The Best Way to copy 3D Blu ray for free

The Best Way to copy 3D Blu ray for free

Kevin Miller

July 03, 2012 04:06Posted by to Copy Blu-ray

Want to make a iSO files of 3D Blu-ray movie for backup? Free Blu ray Copy offers you the easy way to copy 3D Blu-ray discs as genuine 3D to present the original quality.

This is a step-by-step guide to teach you how to copy 3D Blu-ray as 3D iSO images files.

Step by step guide to copy 3D Blu ray to blu ray

Preparation: Download Free Blu ray copy, install and double click this program shortcut to open this blu ray copy software, and you will see the interface in the follow:

Guide Screen

Free Blu-ray Copy

Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray Disc/folder and ISO files

Backup Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc or ISO files

Copy Blu-ray main movie or full disc

Copy Blu-ray
Step 1

Install and run this Free Blu-ray Copy.

Install and run this Free Blu-ray Copy. And then you'll see the main interface of Free Blu-ray copy as below.

Step 2

Load Blu-ray file.

Click the "source" bar, you are required to select source Blu-ray to Free Blu-ray copy. Click to add Blu-ray file to it.

Step 3

Select the destination.

You save 3D Blu-ray files as BD folder or ISO file according to your needs.

Step 4

Select Copy Mode

Two copy modes (Fully copy and Main Movie) are available for you to choose."Full Copy" allows you backup all Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO files while "Main Movie" lets you copy the main part of Blu-ray ray movie.

Step 5

Preferences settings for the output

Adjust the settings for the output like the Temp Destination, Log Destination and your prefer language according to your needs.

Step 6

Start to copy 3D Blu-ray files.

Just click "Copy" image button to start to 3D Blu-ray copy. It will be finished within a few minutes. Just get this Free Blu-ray Copy to have a try now!


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