3 Splendid Ways on How to Make a Blu-ray Menu Differently

3 Splendid Ways on How to Make a Blu-ray Menu Differently

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The Blu-ray menu is the first thing you will see whenever you watch a video on a Blu-ray player. It shows you the title and preview of the videos stored on the disc. Perhaps you are curious as to how they put the menu section on their Blu-ray disc. Worry not, for the answer you are looking for is in this article. This post contains different programs you can try and tutorials on how to make a Blu-ray menu using the said programs. We know that you are excited so let's not prolong this introduction and proceed to the first part of this post.

Make a Blu-ray menu

Part 1. Can You Customize a Blu-ray Menu

If you are wondering whether you can customize a Blu-ray menu or not, the answer is yes, you can. There are DVD/Blu-ray creator applications that have a function to modify and personalize your Blu-ray menu. Although it is not necessarily important, customizing the menu gives it a personal touch. It is also helpful to identify the different video files you have on a disc. And to make it more unique, some programs allow users to add background music and pictures to the Blu-ray menu. This is great if you give it a gift to someone like a friend or a relative. You can personalize the discs differently in preference with the person you are giving them to. So if you would like to know how to make a Blu-ray menu and customize it, you can refer to the next section of this article.

Part 2. Best Way to Make a Blu-ray Menu

Note: You can only use this product for personal use.

If you want a program to customize the Blu-ray menu by using the default templates or create a personally designed template for free, try Blu-ray Creator. This spectacular program is one of the reliable software for creating a Blu-ray disc. It has a straightforward user interface with a simple guide included for you to operate the tool efficiently. Additionally, it has a feature for video editing enabling you to crop the video, change the aspect ratio, put watermarks, and adjust video effects. By the way, you can acquire this program for free but for Windows OS only.

Key Features

Here's an easy guide for you to use on how to make a Blu-ray menu and burn files to a disc using the recommended program.

Step 1

Download and install the Blu-ray burner on your desktop. Launch the tool after installation, then load the blank Blu-ray disc on your computer. Click Add Files to add the videos to the program for file-burning.

Import Video

Step 2

Enhance your videos first before you store them on the disc. To do that, tap the Edit button, and a pop-up window will show. On the said window, you can change the aspect ratio, adjust the effects of the video, and add a watermark. If you have multiple videos, you can tap Apply to All to set the changes and all videos. Click Close to exit the window.

Edit Video

Step 3

Tap the Edit Menu icon to customize or create a new menu template. A new window interface will show up where you can edit your menu templates. Click the drop-down list to select Menu, Frame, Button, and Text. Choose any of the default designs to create your own template.

Customize menu

Step 4

Tick the small box beside Background Music and Background Picture to add the audio file and photo from your computer. Click Save to close the window.

Add background save

Step 5

You have the option to save it as a Blu-ray Folder or an ISO file on your desktop or store it on Blu-ray Disc. Tap Create to burn the video into the blank disc. Please wait for the process to stop before closing the program.

Create Blu-ray

Part 3. 2 Other Ways to Make a Blu-ray Menu

Note: You can only use these products for personal use.

If you are looking for alternative programs as a backup tool in case Blu-ray Creator is unavailable, you can try these two software.

imElfin Blu-ray Creator

imElfin Blu-ray Creator is a Blu-ray burning program for Windows and Mac devices. And like any other program, it enables users to customize the Blu-ray menu using different templates. It is also a reliable program as it can burn any audio and video without damaging the quality. Its drawback is that the last update was in 2013.

Use the guide steps below on how to make a Blu-ray menu to use the program properly.

Step 1

Download imElfin Blu-ray Creator and install it on your computer.

Step 2

After installing, insert a disc, then open the program and click Add Video Files to import videos to the application.

Step 3

Tap and select your desired templates that are free to use in the right section of the program. You can choose the default ones or make your own design.

imElfin Select Menu

Step 4

Once you finish adjusting the aspect ratio and choosing disc type quality, hit the Burn icon to begin burning the video to the Blu-ray disc.

Leawo Blu-ray Creator

Leawo Blu-ray Creator is a great disc-burning program that allows users to quickly burn videos and photos with different file formats. It has 40 disc menu templates that give you a lot of themes to choose from. It also has an editing function to crop, trim, and add 3D effects and other tools for video enhancement. The free version has pop-up ads, which may be annoying for some users.

Here's how to make a Blu-ray menu using Leawo Blu-ray Creator, and please follow the steps correctly.

Step 1

Download Leawo Blu-ray Creator and install it on your desktop. Load a blank disc and open the program.

Step 2

Simply click Add Video or drag the file to the main interface to add a video file.

Step 3

You can now modify the Blu-ray menu. You can choose a preset template or create a new one. Tap the Pen icon to design a template of your own by adding background music, picture, and button design. You can also edit the title and background of the Blu-ray menu.

Leawo choose template

Step 4

Click the Burn icon to begin the disc-burning process. Tap and choose from the following options: Burn to, Disc Label, and Save to. Wait for it to finish so you can close the program.

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Part 4. FAQs on How to Make a Blu-ray Menu

1. Where did the name Blu-ray come from?

The name Blu-ray got its name from the blue-violet laser that it uses to read a Blu-ray disc. The blue laser allows more information to be stored at a greater density.

2. Is it better to burn Blu-ray discs at a slower speed?

Yes. It is better to lower the speed of burning a Blu-ray if you are worried about the video getting damaged or if the media file tends to be dodgy at the maximum speed. You can lessen the speed by half but no less than that.

3. How do you open a Blu-ray folder?

Here's a quick guide for you to use for opening a Blu-ray folder.

– Click the Blu-ray Folder directly on your computer

– Tap Open Disc, then Open Folder in the window.

– Choose the BDMV folder, find the folder you want to watch, and then click Select Folder.


Here you go, you have understood how to make a Blu-ray menu without anyone teaching you, and that is a great achievement already. Especially if you are using a reliable and capable program like Blu-ray Creator. This program can help you create a Blu-ray menu in every way you desire. Not just that, it can burn Blu-ray discs at a lightning-fast rate with no quality loss. This program will not disappoint you.

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