How to copy Blu-ray movies to Hard drive?

How to copy Blu-ray movies to Hard drive?

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For movie fans, Blu-ray movies is their favorite because Blu-ray movies have enhanced their life by excellent video effect and good video quality. If you have rows and rows of Blu-ray discs, would you like to copy them to hard drive so that you can enjoy the high-definition movies on your computer for fun without Blu-ray drives? If you do, you come to the right place.

Blu-ray Disc

Free Blu-ray Copy is the totally free Blu-ray Copy software, which can copy Blu-ray disc /Blu-ray folder/ISO image files to Blu-ray disc. Also, you can choose the Copy Mode, including Full Disc and Main Movie. Now let's see the detailed information of copying Blu-ray movies to Hard drive together. First of all, please download and install the program on your computer.

Free Blu-ray Copy

Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray Disc/folder and ISO files

Backup Blu-ray movies to Blu-ray Disc or ISO files

Copy Blu-ray main movie or full disc

Copy Blu-ray
Step 1

Load source Blu-ray disc

After you run the Free Blu-ray Copy program, you can load source Blu-ray disc to the program. Here you can click the drop-down arrow on the "Source" column, and you'll see the drop-down list. Here please select the Blu-ray drive you want.

Guide Screen
Step 2

Select target

Click the drop-down arrow right beside the "Target" column, and then select "Save as BD Folder" or "Save as ISO (*.iso). After that you can specify the destination of your copied movies on your local disc.

Choose ISO
Step 3

Choose copy mode

In the drop-down list of "Copy Mode", you can select "Full Disc" or "Main Movie". If you choose "Full Disc", you can copy the whole Blu-ray disc to the hard drive. If you choose "Main Movie", you can copy the main movie to the hard drive.

Copy Mode
Step 4

Set preferences

Click Preferences Icon button to open the "Preferences" window. Here you can set the preferences as you like. You can set "Load", "Temp", "Log", "Language" according to your preferences.

Step 5

Start to copy Blu-ray movies to Hard drive

Now you can click "Begin to burn" button to start to copy Blu-ray disc to Hard drive. With this best Free Blu-ray Copy, you can easily copy Blu-ray movies to Hard drive with wonderful video effect.

Copy Blu-ray

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