3 Ways to Copy DVDs to a Computer [Windows and Mac]

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With the advance of technology today, you don’t need to wonder if it’s possible to have a copy of DVDs on your computer. What you only need is a tool that will keep the original data and quality of the desired video while having a fast-speed process. With that said, there are many desktop tools offered in the market, so here, we will introduce the best ones for you to pick the better fit.

Save DVD to Computer For Free

Bölüm 1. Part 1. How to Copy DVD to a Computer

Bugün itibariyle, Free DVD Copy is one of the best solutions to copy DVDs on Windows 10/11 and Mac OS 14 Sonoma, and this is because it allows you to clone video files from discs with just a few steps. Of course, it also gains the trust of many as it offers copying and saving DVDs to ISO, folders, and more. The desktop software also provides three copy modes, which enable you to do a full copy, only copy the main movie or custom. More than these excellent characteristics, Free DVD Copy is also designed to process batch files with 50x copying speed, making it the fastest solution to other similar ones. You can try it for free by clicking the Free Download button and start your limitless DVD copying on your computer!

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Aşama 1.Download and install Free DVD Copy on your computer. Once done, launch the desktop software and insert the disc into the optical drive. Open the Kaynak dropdown and choose the DVD Klasörünü Aç option. Select the folder that has all the movies you want to copy on your computer.

Free DVD Copy Install Insert DVD

Adım 2.You may select the output format, like ISO olarak kaydet, from the Target dropdown menu. Then, click Sonraki. Proceed to edit the videos as you wish, such as uploading subtitles, audio tracks, etc. Click the Oynamak button to preview your work.

Free DVD Copy Edit Subtitle Audio Track Next

Aşama 3.The next thing you will do is to tick the checkboxes under the Options menu since it includes keeping or removing menus, loop titles, and region code protection. Find the best designation folder, then click the Başlangıç button to copy DVDs on your computer. After a few moments, the movies are ready to stream on the device.

Free DVD Copy Options Start

Free DVD Copy is a great start for DVD copying on Windows and Mac. Be sure to try it today and upgrade to the pro version for more excellent features.


  • Modern and user-friendly interface for easier operation.
  • No file size limit for DVD copying, cloning, and saving.
  • High-speed copying process without quality loss.


  • Some helpful features are in the pro version.

As mentioned, many tools offer DVD copying, so the table below shows other recommended DVD copiers for Windows and Mac OS.

Free DVD Copy Tool DVD Type Supported Desteklenen işletim sistemi Copying Speed Remove Copy Protection Output Option (ISO, folder, USB, etc.)
El freni DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-/+RW, etc. Windows, Mac, Linux Düzgün HAYIR ISO, digital formats
MakeMKV DVD-5, DVD ROM, DVD-/+R, DVD-9, DVD-/+RW, etc. Windows, Mac, Linux Düzgün Evet MKV biçimi
ImgBurn DVD-R, DVD-5, CD, etc. pencereler Yavaş HAYIR ISO, folder
VLC medya oynatıcı DVD-5, DVD ROM, DVD-/+R, DVD-9, DVD-/+RW Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Yavaş HAYIR ISO, folder
Windows Medya Oynatıcısı DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-/+R pencereler Yavaş HAYIR ISO

Bölüm 2. Part 2. How to Clone a DVD to a Computer by Digital Copy

How to save a DVD to a computer in just a click? Ücretsiz DVD Dönüştürücü offers the best service for Windows and Mac, especially with a straightforward UI for better and easier navigation. Its main purpose is to rip files from discs and turn them into digital formats, such as MP4, FLV, MKV, HEVC, MOV, and others. Other than a wide range of selected file formats, the DVD ripper also has the proper output settings that help the user change the desired resolution, encoder, sample rate, and others. Furthermore, you can customize and edit the profile effects with this Free DVD Ripper on Windows and Mac.

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Aşama 1.Get the Free DVD Ripper by clicking the Free Download button and install it on your computer. Once the desktop software is running, insert the disc and wait for a few moments until it is recognized. Click the Diski Yükle button to import the files you want to rip.

Free Dvd Ripper Load Disc

Adım 2.Go to the Profile menu and choose a preset with output resolution, format, and others. For a more specific output adjustment, click the Ayarlar button, and then you can edit the encoder, FPS, and audio settings freely. Click TAMAM to save the new settings.

Free Dvd Ripper Profile Output

Aşama 3.Choose the destination where you want to save the ripped files. You may click the Araştır veya Açık dosya button to select. Once done, click the Dönüştürmek button to initiate the ripping process.

Free Dvd Ripper Destination Convert

With the Free DVD Ripper by Blu-ray Master, you have learned how to save a DVD on Mac and Windows with just a few steps. On top of that, it guarantees excellent results with more features to offer on the premium version.


  • Excellent selection of output formats.
  • Suitable for transferring files to other devices.
  • Genuinely free and abundant in features.


  • May need an upgraded OS to operate smoothly.

Do you want to know how to put a DVD on a computer without paying? Here are some of the best alternatives for ripping different DVDs in 2024.

Aletler Supported DVD Types Video Düzenleme Özellikleri Sınırlamalar Hız İşletim Sistemi Destekleniyor
WinX DVD Dönüştürücü DL-/+RW, DVD-/+R, etc. Evet Only allows five minutes of a video Ortalama Windows ve Mac
Freemake Video Dönüştürücü DVD 9, DL-/+RW, DVD 5, etc. HAYIR Ads can interrupt the process Yavaş pencereler
DVD Küçült DVD 5 and DVD 9 Evet Quality problem Yavaş Windows, Mac
Medya Kodlayıcı DVD ROM, DVD 5, DL DVD DL+R, etc. HAYIR Only a handful of output formats are available Ortalama Windows, Mac, Linux
DVD Şifre Çözücü DL-/+RW, DVD-/+R, etc HAYIR Too limited in features Yavaş Windows, Mac

Bölüm 3. Part 3. How to Save DVD to Computer Directly

If you are a Windows user, there is one simple solution to copy DVD files on your computer, and you will only need an optical drive and Windows Media Player to get through it. If you secure all the requirements, here are the easy steps to follow:

Aşama 1.Insert the disc into the optical drive and launch the Windows Media Player. If the media player is not installed, you may get it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Adım 2.From the main interface, go to the Library menu and find the DVD folder. Right-click on the folder and choose the Huzur içinde yatsın seçenek.

Windows Media Player DVD Library Rip

Aşama 3.Select the desired format and location folder; then Windows Media Player will immediately rip the videos.

Truth be told, this is the easiest way to copy DVDs. However, it is only limited to WMA, MP4, and MP3 as output formats, and it is impossible to save DVDs as MP4 on Mac since WMP is not available for download.

Bölüm 4. Part 4. FAQs about Copying DVD to a Computer


Here, you have discovered how to save from DVDs to a computer with the Free DVD Copy and Free DVD Ripper by Blu-ray Master. Of course, there are more tools you can find for the flexible cloning process on Windows and Mac. But we suggest trying the first two solutions to quickly enjoy your media playback from DVD to any device. Click the Free Download button to start today.

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