5K to 8K Converters: Top 5 in the History of Video Resolution Conversion

5K to 8K Converters: Top 5 in the History of Video Resolution Conversion

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We won't bother discovering your reason for doing a 5K to 8K conversion task. However, it would still be significant that, before doing this task, you must have enough knowledge about these resolutions. To begin with, 5K, also known as the 5120x 2880 resolution, is the typical resolution used on advanced monitor computers nowadays. This is because these monitors have the length and width required by the 5K video resolution. The 8K resolution, on the other hand, is the video with 7680x4320 pixels. This type of resolution is also an excellent choice used on standard computer monitors and suits the monitor display of flat screen TVs as well.

Furthermore, it is taught that an 8K resolution has a 16:90 aspect ratio. Still, the videos with a higher aspect ratio are used for the other variant of this resolution which is the 8K DCI. Thus, in pursuing the 5K to 8K conversion, you must have the best tool to maintain the quality you will meet upon reading the content below.

5K to 8K Converters

Part 1. Top 5 Best 5K to 8K Converters

Top 1. Video Converter Ultimate

If you need reliable software that can turn your 5K videos into 8K instantly, then you should know about this Video Converter Ultimate. It is an ultimate converter that can simultaneously convert your multiple 5K videos into 8K without interruptions. You will be amazed at its powerful conversion process, for it uses advanced acceleration technologies, the Ultrafast and the one for hardware. These technologies have the biggest factors why users enjoy the smoothest and most efficient lossless 5K to 8K conversion process. Despite that, Video Converter Ultimate is also dedicated to providing other more amazing tools, such as a DVD ripper, movie maker, collage creator, AI video enhancer, 3D maker, video trimmer, compressor, merger, watermark remover, and many more.

Key Features



How to Convert Multiple 5K Videos to 8K

Step 1

Install this best 5K to 8K converter software on your computer. Then, launch it and upload all your 5K videos at once by dragging them from your local folder and dropping them into the center part of the interface.

Drag Drop Video Files

Step 2

When the videos are uploaded, hit the Convert All To option at the top right corner of the interface. Then, from the new window, hover over to the search bar and type in 8K. After that, pick an 8K output to use.

Set Output Format

Step 3

This time, you can already hit the Convert All button and wait for the process to finish. Once done, check your outputs in the Converted menu.

Convert Video Files

Top 2. AceThinker Video Master


Another all-in-one software that gives a powerful 5K to 8K conversion process is this AceThinker Video Master. Similar to the first one, this software supports a wide variety of output formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, VOB, and many more. Moreover, it also allows you to include photos, shapes, texts, and other elements in your videos while doing the conversion process. Additionally, this AceThinker Video Master offers an easy-to-understand interface, which makes even a non-professional user easily navigate.



Top 3. VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter

The next of the best 5K to 8K converters is this VideoProc Converter. This software works on this conversion process flawlessly on Mac and Windows OS. Similar to the first two programs, VideoProc Converter also works on different types of video formats while enjoying its good features that you can use while converting your 5K files. However, you need to use its premium version to have the liberty to have unique and limitless features.



Top 4. Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter is the next choice of the best software that offers batch 5K to 8K conversion. On top of that, it gives you a wide array of features allowing you to choose among the thousands of various media files it supports. Furthermore, this nice converter enables you to trim, combine, and cut your videos as the extra editing tools from its features. However, you will only have limited features for conversion until you purchase its premium version.



Top 5. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Finally, we have this WinX HD Video Converter, one of the 5K to 8K converters that you should consider using. The fact that this software supports high-quality videos from HD, UHD, and UD, and up to 4K, 5K, and 8K, means that your high-resolution videos are safe to process. When it comes to media formats, WinX HD Video Converter supports more than enough various input and output, allowing you to work on any video type you have in there. However, unlike the other converters we tackled, this software processes the conversion longer.



Part 2. FAQs about the 5K to 8K Converter

Does 5K to 8K conversion take time?

It depends. An hour-long duration of video usually takes 15-20 minutes to convert.

What is the perfect format for 8K videos?

It depends on the compatibility of your media player device. Thus, the MP4 and MKV are the perfect formats that can smoothly handle the high quality of your 8K.

Can I play 8K videos on a mobile device?

Yes. Using the latest version, you can only play 8K videos on a mobile device. Thus, if you are using an older than 2019 mobile, you won't be able to enjoy 8K videos.


There you have the top five 5K to 8K converters in the history of video conversion. By using them, you can have the assurance of a smooth and efficient conversion process. Hence, if you want the most lossless converter among them, you must choose Video Converter Ultimate.

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