What is the Best Free Blu-ray Player for Windows in 2015

What is the Best Free Blu-ray Player for Windows in 2015

If you had some bundled Blu-ray Player software with device you purchased, you might find the Blu-ray player does not work well or not support any longer.

When you turn to other Blu-ray Player software for help, you might find the high price is out of your budget. When you wanna purchase PowerDVD Blu-ray Player of Cyberlink, you might find the price is more than US$100.00.

Free Blu-ray Player should be the initial choice to replace the bundled Blu-ray Player software free. It is the best free Blu-ray player software for PC (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP) to play Blu-ray movies with High definition on wide screen freely. You can always enjoy the best 3D Blu-ray Movies easily.

Free Blu-ray Player

1. The free Blu-ray Player supports the Blu-ray file as well as most popular video format and audio format. You can use it as the default Blu-ray player or media player for your Windows device.

2. It is the free Blu-ray Player that can be used for PC or HD TV with Windows Operation system. It will provide a nice home theatre experience for you.

Why choose Blu-ray Player instead of DVD Player

The Blu-ray Player is able to handle the High-definition video of Blu-ray disc up to 1080P or 1080I with Multiview video coding. The Blu-ray Player can also capture the contain three 24-bit/96kHz or 192kHz high-resolution audio files

What is the qualified best Free Blu-ray Player for Windows

Step 1

Free Blu-ray Player for HD TV

When you want to play Blu-ray for HD TV with Windows 7/8/10, the Free Blu-ray Player is able to play Blu-ray Movies in high quality with wide screen. It just provides you a nice playback experience.

Step 2

All-round Media Player for PC

It can be the default Media Player for PC, the Free Blu-ray Player not only supports Blu-ray discs, such as the guardians of the galaxy Blu-ray, but also other video format, MP4, AVI, WMV, MTS, TS, FLV, MTS, M2TS, WKV, TRP, MXF, MPEG, etc.

Step 3

User-friendly and easy to operate

The User-friendly user interface of Free Blu-ray Player with multiple screen modes can help you enjoy the Blu-ray movies. For Windows Media Player does not support Blu-ray Disc/ISO file or MP4 file, you can use the Free Blu-ray Player as the default Media Player.

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