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How to Record a DVD on Your Windows and Mac Computer Step by Step

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By screen recording, you can watch DVD movies on any digital device directly. There is no need to insert a DVD disc into a DVD drive. Moreover, you can get DVD video with the same resolution as the original DVD content. Compared with common DVD ripping software, it is a better choice. You can record a DVD on your computer to make a 1:1 copy into digital files. By the way, you can skip the DVD copy protection to record video from a DVD. Now, let's see how to record from a DVD on Windows or Mac.

Record DVD to Computer

Part 1: How to Record a DVD on Your Computer (Best Quality)

It is recommended to use Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder as your DVD recording software. The program has a clean interface, hardware acceleration and advanced recording functions. No matter you want to record video from your computer or other devices, you can always get a satisfying result.

Step 1

Insert and open the DVD movie. Pause it from the point you want to record. Launch Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder after the installation. Choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

Viki video recorder

Step 2

Hover your mouse above the DVD window and set it as the screen capture area. Enable System Sound to record a DVD video with audio.

Video record settings

Step 3

Click REC to start recording DVD video. You can take a screenshot and apply real-time drawing effects within the toolbar.

Tutorial record video

Step 4

Click Stop to finish DVD screen recording. Preview and trim the video file. At last, click Save to end up DVD recording.

Recording history

Part 2: How to Record a DVD with HandBrake

HandBrake can be your free DVD recording software. You can use HandBrake to screen record a DVD on Mac, Windows and Linux. Later, you can save the recorded DVD video to MP4 or other popular formats.

Step 1

Download and install HandBrake on your computer. You can visit the HandBrake website to a HandBrake package.

Step 2

Insert a DVD disc into a DVD drive on your computer. Then choose your DVD player in the left pane of HandBrake.

Step 3

Select VIDEO_TS in the middle column. Choose the first large video file you see from its drop-down list. Click Open to scan all DVD titles.

Step 4

Select the certain DVD chapter from the Source list on the top. Later, select To/from chapters to set the video length.

Step 5

Click Start to record a DVD onto your computer. (See how to rip DVD to MP4)

Record DVD with Handbrake

Part 3: How to Record a DVD with VLC

VLC is another free and open source screen recorder for desktop and mobile users. You can record a DVD on a computer with VLC for free. Though the VLC screen recording function is not as good as other professional ones.

Step 1

Run VLC. Insert a DVD disc into your computer. Choose Open Disc from the Media drop-down list.

Step 2

Enable No Disc Menus in the Disc tab. Later, click Browse to select which disc device you want to record.

Step 3

Click the drop-arrow next to Play. Then choose Convert for DVD recording on VLC.

Step 4

Set the output format and folder in Profile and Destination file sections.

Step 5

Click Start to start recording a DVD for free on your computer.

Record DVD with VLC

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Part 4: How to Record a DVD Online for Free

If you don't want to install anything on your computer, you can use Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder to screen record a DVD on Mac and Windows. Just as its name shows, you can record from a DVD for free. You can quickly record a DVD video into the WMV format. It is supported to record video from a DVD with lossless quality.

Step 1

Visit the official site of the free screen recorder online. Click Launch Free Recorder and install its launcher quickly.

Step 2

Select the DVD window. Turn on System Sound to record DVD video and audio together online.

Step 3

Click REC to start and stop recording a DVD on a computer. You can find the recorded DVD video recording on desktop by default.


Part 5: FAQs of Recording a DVD

Can I use QuickTime Player to record a DVD on Mac?

Yes. QuickTime Player is a free screen recorder for all Mac users. You can choose New Screen Recording from the File drop-down list. Select the screen record area and input audio source. Later, click Record to screen record a DVD on Mac using QuickTime Player.

Can you record from a DVD to a smart TV?

Yes. You can use antenna cables to connect the In port of DVD recorder. Then use an antenna cable to connect from DVD recorder Out port to a TV. Connect the DVD recorder to the TV HDMI port for DVD playback. After the TV and DVD recorder setup, you can record a DVD to a TV successfully.

How to capture a video clip from DVD on Mac?

If you want to record a part of video instead of the entire DVD movie, you can use hotkeys to take a short video quickly. Or you can use a video trimmer to extract a video clip from your DVD recording file.


These are all workable ways to record a DVD on your computer. You can digitalize DVD content without losing quality by recording. Which method do you like most? You can feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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