How to Convert WVE to MP4 Video without Losing Quality

How to Convert WVE to MP4 Video without Losing Quality

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According to a recent survey, there are over a hundred of video formats available on market. However, only a few of them are commonly used, such as MP4, MOV, and more. Of course, all video formats were developed for specific purpose. WVE, for example, is the video project format created by Wondershare Filmora but not a standard video format. This guide explains how to convert WVE to MP4 on Windows and Mac.

WVE to MP4

Part 1: How to Convert WVE to MP4

As a video editor, Wondershare Filmora save each video project in WVE file. So that you can change it at any time. When video editing is done, the video editor enables you to convert WVE to MP4.

Wondershare Screenshot

Step 1

Open the video editor on your computer, go to the File menu, and choose Open Project option to open the WVE project.

Step 2

If the video project has not been changed, the video editor can open all items in the project including text, transitions, effect, audio tracks, etc.

Step 3

Go to the Export tab from the top left side and choose the Create Video option. Then select MP4 as the output format. Next, set the location path, file name and other options.

Step 4

Click the Export button to begin converting WVE to MP4 immediately. Bear in mind that you cannot change the project anymore after converting WVE to MP4.

Part 2: Ultimate WVE to MP4 Converter

If you do not want to purchase Wondershare Filmora, Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is another WVE to MP4 converter. More importantly, it is friendly to users including beginners.

Main Features of the Best WVE to MP4 Converter

How to Convert WVE to MP4 in Batch

Step 1

Open video projects

Launch the best WVE to MP4 converter after you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Click the Add Files menu at upper left corner, and choose Add Files or Add Folder to open the video projects that you intend to convert. The former is able to open specific video project and the later can add all videos in the folder.

Add File

Step 2

Set MP4 as output format

Click the Convert All to option at top right side to activate the profile dialog. Go to the Video tab, select MP4 on the left side and pick a proper preset. Click the blank area to close it. You can also edit the video by hitting the Edit icon.

Profile Format

Step 3

Convert WVE to MP4

Set the output folder in the Save to box by hitting the Folder button at the bottom. At last, click on the Convert All button to initiate converting WVE to MP4 immediately.

Convert All

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Recommend: Best Online WVE to MP4 Converter

Blu-ray Master Free Online Video Converter is one of the best WVE to MP4 converter online. It enables you to change video file format online for free. Plus, it supports batch converting too. The only thing you need is a good internet connection.

Step 1

Visit in your browser, and click Launch Free Converter button to download the launcher.

Download Launcher

Step 2

Hit the Add File button to upload the video projects from your computer. Select MP4 at the bottom area.

Convert MP4

Step 3

Click the Convert button to initiate converting WVE to MP4 online. Finally, download the MP4 files.

Part 3: FAQs about WVE to MP4

What WVE stands for?

WVE stands Wondershare Video Editor. To edit video files in the video editor, you have to create a project and add media files. The professional video project saves all items in the project and your activities.

How to play WVE video files?

Since WVE is the video project format of Wondershare Filmora, you can only play it in the video editor. There is no media player compatible with this file format.

Can I convert WVE to MP4 online for free?

With a proper video converter online, you can change a WVE project to standard video format, such as MP4. However, web apps are not stable, so we suggest you to use a desktop video converter.


Now, you should understand how to convert WVE to MP4 on Windows and Mac OS X. If you make a WVE project with Wondershare Video Editor, you can also save it to standard video formats, like MP4. The software is not free, but you can use the free-trial before opening your wallet. Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is another option to convert your video projects to other format. If you have other questions, please write them down below this post and we will reply on it as soon as possible.

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