Simple Instruction on How to Rip Blu-ray to A Hard Drive as Folder or ISO File

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Do you want to preserve your Blu-ray to watch the content longer? The best way to preserve your Blu-ray is to copy it and turn it into a digital version. This way, you can keep the Blu-ray on your computer. So, if you want to back up your Blu-ray, grab the chance to read the post. We will show the best procedure you can follow to back up and rip Blu-ray to a hard drive as a folder and ISO file.

Rip Blu-ray to Hard Drive

Part 1. How to Backup Blu-ray to A Hard Drive as a Folder of ISO File

Backing up the Blu-ray to a hard drive is the best idea. With this, you can preserve your Blu-ray in a digital format. It also provides more benefits for you. If you already backed up your Blu-ray, you don’t have to worry if the disc has scratches, dust, and damages, which can make the disc unplayable. So, the best solution to preserve the Blu-ray is to turn it into a digital file. You can backup the Blu-ray to your hard drive as a folder or ISO file. But the question is, how can you back up your Blu-ray easily and instantly? Well, you are lucky because we are here to give you the best solution you can have. To back up your Blu-ray, you will need the help of Blu-ray Copy picked by Blu-ray Master. You can get an easy backup procedure when using this offline program. Aside from that, the Blu-ray Copy program has a simple layout, making it perfect for beginners. With its hassle-free method, you can achieve your desired outcome after the process. Also, the program allows you to choose how you want to save your Blu-ray. You can turn them into a folder or an ISO file. Moreover, Blu-ray Copy supports various languages. It supports English, Deutsch, Francais, and more. So, if you prefer some language that you can understand better, you can change the language based on your preference. Lastly, the program has a fast backup process. With that, you can instantly back up your Blu-ray to hazard drive in just a few moments. Check below the best way to copy Blu-ray to a hard drive using this offline program.

Step 1.First and foremost, go to your browser and visit the official website of Blu-ray Copy. After that, press Download and install it on your Windows computer. You can also hit the Free Download button below to access the program more easily.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Step 2.After that, launch the program to see its main interface. Then, navigate to the left interface and select the Full Disc option. Once done, click the Source option from the middle interface. When the file folder shows up, choose the Blu-ray you want to backup.

Full Disc Source Option

Step 3.When you are done, go to the Target option and select how you want to save the Blu-ray file. You can choose the Save as BD folder or Save as ISO option. After choosing, you can proceed to the next process.

Select Target Option

Step 4.The final process is to begin the backup process. To do that, go to the lower right interface and click the Start button. Then, after a few moments, you can already have your Blu-ray backed up on a BD folder or ISO file. This is the best way on how to copy a Blu-ray disc to a hard drive.

Click the Start Option

Part 2. How to Rip Blu-ray to A Hard Drive as A Digital Format

Ripping Blu-ray to a Hard drive is helpful for many users. As we all know, Blu-rays are fading little by little. In the near future, there is a possibility that Blu-rays may not be playable on some devices. What’s worse, it may disappear. Also, discs are prone to damage and scratches. When the discs are not in good condition, there is a high chance that you can’t play the discs anymore. In that case, the best way to keep your Blu-ray in good condition is to convert it into digital format. To rip your Blu-ray to a hard drive, you can use Blu-ray Ripper picked by Blu-ray Master. The offline ripper lets you rip your Blu-rays effectively and efficiently. You can digitize your Blu-ray in just simple methods. Also, the program has an understandable layout, which is suitable for all users. Additionally, Blu-ray Ripper can support different types of formats. It supports MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, M4V, MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, and more. With this, you can digitize your Bluray on your hard drive, no matter what format you prefer. Plus, the offline program is available on both Windows and Mac computers, making it workable for all users. So, if you want to rip or burn Blu-ray to a hard drive effectively, use the steps below.

Step 1.See the Blu-ray Ripper on your browser and click the Download button. After that, install it and proceed to run the program. For an easy process, we included the Free Download buttons you can click for your Windows and Mac computers.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Step 2.Go to the Ripper section from the top interface. Then, to load the Blu-ray from your computer, click the Load Blu-ray option.

Load Blu-ray Option

Step 3.After that, click below the Output Format option and select your preferred format for the Blu-ray file.

Output Format Option

Step 4.Now, you can start ripping your Blu-ray by hitting the Rip All button. When the process is done, you can check your file on the assigned file destination. Now you know how to save Blu-ray movies to a hard drive.

Begin Ripping Process

Part 3. Tips for Preserving Blu-rays

Always Clean the Blu-ray Disc

If you want to preserve your disc, it is better to always clean it. You can use a neat cloth and warm water to wipe the dust on the disc. With this, you can remove some particles that can cause scratches to the disc.

Use A Disc Container

It is necessary to consider using a good disc container. When the disc has a container, you can secure the disc. It can cover the whole disc, which is helpful to avoid dirt. It is recommended to have one container per disc.

Backup the Blu-ray

One of the effective ways to preserve your Blu-rays is to digitize them. In this modern era, discs are becoming unpopular. Some platforms don’t support the disc anymore. Aside from that, the discs are prone to damage. So, if you want to preserve your Blu-ray, it is best to copy or rip it to your computer. This way, you can have the digital version of your Blu-ray that can be preserved longer.

Part 4. FAQs about Ripping Blu-ray to Hard Drive

Wrapping up

The article taught you how to back up and rip Blu-ray to a hard drive as a folder and ISO file. Also, it teaches you how to copy Blu-ray discs to a computer hard drive. With these methods, you can ensure to transfer your Blu-ray into digital without any hassle. So, if you want to back up your Blu-ray, use Blu-ray Copy. Then, use Blu-ray Ripper to rip the Blu-ray to a digital format.

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