Best Methods to Rip Blu-Ray Movies to 4K MP4/MKV

Best Methods to Rip Blu-Ray Movies to 4K MP4/MKV

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If you have purchased some Blu-Ray movies from Amazon or eBay, you can only enjoy the movies on TVs or computers with Blu-Ray Player. In order to play Blu-ray DVD on computers, iPhone, Android tablets and more other devices, you have to rip Blu-Ray movies to MP4 or MKV instead.

How to rip Blu-ray movies to MP4, MKV or other digital formats in 4K? When you want to preserve the best quality, or even the subtitles for the Blu-Ray movies, MP4 and MKV are the best choices. Just find out the best solutions to rip Blu-Ray movies to the desired digital formats from the article now.

Rip Blu-Ray Movies

Part 1: How to Rip Blu-Ray Movies to MP4 for Free

Why do you need to rip Blu-Ray movies to MP4? MP4 file format is a digital multimedia container that used to store video, audio, subtitles, still images and other data. It is a frequently used compressed video format with relatively high quality. What is the most important, it is compatible with Android phones, iPhone and most of the devices. In order to rip Blu-Ray movies for other devices, MP4 should be the first choice.

Free Blu-Ray Ripper is an excellent Blu-Ray movie ripper to convert Blu-Ray movies to MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI and WMV for free. Moreover, you can also customize the video with advanced settings and choose a desired video format for portal devices.

Step 1

Download and install the Free Blu-Ray Ripper. Launch the program and click the "Load Blu-Ray" button to load the Blu-Ray disc into the program. After that you can preview the movies within the Blu-Ray Ripper.

Load Blu-Ray

Step 2

Choose the MP4 as the output format. Unfold the "Profile" to select HD MPEG-4 Video from the drop down list. You can also select iPad, iPhone or other devices in order to get an optimal output for the Blu-Ray movies.


Step 3

When you need to rip Blu-Ray movies to the desired quality, you can also click the "Settings" to adjust the video codec, bitrate, resolution and more other settings to get the best output MP4 files.

Part 2: How to Rip Blu-Ray Movies to MKV with Ease

How about ripping Blu-Ray movies to MKV? MKV file is another multimedia container format, including audio, video, and subtitle into a single file. Different from MP4 format, it is a lossless video format to preserve the best quality of Blu-Ray movies with more than one subtitle track. In order to save Blu-Ray movies to computer as a backup, MKV is the right video format.

Step 1

Download and install MakeMKV from the official website. Launch the program and put a disc for the Blu-Ray movie in the Blu-Ray Player. If you use an external Blu-Ray drive, you can include the USB cable.

Step 2

Once MakeMKV detects the Blu-Ray disc, you can click the Blu-Ray icon to load the titles in the disc. When the Blu-Ray disc is fully loaded, you can find a "Title" drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

Step 3

Click on the Title to preview the subtitles, audio tracks, titles and other content you want to rip. After that you can set the destination folder on the right side of the "Titles" drop-down menu.

Step 4

Press the "MakeMKV" button to start ripping Blu-Ray movies to MKV format. It takes at least one hour to rip a Blu-Ray movie with 90 minutes. All the chosen titles will be merged into one video file.


Part 3: How to Rip Blu-Ray Movies to 4K Digital Formats

When you need to rip a large collection of Blu-Ray movies, you have to choose other digital formats, such as iPhone, Android phone, Xbox, PS 4 and more other devices in 4K.

How to rip Blu-ray movies to 4K digital formats or other presets? Blu-ray Master Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac is another recommended Blu-Ray ripper to convert Blu-Ray movies to 4K and 1080P HD video for playback on digital devices. Moreover, you can also edit the output MP4 or MKV files within the program.

Step 1

Download and install the Blu-Ray ripper for Mac. If you use external Blu-Ray drive, you should connect it to a Mac and make sure it can be recognized. After that, launch the program to load the Blu-Ray movies.

Step 2

Load the Blu-Ray movies by clicking the "Load Blu-ray" button. You can find the "File Name" list of the loaded Blu-Ray movies. Select and click the "Remove" button to remove added files from the "File Name" list.

Blu-Ray ripper

Step 3

Select the desired digital formats. Click the "Profile" to select a desired video or audio format from the drop-down list. Moreover, you can also search for the digital device directly to rip Blu-Ray movies for the device.


Step 4

Press the "MakeMKV" button to start ripping Blu-Ray movies to MKV format. It takes at least one hour to rip a Blu-Ray movie with 90 minutes. All the chosen titles will be merged into one video file.

Part 4: FAQs of Ripping Blu-ray Movies

1. Can I rip a Blu-ray with a DVD drive?

Though Blu-ray drive can read Blu-ray, DVD and CD disc, DVD drive cannot read Blu-ray disc. For ripping Blu-ray disc, you should get the Blu-ray drive.

2. Can MakeMKV rip Blu-ray?

Yes, MakeMKV can rip Blu-ray files protected with latest versions of AACS and BD+. But MakeMKV will extract the exact Blu-ray movies without compression to your computer. In other word, if the Blu-ray disc is over 20 to 30GB in size, you will have to keep it on your computer. Moreover, it also links you to HandBrake to help compress the MKV files.

3. Can VLC rip Blu-ray?

Yes. Yes, it can. VLC can rip Blu-ray into the digital formats. Step 1. Run VLC and click Media in the menu to select Convert/Save. Step 2. Click on the Disc tab, then select a disc type as Blu-ray and check on No Disc menus. Step 3. Select your Blu-ray disc from the drop-down. Step 4. Choose the output format from the Profile drop-down list. Step 5. Click Start to rip Blu-ray in VLC.


In order to rip some Blu-Ray movies to digital formats, you can take advantage of the Free Blu-ray movies Ripper to free backup Blu-ray movie collections easily. The Best Free Blu-ray Ripper enables you to convert Blu-ray movies to popular video format, which you can use the Blu-ray video for any devices easily. If you need to convert Blu-Ray movies in 4K MKV or MP4, you can also find a suitable solution from the article. More queries about how to rip Blu-Ray movies, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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