2 Solutions to Convert or Add MP3/AC3/WAV Audio Files to AVI Video Files

2 Solutions to Convert or Add MP3/AC3/WAV Audio Files to AVI Video Files

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“I am a novice and I would like to convert my MP3 audio to AVI because my CD player in my car does not read MP3(original radio). Thank you all.”

This kind of problem always happens when you want to play your audio files in MP3/AC3/WAV through some video players on your computer. Although MP3 is a widely used audio format on your mobile and music player, it may be not compatible with video players on PC.

Moreover, if you want to upload music or other audio files on YouTube, you have to convert those MP3/AC3/WAV files to the AVI format that is supported on YouTube. You can also directly add MP3/AC3/WAV audio files to AVI videos to make them more attractive and upload them successfully. In this article, you can learn 2 efficient ways to convert MP3/AC3/WAV to AVI files and an easy method to add MP3/AC3/WAV files to AVI videos.


Part 1: The Best Way to Convert MP3/AC3/WAV to AVI Files

Bluraycopys Video Converter Ultimate is an all-in-one software that can convert MP3/AC3/WAV audio to AVI video files with a black screen easily and quickly. It can also adjust the parameter of the original audio files for better exporting.

Step 1

Launch Bluraycopys Video Converter Ultimate on Windows/Mac. Click the Add Files button on the main page to select the desired MP3/AC3/WAV files from your computer.

Add Files

Step 2

Click the Convert All to menu to select the AVI format in the video line. There also provides the preset YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo format to choose from. Then click the Custom Profile icon to adjust the parameters.

Step 3

After changing the settings, click the Create New button to save them and back to the main interface. Then choose the storage path and click the Convert All button to start converting MP3/AC3/WAV to AVI.

Convert MP3 AC3 WAV to AVI

You can also convert MP3/AC3/WAV to AVI files online through Bluraycopys Free Online Video Converter without downloading the software. But you should note that it only supports several common video formats and the compressed AAC audio format.

Part 2: How to Add MP3/AC3/WAV Music to AVI Videos for Editing

To make more attractive AVI videos for YouTube or Facebook, you can add MP3/AC3/WAV audio files to AVI videos. And AnyMP4 Video Editor with multiple useful tools will be your best choice to add background music in MP3/AC3/WAV format to AVI videos.

Step 1

Launch AnyMP4 Video Editor on your computer. Click the Plus icon to add the desired AVI files or several photos to make a slideshow.

Launch AnyMP4 Video Editor

Step 2

To add MP3/AC3/WAV audio files to AVI videos, you can click the Plus icon in the lower-left corner and choose the desired MP3/AC3/WAV files. If you want to further clip the audio parts, click the Edit Audio button to change the duration and volume. At last, click the Export button to save the AVI videos with MP3/AC3/WAV music.

Add background Music to Videos

Part 3: FAQs of Converting MP3/AC3/WAV to AVI

1. Can I directly upload audio files in MP3/AC3/WAV on YouTube?

No. YouTube doesn’t support uploading audio files. So if you want to upload MP3/AC3/WAV files, you can convert MP3/AC3/WAV audio to AVI video through Bluraycopys Video Converter Ultimate.

2. What will happen if I convert MP3/AC3/WAV audio to AVI video?

Your audio files will become videos, and the video has the original sound and a black image. It means that you can successfully play the MP3/AC3/WAV files in video players and upload them on SNS.

3. How to add MP3/AC3/WAV music to AVI files with a loop playback?

With Video Editor, you can add MP3/AC3/WAV background music to AVI videos while editing the audio files at the same time. In the Edit Audio settings, you can tick the Loop playback box to add this effect.


The above article has introduced how to convert and how to add MP3/AC3/WAV files to AVI videos. With the mentioned video compressor and video editor, you can easily make your videos more appealing and upload them on YouTube/Facebook. Converting MP3/AC3/WAV to AVI will also solve audio files not playing on the computer. If you have other questions, please leave your comment below.

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