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How to copy homemade Blu ray disc with Free Blu ray Disc Copy?

2012-07-05 09:56:22 / Posted by Chris Ben to Blu ray Copy
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As an advanced disc format, Blu ray can store more data of higher quality and capacity. So it is not an easy thing to copy homemade Blu ray files because it will have more protections. What software would you choose to copy homemade Blu ray disc for free? With Blu ray more and more popular, a powerful tool comes into being — Free Blu ray Disc Copy. It is a professional Blu ray Copy tool, which is free completely.

With this free Blu ray disc copy, users can easily copy homemade Blu ray disc or Blu ray folder to Blu ray disc, Blu ray folder, or ISO files.

For Blu ray fans, you must have viewed the most famous movie - Avatar, which discourses a fantasy Pandora world, where there are full of beautiful landscapes: towering trees, mountains floating in the sky, and the mystic Na'vi people. Now the question is that how can you copy this movie with Free Blu ray Copy?

The next it the steps about how to copy homemade Blu ray Disc.

Step 1: Download and run.

Download Blu ray Master Free Blu-ray Disc Copy and install it on your computerand run it, you will see the interface below:

Step 2: Import Blu ray disc.

Click the drop-down list of "Source" to input the Blu ray "Avatar". Here you need to choose Blu ray drive as the source.

Step 3: Set up "Target" option.

Open "Target" drop-down list, and select "Save as BD Folder" or "Save as ISO" to copy the Blu ray movie to appointed destination.

Step 4: Choose a copy mode.

"Copy Mode" option provides two modes: Full Copy and Main Movie. You can select either of the two to copy full disc or main movie of Blu ray disc to your destination.

Step 5: Copy homemade Blu ray disc.

Click button to start to copy homemade Blu ray disc to local hard drive or copy homemade Blu ray to Blu ray.

Free Blu ray Disc Copy will help you complete the copy process in a short time with the best quality. You can use it to copy homemade Blu ray movies according to your requirement; moreover, you needn't to pay for it.