How to Compress a Video for Instagram in Various Situations

How to Compress a Video for Instagram in Various Situations

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Today, it is easier to create amazing high-quality videos with smartphone than ever before due to the advanced lens. However, many Instagrammers found that the videos did not look as the same after uploaded to the social platform. That can be considered as video compression by Instagram. It is basically cutting down the video size without taking away or downscaling the quality. The good news is that you can prevent it from happening with our guide.

Compressing Video for Instagrem

Part 1: What Are Requirements for Instagram Videos

Instagram released videos back in 2013. It intended the video to be as easy to make and share as possible. Although you can just post a video up to 15 seconds at the time, it quickly became a sensation among users. Now, users are allowed to post organic videos, video ads, and IGTV videos on Instagram. We list the requirements respectively below.

Instagram Organic Video Rule

Vertical video Square video Landscape video Video Stories Carousel Videos
Minimum dimensions 600x750 600 x 600 600 x 315 600 x 1067 600 x 600
Aspect ratio 4:5 1:1 1:91:1 9:16 1:1
Video codecs H.264, VP8 H.264, VP8 H.264, VP8
Audio codecs AAC, Vorbis AAC, Vorbis AAC, Vorbis
Maximum file size 4GB 4GB 4GB 4GB 4GB
Video length limit 60 seconds 60 seconds 60 seconds 15 seconds 60 seconds
Maximum frames 30fps 30fps 30fps 30fps

Instagram IGTV Video Rule

Minimum resolution 720p
Aspect ratio 9:16(vertical video) or 16:9 (horizontal video)
Video codecs H.264, VP8
Audio codecs AAC, Vorbis
Maximum file size 650MB for 10 minutes videos or 3.6GB for 60 minutes videos
Video length limit 15 minutes when uploading from mobile device, or 60 minutes when uploading from a computer
Maximum frames 30fps

Part 2: How to Compress Video for Instagram Online

How to compress a video or videos for Instagram without resizing? Blu-ray Master Free Video Compressor is the answer. As a free video compressor, it works completely online and you do not need to install anything on your disk. Moreover, the web app is able to convert and compress a video for Instagram.

Step 1

Visit in a browser when you need to compress video for Instagram. Click the Add Files to Compress button to download the launcher.

Add File to Compress

Step 2

When prompted, upload the video that you want to post on Instagram. Then move the Size slider according to Instagram. Set Format, Resolution and Bitrate accordingly.

Adjust Compression Settings

Step 3

Click the Compress button to initiate compress the Instagram video online. When it is done, download the smaller video and post on the social platform.

Compression Succeeded

Part 3: How to Compress Video for Instagram on Desktop

Sometimes, it is not enough to compress a video file size for Instagram. To avoid video distortion, you also need to crop parts of the video. Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is just the right tool you need. It helps you to compress a video for Instagram. More importantly, it utilizes advanced technology to protect the video quality while compressing.

Main Features of the Best Video Compressor for Instagram

How to Compress a Video for Instagram without Quality Loss

Step 1

Add video

The best video compressor is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X. You can download and install it on your computer following instructions. Then launch it, go to the Toolbox tab from the top of the window, and choose Video Compressor to open the main interface. Click the + icon to import the source video. Or drag and drop the video onto the interface to add it.


Step 2

Set parameters

Enter a filename in the Name field and move the slider of Size until it meets the Instagram rule. You can also set the size manually in the box. Pull down Format and choose MP4 or MOV. Change the Resolution and Bitrate according to Instagram.

Add Video to Compress

Step 3

Compress video for Instagram

When you are ready, click the Folder button at the bottom and select a specific folder to store the Instagram video. At last, click on the Compress button to begin compressing video for Instagram. A few seconds later, you will find the video on your hard drive. Then you can upload it to your Instagram account.

Compress Video

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Part 4: FAQs about Compressing Video for Instagram

Why does Instagram compress video so much?

In order to save on both bandwidth and on storage space, Instagram has implemented video compression at the time of upload. Every video you upload will be run through this compression; there’s no way to avoid it completely.

How do I fix the quality of Instagram Story video?

Instagram Story video quality bad issues may happen for various reasons, including the Internet connection, the app version and more. To resolve this problem, firstly check your internet connection and use Wi-Fi network rather than cellular. Instagram will compress your video, so use as high video quality as possible. If you take videos on smartphone, set the camera quality to the best. Then compress your video before uploading if your video is too large.

How to stop Instagram compressing my videos?

The reason why your content gets hammered by Instagram is mainly due to the dimensions or rules that your content isn’t following. To stop Instagram compressing your videos, you can compress them following the rule before uploading.


Now, you should understand how to compress a video for Instagram properly. Social media compresses your video in order to save traffic and storage space, so does Instagram. The lager your video file, the higher level of compression. Therefore, you should compress your videos with Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate for Instagram without losing quality. If you have other questions, please write down a message below this post.

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