How to Extract Blu-ray Audio from Movie with High Quality

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How to extract audio from Blu-ray disc? In order to get high-quality Blu-ray audio from the Blu-ray disc, you should definitely try the method below. Here is the detailed process to rip a high-quality Blu-ray audio.

You can also learn more about the codec of the Blu-ray audio and get best tips about the desired file format you should choose for the output file in this post.

Extract Blu-ray Audio from Blu-ray Disc

Part 1. How to Extract Blu-ray Audio from Blu-ray Disc

When you need to extract the high quality Blu-ray audio from the Blu-ray disc, you should better use the original audio codec, such as the Dolby Digital or DTS audio files. Free Blu-ray Ripper is the desired Blu-ray audio extractor that rips the desired audio files from Blu-ray disc for free. Moreover, you can tweak the different parameters to customize the audio files.

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How to Rip Audio from Blu-ray Disc

Step 1.Insert the Blu-ray to your computer

Once you have installed the free Blu-ray ripper on your computer, you can launch the program. Click the Load Disc button to load the Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray audio extractor. It is able to detect the audio files from the Blu-ray disc automatically.


Step 2.Choose the Blu-ray audio lists

When you find all the Blu-ray files within the user interface, you can choose the desired Blu-ray audio from the list. Moreover, if there are different audio tracks for the audio files, you can click the Audio Track to select the desired one from the drop down list.

Choose the Blu-ray audio lists

Step 3.Clip the files into different parts

In order to take full advantage of these files, you have to clip the files into different parts. Just use the built-in media player to enjoy the music or audio files and trim the file with the starting point and end point. Click the New clip option to get the desired files.

Clip the files into different parts

Step 4.Select the desired output format

If you just need to enjoy the Blu-ray movies to computer as backup, you can click the Profile menu and choose the DTS as the output format. Of course, you can also go to the Settings option to adjust audio codec, sample rate, audio bitrate and more.

Select the desired output format

Step 5.Convert and rip Blu-ray audio

After that, you can choose the destination folder for the output audio file. Click the Convert button to extract the desired audio files from the Blu-ray Audio. You can click the Open Folder button to listen to the audio files from your Blu-ray disc.

Part 2. Learn More About the Blu-ray Audio Files

Blu-ray disc supports lossless audio that provides elevated surround sound listening experience. It is the Blu-ray audio codec supported by Blu-ray disc, such as Linear PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Moreover, each Blu-ray disc has both stereo and surround Blu-ray audio version at 24 Bit 88.2/96KHZ high-resolution audio files. Just when you choose the desired equipment, you can present exactly the intent. Even the Blu-ray audio you get is not the one of Blu-ray disc.

Blu-ray Audio Files

Part 3. Tips to Choose the Desired Format for Blu-ray Audio

In order to preserve the best Blu-ray high definition audio, what should be the best audio format you should choose? Of course, preserve the original audio file is the best choice to get the high quality audio files. But you might not able to use the files to other devices. Here are four choices you can choose as the Blu-ray audio output.

Convert Blu-ray Audio to DTS

DTS is also known as the DTS 5.1 or DTS Surround, which is the desired audio format for home theater. It is limited to a maximum of six audio channels for its compresses the audio to make the footprint smaller. When you need to use the Blu-ray audio extractor to get the original audio files, DTS is the choice with the best audio quality.

Convert Blu-ray Audio to Dolby

Just as DTS, if you want to preserve the original audio file of the Blu-ray disc, you can choose the Dolby files as the output formats. Moreover, the Dolby audio files can also be a nice choice if you need to playback the Blu-ray audio files on your Apple TV and more other related device.

Convert Blu-ray Audio to MP3

MP3 is one of the most frequently used audio formats, which can be used for most of the devices. If you have to use the Blu-ray audio files to multiple devices, MP3 is the most suitable choice instead of the one with the best audio quality. You can adjust the different parameters, such as MP3 320 quality for the output audio. (Check free MP3 music player here)

Part 4. FAQs of Extracting Audio from Blu-ray

Wrapping up

How to extract the Blu-ray audio files from Blu-ray disc? What are the best audio formats you should choose? Learn more details from the article now. If you have any other query, you can share more information in the comments now.

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