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Will Blu-ray Player Play Regular DVD? Just Find Everything You Should Know Now

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“I am planning to buy a Blu-ray player, but can I play DVDs on a Blu-ray player? I have a large collection of DVD movies. Is there a Blu-ray player works with all the disks?” When you want to enjoy the movies in a high quality, Blu-ray discs are one of the best choices. More and more 4K DVD discs, Blu-ray discs are available for part of the movie.

Can a Blu-ray player play regular DVDs? Yes. The Blu-ray players are able to play the regular DVDs and CDs without problem? What should be the major differences? How to play the DVDs and Blu-ray discs with Blu-ray players? Here are the answers you should know from the article.

Part 1: Can Blu-ray players play DVDs?

Can Blu-ray players play DVDs?

All Blu-ray players can play standard Blu-ray disks, or even the 3D Blu-ray disks. Of course, these are not the only disc types that Blu-ray players are compatible with.

Manufacturers have included the capability of standard DVD disc playback on their Blu-ray players. It means that a Blu-ray player works with DVD disc without problem.

Just insert a DVD into a Blu-ray player, it detects the disc type immediately and adjust the reader. If the disc is not supported, your player will either eject the disc or displayer the error message.

Moreover, you can watch your regular DVDs in the original resolution or upscale to 720P/1080I/1080P. Some Blu-ray players can upscale DVD movies to 4K in order to better match them on your HDTV or 4K Ultra HDTV. Just in simple, a Blu-ray player is the right and even a better choice for the DVD disc.

In order to find out whether a specific Blu-ray player can play DVD or other disc types, check the manufacturer’s official page or look in the user guide. There should be a page listing the entire disc formats supported.

Blu-ray Player

Part 2: Major differences between Blu-ray Disc and DVD

Both DVDs and Blu-ray discs are the norm in home entertainment. You should understand if you can play DVDs on a Blu-ray player, but DVD and Blu-ray disc are pretty different with each other.

Laser Types with DVD and Blu-ray Disc

A DVD uses a red laser while the Blu-ray disc relies on a blue laser just as its name. The wavelength of blue laser is 405 nanometers, which enables the Blu-ray disc to offer sharper images, and the red laser is 650nanometers. It is the main reason that the DVD player cannot play Blu-ray discs.

Capacities with DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Storage capacity is another significant difference between DVD and Blu-ray disc. A DVD can store 4.7 to 8.5GB of data, while a Blu-ray disc can store 25 to 50GB of file content. As for the case, the video content of Blu-ray disc has a better video quality than the content of DVD.

Resolutions with DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Manufacturers developed Blu-ray discs in order to distribute 4K and super HD movie since their resolution is 1920 by 1080 dots/inch, while a DVD is 720 by 480. Apparently, Blu-ray discs are much better than DVD on video quality. It is why Blu-ray discs are more popular even though you can play regular DVDs on a Blu-ray player.

Data Transfer Rates with DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Because a Blu-ray disc has a larger capacity to store full HD movies, it provides higher performance than DVD. It is because the data transfer rate of Blu-ray discs, which is 36Mbps, is more than three times the one of DVDs.

Thickness with DVD and Blu-ray Disc

Both DVD and Blu-ray disc are 12mm in thickness, but the protection layers are varied. The DVD has a protection coating is 0.6mm while the Blu-ray disc has one that is 0.1mm thick. However, the protection layer of Blu-ray discs is harder than DVDs.


Blu-ray disc DVD
Laser Blue Red
Laser wavelength 405nm 650nm
Storage capacity of a single layer 25GB 4.7GB
Data transfer rate 36Mbps 11.08Mbps
Protection layer 0.1mm 0.6mm
Advantages Large amount of capacity
4K and Ultra 4K support
Cooperate with HDTV
Cost effective
Compatible with most DVD writer
Can be upscale

Part 3: How to play Blu-ray disc/DVDs on computer?

Though a Blu-ray player can play DVD, it is not 100% suport. Just like PS4 can play Blu-ray files, however, does PS4/PS3 play DVD?

Sometimes, not.

So, what should be the best free software to go with Blu-ray player? In order to play Blu-ray movies with the original quality for free, Free Blu-Ray Player enables you to play common videos, HD videos, even 4K videos, DVD as well as Blu-ray disc/Blu-ray folder/Blu-ray ISO.

How to Play Blu-ray Disc/DVD with Free Blu-ray Player

Step 1

Just download and install the free Blu-ray player on your computer. Make sure the computer has a Blu-ray drive. If not, you can also use an external Blu-ray player instead.

Step 2

Insert a DVD or Blu-ray disc into your Blu-ray player. Once the program detects the disc, it will launch automatically. You can also click the “Open Disc” button to import the DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Open Disc

Step 3

In order to play DVD with Blu-ray player with the original quality, you can click the “Video” option to choose the best frame rate, resolution and other parameters. Click the “Audio” option to decide the subtitle and audio track based on your need.

Play DVD

Step 4

Then you can choose the chapter and menu to play DVDs with Blu-ray player. It has full control over the playback process; you can also view the movies in different screen modes.

Part 4: FAQs of Blu-ray players playing DVD

1. What is the difference between a DVD player and a Blu-ray player?

Generally speaking, a Blu-ray player can play DVD discs, but the DVD player does not necessarily play Blu-ray files. Moreover, the Blu-ray supports the high-resolution video playback while the DVD player can support up to 720p HD DVD discs.

2. Will a CD play in a DVD player?

A DVD player can probably read CDs. If you connect a home theatre speaker system to your DVD player, you will be able to play the CDs. However, not all recordable CDs can be readable by all the DVD player.

3. Can Blu-ray players play DVDs from all regions?

A region-free Blu-ray player can play all the DVDs from all regions. However, most DVDs remain region-locked, and the common Blu-ray player cannot play the DVDs from all regions. For getting rid of the limit, you should get the Free Blu-Ray Player to play all DVDs and Blu-ray discs without limits.

4. Can a Blu-ray DVD player play 3D movies?

To play the 3D movies on a Blu-ray DVD player, you should make sure the Blu-ray player is 3D supported. Otherwise, it is impossible to play the 3D Blu-ray movies on a Blu-ray DVD player.


Blu-ray player can play regular DVDs without problem. Besides, the article also shares some knowledge to help you understand what are differences between DVDs and Blu-ray discs. If you want to get the original video quality to play DVDs with Blu-ray player, Free Blu-ray Player is the software to go with your Blu-ray player.

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