How to Rotate a Video on an Android Device without Quality Loss

How to Rotate a Video on an Android Device without Quality Loss

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Nowadays, it is pretty easy to shoot a video on a smartphone, but it can become quite frustrating when the final clip is not what you wished. Chances are that your videos were captured in the wrong direction. For example, you intend to take a video in landscape mode but the result is portrait mode. In such cases, you need to correct the orientation. This guide will show you how to rotate a video on Android quickly.

Rotate Video on Android

Part 1: How to Rotate a Video on Android by Google Photos

It makes sense that many Android users rely on Google Photos to back up their photos and videos considering it provides 15GB of free storage to each account. Moreover, the Google Photos app equips a simple video editor. It allows you to rotate a video on an Android phone quickly.

Google Photos

Step 1

Firstly, connect your Android phone to a good internet connection. You'd better use a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2

Run the Google Photos app, and log in to your account. Make sure there is enough space for the target video. Tap the + icon and upload the video that you want to rotate from your Gallery.

Step 3

Next, go to the Albums screen, find and open the target video. Tap the Edit icon at the bottom and tap ROTATE. The video will be rotated 90-degree clockwise. You can tap the ROTATE button several times until you get the desired effect.

Step 4

Finally, tap the SAVE button at the top right corner of the screen to save the change. If you want to view or use the video offline, download it to your Gallery.

Part 2: More Apps to Rotate Videos on Android

Top 1: Smart Video Rotate and Flip

As its name indicated, Smart Video Rotate and Flip is a dedicated app to rotate a video on Android phones. It is available to all handsets running Android 4.2 and up. The lightweight design makes it work smoothly.

Smart Video Rotate

Step 1

Open the desired video in the video editor app.

Step 2

Tap the icons at the bottom to flip or rotate the video on Android. Then tap the Apply button to confirm the changes.

Step 3

Next, enter a name, select the output folder, and tap DONE.

Top 2: InShot

InShot is an all-in-one video editor app for Android devices. It includes a variety of video editing features including rotating a video on Android. Moreover, it can capture a video with a built-in camera. It is the best choice if you need to edit videos regularly.

Inshot App

Step 1

Open the video editor app, and capture a new video or open a video from your memory.

Step 2

On the video edit screen, scroll left and right on the toolbar at the bottom until you see ROTATE.

Step 3

Tap the tool once or several times until the video gets the right orientation. Then touch SAVE button to export the video.

Top 3: Samsung's Gallery

On some Android phones, the pre-installed Gallery app equips a video editor. Samsung Galaxy smartphones, for example, have been added feature into the Gallery app. It means that you can rotate a video on Android without extra apps.

Rotate Gallery

Step 1

Open your Gallery app, tap Albums, and choose Videos.

Step 2

Touch the video that you wish to rotate, and tap the Pen icon to enter the editor screen.

Step 3

Now, tap the Rotate icon until you get the desired result. Tap Save to save the changes to your Gallery.

Recommend: Best Video Rotating Software on PC

Add File

If you prefer editing video on a large screen, such as a PC, Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is the best way to rotate a video and do more. The flexible design makes it available to both beginners and advanced users.

Main Features of the Best Video Editor

Part 3: FAQs on How to Rotate a Video on Android

Is it legal to rotate an online video?

For commercial uses, you'd better get permission before editing an online video.

How to rotate a YouTube video on Android?

You can download the YouTube video to your memory, and then rotate it with the Gallery app or a third-party video editor app.

How to rotate a video playback on Android?

Firstly, disable screen rotation on your Android phone. Then play the video and rotate your phone. 


This guide shows you the easiest way to rotate a video clip on an Android phone or tablet. Some of them are free to use, like Google Photos and Gallery. You can pick an appropriate one for your device. Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is worth using on a computer.

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