Top 5 Best ISO Players to Play ISO Files for Free on Windows and Mac

Top 5 Best ISO Players to Play ISO Files for Free on Windows and Mac

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An ISO image, or ISO file is a copy of the data on an optical disc. All the DVD, CD or BD disc content can be duplicated into an ISO file precisely. Different from common video and audio files, files with the .iso extension are not common to be used. Is there any way to play ISO files on Windows or Mac?

Best iSO player for Windows Mac

The most time-saving and straightforward way is running an ISO file player. Once you install an ISO player on PC or Mac, you can watch ISO videos smoothly and directly. Here're top DVD ISO players you can try.

Part 1: Best Free Online ISO Players and Using Details

The ISO file format is not natively supported by Windows and Mac. Thus, you need to install third-party ISO player software to open ISO files successfully. Now, let's read and check the best ISO media player.

1. Free Blu-ray Player

If you want to play a movie in ISO format with excellent audiovisual experience, definitely Blu-ray Master Free Blu-ray Player is your first choice. You can play ISO files, DVD/Blu-ray discs and almost all video and audio formats for free. The best free ISO player is clean, safe and easy to use. You can select subtitle, video/audio track, screen size, visual effects and other details for ISO file playback.


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Step 1

Free download and install the free ISO player for Windows or Mac.

Step 2

Launch the ISO file player after the installation. You can drag and drop the ISO file to its main interface directly.

BD free blu-ray player

Step 3

The ISO file will start to play automatically. You can pause, resume, stop, forward or backward the ISO video playback freely.

Play iSO file

Step 4

You can adjust ISO playback speed, video/audio track, subtitle, screen size, deinterlace, and audiovisual effects. All those features can be found from the top toolbar.

Adjust visual effects

Part 2: Top 2~5 ISO Players for Playing ISO Files on Windows and Mac

2. VLC Media Player

OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

ISO player download link:

You can play ISO with VLC Player on multiplatform for free. VLC Media Player is a portable multimedia player. You can play digital files, VCDs, CDs, DVDs and ISO disk images directly. VLC contains most codecs with no extra codec packs needed. You can also install extensions to access more features. However, the VLC player playing DVD or ISO problem occurs occasionally.

VLC media player


OS Supported: Windows

ISO player download link:

MPC-HC is short for Media Player Classic – Home Cinema. It is a lightweight and fast ISO player for Windows. You can also play most common video and audio file formats with powerful features. MPC-HC requires no installation. Thus, you can run the ISO video player from your USB flash drive or hard drive directly.


4. VSO Media Player

OS Supported: Windows

ISO player download link:

VSO Media Player can read DVD and AVCHD.ISO files with VSO Media Player. The free ISO player remembers your last playback position. Moreover, you can get multi-angle and multi-version support for Blu-ray/DVD playback. If you want to play a Blu-ray disk from your optical drive, you need to install decrypting software first.

VSO Player

5. MPV Player

OS Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux

ISO player download link:

MPV Player is an open source and cross-platform ISO player based on mplayer2 and MPlayer. You can get GPU video decoding acceleration and high-quality video output. The on screen controller can be triggered by mouse movement. You can also get content streaming, format conversion and other features from MPV Player.

MPV Player

Part 3: FAQs of Best ISO Player for Windows and Mac

1. What does ISO stand for?

An ISO file is the disk image of an optical disc. It contains everything of an optical disc. ISO is taken from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media. You can create ISO file into the DVD disc and rip the DVD into the ISO file. For playing the ISO file, you should mount the ISO image on Windows computer, or get the ISO player professionally.

2. What Is the Best Free ISO Creator?

For getting a smooth playback of ISO file, Free Blu-ray Player will be the best one. It cannot only play the ISO files with the full controls like DVD playback, but also play all the common media files. Compatible with Windows and Mac computer, you just need to download the free ISO player to play the ISO files without downloading or installing other files.

3. Can you burn an ISO to a USB?

Yes, you can. For burning an ISO file to a USB drive, you will need the professional ISO to USB burner. ISO Burner is the software you can use. Step 1. Run ISO Burner on your computer. Click Burn. Step 2. Insert the USB drive into the computer, and add the ISO file into this software. Step 3. Checkmark Create A Bootable USB to select your USB drive. Step 4. Click Burn to start creating ISO into a USB drive.

4. What is the best free virtual ISO mounting software?

If you are running in Windows 10, the ISO mounting software will be pre-installed on your computer. There is no doubt that it is the best free virtual ISO mounting software. For Mac, the built-in ISO mounting software will be the best one for Mac users. Moreover, the mounting software on Mac can help you burn ISO to DVD on Mac directly.

That's all for the review of top 5 ISO video players. You can choose any ISO player to play ISO files on Windows and Mac. Considering the compatibility, stability, safety and other important factors, Free Blu-ray Player does the best job. You can get excellent playing effects from the free ISO DVD player effortlessly.

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