Let’s Distinguish All The Best Video Editors for Color Grading

Let’s Distinguish All The Best Video Editors for Color Grading

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Do you have a poor video and want to enhance its colors to make it more livelier? Check here to discover various video color editors to operate to improve the video color. Also, after giving their description and capabilities, we will provide their pros and cons to better understand the program. In that case, go to this blog and discover everything you need about the best video color editors.

Video Color Editor

Part 1. Video Converter Ultimate

Are you looking for an instant fix to change the color of your video? Then, the best video editor for color grading is Video Converter Ultimate, chosen by Blu-ray Master. The Video Converter Ultimate can alter the video color based on your preference. You can adjust the video’s brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue. With this, you can do whatever you want to adjust the video color. Also, you don’t need to think if operating is hard. The main interface of the program is easy to understand. It also has understandable functions that non-professional users can operate easily. Aside from that, you can also do more enhancements while modifying the video colors. From the Settings options, you can change video and audio settings. You can modify the format, resolution, frame rate, bitrate, sample rate, encoder, and other parameters.

Moreover, you can insert any video from the tool since it supports various formats. It includes MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MKV, and more. Furthermore, besides fishing the video color, there are more features you can enjoy. You can convert, enhance, and add watermarks, effects, filters, and more. So, if you want to use the program, we will leave the free download button below.

Video Converter Ultimate

Platforms: Windows and Mac



Part 2. Microsoft Video Editor Text Color

If you want to change the text color in the video editor, use Microsoft Video Editor. It is an offline video editor that can help you change the text color instantly. With the program’s help, you can alter the fonts from a video and make it more colorful. All you need to do is to navigate from the Text Tool options. After that, you can see various options and functions you can use to get your desired outcome. However, Microsoft Video Editor is not that easy to utilize. It has a confusing interface, making it hard to get, especially for non-professional users. So, if you have a skilled user with you, you can operate the program. But if you have no idea about the software, it is better to use another video editor.

Microsoft Video Editor

Platforms: Windows



Part 3. Movavi Video Editor Color Grading

Another color-changing editor you can use is Movavi. If you are unaware, Movavi is among the best video editing software for enhancing and creating excellent video. The program can help you change the video color to whatever you desire. Also, aside from changing the video color, you can even change the background color of the video if you want. All you need is to use the Color Correction and Color Adjustment functions. With that, you will ensure Movavi can bring you a nice result. However, the downloadable program has some downturns. The editor is one of the most advanced video editing software. It means that operating the program is not simple. You must be a skilled user to utilize Movavi to improve the video. So, if you are a beginner, the program might be challenging to use for you.

Movavi Video Editor

Platforms: Windows and Mac



Part 4. Open Shot Video Editor Color Correction

One of the free video color editors you can operate is OpenShot. It is one of the offline programs that can improve your videos by changing their brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue. Aside from that, OpenShot lets you enjoy its interface since its layout is intuitive, making it suitable for both professional and non-professional users. In addition, when using the program, you can attach more filters, transitions, and effects to your video, and you can use it to crop videos. With that, you can tell that when fixing video color, you can rely upon OpenShot software. But, even if it is a good program, you can still find some downturns from it. Even though the interface is simple, changing the video color consumes more time. Also, there are times when the program is not working well, like hanging out for some reason.

Open Shot Video Editor

Platforms: Windows and Mac



Part 5. Online Video Editor Color Correction

If you prefer changing the video color online, use Veed.io. This video editor has all the functions you need to improve your video’s color. If you have poor lighting in your video, you can fix it by using the sliders of the video’s brightness. Then, to balance the video color, you can also adjust its saturation, exposure, and contrast. Aside from that, you can navigate to the Filter option to insert your preferred filter for the video. With all of that, you can access Veed.io to get an excellent video. However, the tool also has disadvantages. Since it is an online tool, you must consider having an internet connection, or else you can’t operate the tool. Also, to experience its various features, you must avail of the subscription plan.

Online Video Editor

Platforms: Web-based



Part 6. FAQs about Video Color Editor

1. Can you edit color in a video?

Yes, you can. Editing a video is simple by using an excellent video editor like the above mentioned tools. Also, if you want a simple way to color grading the video, use Video Converter Ultimate, picked by Blu-ray Master.

2. How do you color-correct a video?

When using the Video Converter Ultimate, fixing the color is simple. After launching the program, go to the Toolbox section and select the Color Correction function. After that, insert the video and use the sliders to adjust the video’s brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.

3. Which app can change the color in a video?

There are various applications you can use to change the video color. You can use downloadable apps like Snapseed, KineMaster, and more.

4. How can I change the color of a video for free?

You can use Video Converter Ultimate to change the video's color. The program has a free version that allows you to modify your video’s color.

5. Can film editors color correct?

Yes. The film editors have color-correct features that let you adjust the video color in your preferred way.


You can use these 5 video color editors to change and fix the video's color. But, as you can see, some editors are complicated to use due to their confusing interface. In that case, use Video Converter Ultimate, chosen by Blu-ray Master. It has a hassle-free method to color correct the video.

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