Audio and Video Out of Sync: Solved with Comprehensive Steps and Best Tools

Audio and Video Out of Sync: Solved with Comprehensive Steps and Best Tools

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Are you annoyed with the videos you have with delayed audio? Indeed, those are irritating to watch, but what would you do about them? Keep your videos from being put in your recycle bin because of this problem. Instead, try the best solution: sync the audio and video. However, as it sounds easy to do, the problem is that if you don't handle it extra carefully, you might end up having a low-quality output. Therefore, you better do it with the best tools that are well-known for this matter. For this reason, to give you the most significant help on this task, we gathered and depicted the best guidelines of the perfect tools for this task.

How to Sync Audio and Video

Part 1. Why the Audio and Video Are Out of Sync

Before we fix your audio not synced with the video problem, let us first explain the root of it. This kind of technical issue on your video has already become an issue for many people. There are two kinds of audio desynchronization. First, when the audio plays before the video does, and the second is when the audio plays on delay or seconds after the video plays. As this problem has been persistently occurring, we have gathered the issues that cause it, which are as follows.

Part 2. How to Sync Video and Audio in an Excellent Yet Simple Way

As mentioned above, you need an excellent tool to sync audio and video efficiently. Yes, we have them all for you, but here is the one with the easiest navigation among them all, the Video Converter Ultimate. It is software with powerful video editing features and tools for you. One of the great tools of this Video Converter Ultimate is its Audio Sync tool. This software's intuitive interface lets you do the synchronization quickly and easily. Furthermore, it is powered by artificial intelligence, and by dragging the delay adjustment, you will sync the audio to your video efficiently. Plus, on the same page, you will get to have additional output presets where you have the liberty to adjust the resolution, quality, format, and other ones for the audio.

Surely, this Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice for many purposes. Imagine, it can allow you to work on different kinds of video and audio files, which supports more than 500 file formats. For this reason, if you are excited to learn how to sync audio and video with this amazing tool, proceed to the steps below.

Key Features:

Step 1

Get the software by clicking the download button above. Once done, launch it and go to the Toolbox menu, and click the Audio Sync tool. Then, on the popped-up window, hit the Plus icon to add the video file that needs to be edited

VCU Add Video

Step 2

Once the video is uploaded, you can begin the syncing process. Navigate the Delay section by moving the slider. If the audio is delayed, better slide it to the left, and vice versa.

VCU Sync Audio Video

Step 3

You can click the Coggle icon to see the set of output presets. Feel free to customize according to your need, then click the OK tab.

VCU Output Presets

Step 4

Finally, you can now hit the Export tab. Wait for the exportation process to finish, then enjoy your new file.

VCU Export Video

Part 3. How to Sync Audio with Video in Premiere Pro

Here is one popular software for syncing audio and video is Premiere Pro. It is a professional video editing software that provides high-quality outputs. Furthermore, this Premiere Pro is infused with many great features and tools, and syncing is one of them. Besides, you can create a slideshow using Premiere. However, as many, especially beginners, have noticed, this Premiere Pro is challenging to use due to its overwhelming interface. In addition, you need to properly handle audio syncing to avoid ending up with a non-fixed file. Therefore, to help you on this matter, here are the steps on how to sync audio and video in Premiere Pro.

Step 1

Launch the software after installing it. Then, start uploading the video file and bring it to the timeline.

Step 2

Then, right-click the video file in the timeline, and choose the Clip option. After that, click the Synchronize tab after.

Step 3

After clicking the Synchronize tab, a dialogue box will pop up. Then, select the synchronization option you want to apply for your video. Subsequently, click the OK tab to save the changes.

Premiere Sync Audio Video

Part 4. How to Synchronize Audio and Video in iMovie

Another popular software for this kind of video editing is iMovie. This app is purposely made for Apple devices such as Macs, iPads, and iPhones. You also can use iMovie to put pictures in videos. However, various ways exist for those who ask how to sync audio and video in iMovie, depending on your Apple device. Meanwhile, if you use a Mac, below are the simple steps.

Step 1

On your Mac, launch the iMovie app. Go to the File menu, click the Import Movies tab, click on the video you need to edit, and then click the Choose tab.

Step 2

After that, hover over the Edit menu. Click the Trim to Selection tab and trim the audio to match it to the video clip.

Step 3

Check the output to see if you are okay with the synchronization made. If so, go to the File tab and hit the Save button.

iMovie Sync Audio Video

Part 5. FAQs about Syncing Audio and Video

Is there a built-in syncing tool on Windows 11/10?

No. Therefore, if your audio and video are out of sync on Windows 11/10, you better acquire a powerful tool like Video Converter Ultimate.

Why should I need to sync the audio to the video?

Because if the audio is not synced to the video, it will be irritating to watch.

Can I sync different audio to a video?

Yes. You can change your video's audio by muting the original audio and replacing it with a new one.


You have seen the best solutions when your audio and video are out of sync. Premiere and iMovie are well-known, so perhaps you know how to use them to sync audio and video. Hence, if you cannot handle those tools and want to go with the same efficiency yet with more straightforward navigation, then go for Video Converter Ultimate.

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