Tips on How to Watch MX Player in the USA: Watch Your Favorite Movie Successfully

Tips on How to Watch MX Player in the USA: Watch Your Favorite Movie Successfully

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How can I watch with MX Player in the USA? This question is one of the usual things for us but an odd one for others. To make it a prevalent topic, here is something you should know about the Mx Player. MX Player is a one-of-a-kind media player app for Android mobiles. It is an app that can handle different types of media files that has a downloaded custom-codec for MX Player. But do you know that MX Player is a popular streaming site besides the available mobile app in India? This site caters to playing movies and TV shows that have overpopulated the famous movie streaming apps you know today. This MX Player streaming service online has over 175 million users per month. Two reasons that make it loved by its subscribers are that it is a free site without a premium option, allowing users to use it without spending a dime and being annoyed by ads.

Watch MX Player in USA

Part 1. Is MX Player Available in the USA

As mentioned above, MX Player is a media player originating from India. Furthermore, it is a dominant player that provides a free and ad-free experience. However, for people residing in the USA, the MX Player is not free because, in the first place, it is only accessible in India. And yes, whether you want to use it as a single player or access the online site, you will indeed be denied access if you are somewhere in the USA. So, what will you do? See the solutions below!

Part 2. How to Watch MX Player Series and Movies in the USA

The most error you can get from the Mx Player is the one that says, “ Oops!!! WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION”. As it says clearly, this player detects your location and identity through the IP address you are using on your device. So, how to watch the MX Player series in the USA, then?

Solution 1. Change Your Country Settings

Since MX Player uses geo-blocking that comes with limitations, it limits its streaming around India only. This player checks the IP address of your device and tracks where you are. So now, one of the most straightforward and most used solutions to solve your problem is for you to change your country setting or, better yet, to use a VPN. A VPN tool will enable you to modify your device's IP address, allowing you to change the virtual location that MX Player sees on your device.

Solution 2. Find MX Player Alternatives

This is a practical solution to enjoy still watching your favorite movies as the MX Player gives you. It may be an unusual solution, but it is an effective one. Therefore, here are the top 3 MX Player alternatives that you can use in your region.

1. Blu-ray Player of Blu-ray Master

Blu-ray Player Alternative MX Player

Try this Blu-ray Player chosen by Blu-ray Master. It is actually the people's choice, too, when it comes to picking the best media player for Windows and Mac. This fantastic media player can be used around the globe, allowing you to enjoy watching any type of video anywhere you are. Furthermore, this Blu-ray Player is flexible and reliable in playing losslessly any Blu-ray you have, such as ISO, disc IFO, and DVD folders. In addition, you will surely love to know its wide support for ordinary videos like FLV, MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, and many more to mention. Remarkably, this amazing media player also allows you to change the aspect ratio, deinterlace, and crop your videos easily. Additionally, you will lavish its effects features, allowing you to customize the video's gamma, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.

2. Miro

Micro Player Alternative MX Player

Miro, which was initially known as Democracy Player, is a player for podcasts, TV stations, and other HTML5 videos online. Since you want to know how to view MX Player content in the USA, Miro can help you without the need to change your VPN. You can subscribe to Miro for free to watch the videos broadcast online. In addition, this software enables you to add channels manually as long as you know the channel's URL. What is more likable about Miro is that it supports HD content even from other popular video streaming sites. However, even if Miro provides excellent and extensive choices for video playback online, you should understand that it is not a standalone software you can use offline.

3. Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player Alternative MX Player

Finally, we have this Wondershare Player, a media player that virtually plays various video and audio files. Furthermore, it is one of those modern media players with advanced technologies such as ultrafast and artificial intelligence, helping the software function well and smoothly. While the previous one plays online videos, Wondershare Player allows you to enjoy both online and offline videos. Aside from that, it offers you the assurance of lesser codec errors, unplayable issues, and unreadable media files that cause you to be irritated. However, as pleasing as it be, please take note that you will need to download it with the huge system requirement.

Part 3. FAQs on How to Watch in MX Player

Will my existing MX Player be available in the USA when I get there?

Even though your device has an existing MX Player, it will not be available in the USA when you get there. This is because the geo-blocking security limits you from accessing the app in any country outside India.

What are the supported audio formats of the MX Player app?

MX Player supports popular audio formats today, such as MP3, AC3, and AAC.

I am in India. Can I freely access the MX Player using my Android?

Yes. As long as you are in India, the supported country of MX Player, you can access it on your mobile and computer devices.


There you have it, the practical and popular solutions for the can't watch MX Player in the USA issue. If you want to apply our first solution, which is by using a VPN, make sure to choose a reliable tool that will not harm your device. But if you are in for the second solution, which is to use an alternative player of MX, then you don't need to bother finding one. The three best picks are presented for you to . Don't worry because all of them are safe and reliable. However, if you want a much more reliable and secure one, go for the Blu-ray Player.

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