Birthday Collage Video Makers: The Best Tools that You Should Utilize

Birthday Collage Video Makers: The Best Tools that You Should Utilize

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If you are planning something spectacular for the birthday of your special someone, then you have got to the right place. We assume you plan to create an amazing video containing a collage of numerous birthday greetings from the celebrant's favorite people. Keep that up, and we are here to help you meet the best birthday collage makers you can use on your computer, online, and mobile devices. In addition, we will also provide you with their great features and advantages and disadvantages. Rest assured, by the end of this article, you will be able to plan and create the most memorable surprise for your special person on his most special day.

Birthday Collage Video Maker

Part 1. Best Birthday Collage Maker Software

For users who find video editing much more comfortable when using software, then Video Converter Ultimate is what they need. It is the best app to make a birthday video collage on a desktop, laptop, and Mac with a lightweight system requirement. Furthermore, this software is the most flexible tool you can have, for it has various features and functionalities that will amaze you. On this note, you will be able to create an amazing video collage and enhance, customize, and convert your video files powerfully. In addition, it is also infused with advanced technologies such as hardware acceleration, Artificial Intelligence, and an Ultrafast conversion, making it more reliable and robust.

Meanwhile, when it comes to creating video collages, Video Converter Ultimate provides you with many settings along with numerous templates that you can use to compile numerous videos. It lets you collage up to 13 screens in one video and add extra beautiful filters and borders to make your video collages look stunning. Indeed, this amazing birthday collage maker is something that you shouldn't miss.

Video Converter Ultimate

Video video-converter-ultimate



Part 2. Remarkable Birthday Collage Maker Online

If you prefer to work online, you can pay attention to Fastreel. It is a birthday video collage maker online for free by Movavi. Furthermore, this tool is undeniably fast when making, cutting, compressing, and merging videos. Another positive thing this tool has is its wide variety of transitions and templates that you can apply to your video output. On top of that, Fastreel allows you to choose different music from its library for free while letting you upload audio from your computer to add to your video of no more than 500MB. However, as we deal with the reality of using an online tool, you won't be able to use it without a reliable internet.

Fast Reel Birtday Collage



Part 3. Most Amazing Birthday Collage Maker App

Now, for the best app to make a birthday video collage, we introduce Magisto - Video Editor & Music. It is a fantastic app with unique features and a great creator of movies, slideshows, and collages. Furthermore, it also offers a set of templates, graphics, and effects for every occasion. Plus, it allows you to upload different music from its library and sync it to your video project. On top of that, this app is AI-powered, making it more accurate, efficient, and robust. However, as cool as it can be, its ability to create birthday videos is not as unique as it should be

Magisto Birtday Collage



Part 4. Bonus: How to Make a Birthday Collage Video

The bonus part will teach you how to make a birthday collage video using the most trusted collage maker software, Video Converter Ultimate.

Step 1

First and foremost, please acquire the Video Converter Ultimate on your computer via free download. Then, open the software after installation and go to the Collage menu at the upper center of the user interface.

Collage Option

Step 2

After clicking the Collage menu, it's time to select the template you want to utilize for this project. Please note that the maximum screen you use is thirteen. After choosing a template, you may add videos and photos by hitting the Plus symbol.

Template Uplaod

Step 3

After bringing the videos in, you may go to the Filer section of this birthday collage maker and choose among its numerous choices. Also, by going to the Audio section, you can upload a happy birthday song as background music for your video collage.

Filter Customize

Step 4

Afterward, proceed to the Export menu, and customize the output's format, framerate, resolution, and quality. After that, you can finally hit the Start Export button to apply all the changes you have done in this video collage maker. Wait for the process to finish, then enjoy your newly made collage.

Export Option

Part 5. FAQs regarding Making Birthday Collage

Can I include a GIF on a birthday collage?

Of course, you can. When making a birthday video collage, you can include videos, photos, screenshots, music, and GIFs as long as they can be helpful to make your creation creatively good.

What is the best video format for my birthday video collage?

The recommended video format to use on a birthday video collage is MP4. Since it is the universal format, it will allow you to play video on any device.

How can I make my birthday collage in 4K?

To make your birthday collage in 4K, you must customize the output's resolution setting and choose your desired option.


We hope that the compilation of the best birthday collage makers in this post helps you with your desired birthday project. You may use any of them according to the device you are using. But as we mentioned previously, video editing will be more professional if it is done with good software like Video Converter Ultimate.

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