6 Best Video Quality Enhancing Apps, Software, and Online Tools You Shouldn't Miss

6 Best Video Quality Enhancing Apps, Software, and Online Tools You Shouldn't Miss

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Most people around the globe have cherished video clips. We revel in video recording wherever we go and whatever we do to document the memorable moments that we are doing. However, we know that our videos get excellent quality all the time. For there will be a time that even if we exert so much effort in filming, we still get a substandard quality that will disappoint us. One of the cramps is that you cannot retake the same event you have already taken. For this reason, we need the best video quality enhancer so that we will never waste our videos.

Therefore, see the most reliable video editing tools for the different platforms that you prefer to use. Yes, we gathered two of the best online, two for the computer and two for the mobile apps you can choose from. Therefore, let us all meet these tools without delay by reading the entire content below.

Video Quality Enhancers

Part 1. Top 2 Best Video Enhancers on Desktop

Top 1. Video Converter Ultimate

We introduce you to the best video quality enhancer software that captured the hearts of many users, Video Converter Ultimate. As written in its name, it is the ultimate software with AI-powered tools to make your videos perfect. You will be amazed at the process of enhancing the video because it will just make you click a box, and the magic will begin. By ticking the enhancement options of its video enhancer tool, you will be able to upscale the resolution, remove noise, reduce shaking, and optimize the contrast and brightness of your video instantly. Furthermore, this specific tool allows you to cut, fast split, add segments, and apply fade-in and fade-out transitions to your video.

On top of that, this will not only be an app to fix video quality, but it can also be the best converter, DVD ripper, movie, 3D, GIF, and collage maker you could ever have. Notable, isn't it? No wonder it keeps its spot on top regarding the best software. It can work with more than 500 different formats, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, VOB, etc., and with up to 8K quality!

Main Features of Video Converter Ultimate



Quick Steps to Enhance Video Quality

Step 1

Grab a copy of this best video quality enhancer software by downloading and installing it for free. Then, launch it and directly go to the Toolbox menu to click the Video Enhancer tool.

Video Enhancer Tool

Step 2

After clicking the tool option, it's time to upload the video that you need to enhance. To upload, hit the Plus icon once the new window pops in.

Upload Video Option

Step 3

In the next window, tick the video-enhancing parameters you want to apply to your video. Please note that you can tick all of them for a powerful video-enhancing experience. After that, click the Enhance button to apply and produce the video you just have enhanced.

Enhance Export Video

Top 2. Topaz Video Enhance AI

Topaz Enhance Video

Another choice of clean-up video quality software that you should take advantage of is this Topaz Video Enhance AI. Yes, this tool also uses an AI-powered tool to enhance videos, making your clips excellent looking. This Topaz can work on HD videos and turn them into a higher level of HD without requiring you to exert much effort, thanks to its advanced AI-powered tools. Despite its robust enhancing process, Topaz also enables you to denoise, restore, and deinterlace your other videos.



Part 2. Best 2 Video Enhancers Online

1. GDFLab

GDFLab Enhance Video

If you are looking for a video enhancer online with AI deep learning, you better check out this GDFLab. Furthermore, this video quality enhancer online that is free has excellent advantages in uploading your video files, for it comes with a surprisingly smooth process that you would never expect. With this being said, you won't see it as a challenge to edit your high-quality video since it can easily upload bigger files. On top of that, you can make your videos in seemingly high quality, for it restores even your old videos to the latest resolutions.



2. Hippo Video

Hippo Enhance Video

And, of course, we have this Hippo Video, another online app to clean up the video quality. Hippo Video is a web-based tool that was developed mainly to edit and create screen recordings with its video-enhancing features. Along with this feature are potent tools that can trim, blur, cut, and crop your videos. Moreover, this program allows you to call out, make voice overs, and apply stickers, emojis, and text to your project. On top of that, Hippo Video provides you with a simple procedure: by simply clicking or dragging and dropping, you will be able to see the process.



Part 3. 2 Remarkable Video Enhancing Apps

1. Video Editor and Maker - InShot

In Shot Enhance Video

InShot is, without a doubt, the top app to fix video quality. It is a free tool that lets you enhance video quality instantly and efficiently. Furthermore, this InShot also lets you enjoy the rest of the features it offers within an intuitive interface you can navigate. Some of its features are for trimming, merging, rotating, speed adjusting, sticker, text, music adding, and video converting. Not to mention the other great options for popular vlog music that you can check out, like voiceovers, sound effects, and free music.



2. Videoleap Editor by Lightricks

Video Leap Enhance Video

If you don't like the previous app to clean up the video quality, try using this Videoleap. It is an all-in-one video editor that enhances your video like a pro. In fact, it has this non-destructive video editing feature that enables you to retain and level up the high quality of your videos. In addition, it makes you enjoy the special filters and effects it offers, along with the other tools that let you adjust the video speed, color, aspect ratio, and the rest of the essential parameters for editing. What is more impressive is that it produces non-watermark outputs!



Part 4. FAQs about Video Quality Enhancers

Can I also downscale my UHD video with the video quality enhancer apps?

- Yes, you can. With the tools we presented in this post, you can either upscale or downscale the resolution of your videos.

Is VLC a nice tool to enhance my 1080p video to 4K?

- No. Unfortunately, VLC cannot transform your video to 4K unless you use a computer that displays 4K resolution. Hence, you can use Video Converter Ultimate to enhance your video to even up to 8K, even if you only use a regular display computer.

Does video enhancement mean increasing the size of the file?

- Yes. Enhancing a video will mean adding an additional element to your video by fixing it. Therefore, this element has an effect on the increase of the size.


There you have it, the best video quality enhancers making good noise on the market today. You can now enhance your videos anytime you want, as long as you use those best tools. And if you want to level up your video-enhancing skills, always use Video Converter Ultimate.

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