

Take Samsung Screenshot

Part 1. How to Take a Screenshot on a Samsung Phone (4 Ways)

Take a Samsung Screenshot with Button Combinations

Hold the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time. Your Samsung phone screen will flash. Then you can get a Samsung screenshot image. This method works for new Samsung models, such as Samsung Galaxy S9/S10, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and more.

As for older Samsung phones, you can screenshot on Samsung with Power and Home buttons instead. You can find the captured Samsung screenshots in the Gallery app. (Check where do screenshots go)

Way 2: Take a Samsung Screenshot with Palm Swipe

Step 1.Open Settings app on Samsung.

Step 2.Choose Advanced features, and then select Motions and gesture.

Step 3.Scroll down and turn on Palm swipe to capture.

Step 4.Swipe the edge of your hand across your Samsung phone’s screen from left to right to take a screenshot.

Palm Swipe to Capture

Way 3: Take a Long Samsung Screenshot with Scroll Capture

Step 1.Hold and press the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously.

Step 2.Tap the Scroll Capture icon, which looks like a downward arrow. A Start capture menu appears on Samsung.

Step 3.Open Settings app on SamsungTap it again to scroll down and capture the entire page of your Samsung screen. You can use this method to capture a large webpage, image, document, app screen and more.

Step 4.Tap Hashtag to add or create your own tags to your screenshots.

Step 5.Open SettingsChoose Save to save your Samsung full screen screenshot. .

Scroll Capture Samsung

Way 4: Take a Samsung Screenshot with Your Voice (Bixby Voice or Google Assistant setup required)

Step 1.Navigate to the Samsung phone screen you want to capture.

Step 2.Say Hey Bixby or press the Bixby key, which is below the Volume button.

Step 3.After activating the voice interface, just speak Take a screenshot.

Step 4.Sooner, you can get a screenshot on Samsung.

Screenshot with Bixby Voice

Part 2. Advanced Way to Take a Samsung Screenshot with Annotations

If you need more than a pure screenshot tool, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder is a better choice. You can record any activity, video, audio and screenshot on your computer. Just mirror Samsung screen or stimulate Samsung app to Windows or Mac. Later, you can record, edit, save and share all Samsung activities. The real-time editing tools are available for Samsung screenshots and video recordings as well.

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Step 1.Use an Android emulator app to share data between Samsung and your computer. Or you can cast your Samsung screen to Windows as well.

Step 2.Free download, install and launch the screenshot tool. Choose Snapshot in the main interface.

Step 3.Your mouse will be a cross. Drag and select any area you want to record.

Step 4.After setting the screen capture area, the screenshot editing tool pops up. So choose any tool and set the specific color and size. You can apply drawing effects to Samsung screenshots freely.

Step 5.Click Save to save your Samsung phone screenshot. Or you can share a Samsung screenshot to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr in Recording History as well.

Part 3. FAQs of Taking Samsung Screenshots

Wrapping up

All in all, you can take screenshots on all Samsung phones with the above steps. No matter you want to screenshot a still page or video, you can do as the above mentioned. By the way, you can turn off screenshot sound and notification within Samsung screenshot settings as well.

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