Burn Your Movies to Blu-ray With the 5 Best External Blu-ray Burners Today

Burn Your Movies to Blu-ray With the 5 Best External Blu-ray Burners Today

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Many of the computers, Mac and laptops included, don’t have disc drives and burners anymore. This is due to the innovation that caters to digital files. However, many of these computers do not have a huge amount of storage to keep Blu-ray movies. That being said, burning Blu-rays is still inevitable. Now, if you also see the importance of external Blu-ray burners, this is the perfect time to see the various external burners you can connect to your computer device.

Have a secured storage process for an optical drive to clear or save up much space on your computer space after meeting the best tool you can have.

The Best External Blu-ray Burner

Part 1. Comparison Table of External Blu-ray Burners

To start with, let’s have this comparison table as the initial demonstration of the listed Blue-ray burners below.

External Burner Dainty External Blu-ray Drive Vinpower Digital External Blu-ray Drive Generic Alphami External Blu-ray Drive ASUS BW-16D1X-U 16x External Blu-ray Drive OWC Mercury Pro 16X External Blu-ray Drive
Price $108.99 $89.95 $59.99 $178 $154.99
Blu-ray Disc Support BD-R, BD-ROM, and BD-RE BD-RE, BD-R BD-RE, BD-ROM, BD-R BD-R, BD-ROM, BD-RE BD-ROM, BD-RE, BD-R
Power Source Powered by USB Powered by AC Powered by USB Powered by AC Powered by AC
Support DVD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Part 2. Exposition of Top 5 External Blu-ray Burners

Top 1. Dainty External Blu-ray Drive

The first on the best external Blu-ray burner on the list is this Dainty External Blu-ray Drive. It is a burner that uses two types of cables, the TPC and USB. It is thin and light, so you can easily store and carry it anywhere. Furthermore, it comes with a powerful function to read rapidly, as it has the ability to read and function 6 times faster.

Dainty External Blu-ray Burner

OS: Windows

Hardware Interface: USB 2.0, USB 3.0.

Optical Storage Write Speed: Various speeds.

Top 2. Vinpower Digital External Blu-ray Drive

Vinpower Digital External Blu-ray Drive is also a portable burner that can copy or burn bigger movies with up to 128GB. It has a weight of 4 pounds with a dimension of 10×6.75×4.5 inches. Furthermore, this Amazon external Blu-ray burner has this technology for the limit equalizer that works to improve its capability in playing Blu-rays.

Vinpower External Blu-ray Burner

OS: Windows

Hardware Interface: USB 3.0.

Optical Storage Write Speed: Various speeds.

Top 3. Generic Alphami External Blu-ray Drive

If you want a larger capacity in storage for a Blu-ray burner, this Generic Alphami is the external burner you will need. It has wider compatibility, for it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac computer devices. Furthermore, it is also a user-friendly device that adds up to its being easy to carry due to its thinness and lightweight. Moreover, you can treat it as a 4K Blu-ray burner that brings the clarity and high quality of 4K Blu-ray discs.

Alphami External Blu-ray Burner

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Hardware Interface: USB.

Optical Storage Write Speed: 3x RPM.

Top 4. ASUS BW-16D1X-U 16x External Blu-ray Drive

Next on the list is this ASUS BW-16D1X-U that doesn’t only read Blu-rays, but it can also read and write DVDs and CDs. Moreover, this burner also supports BDXL and M-Disc formats, and this ASUS Blu-ray burner provides a good factor for users to choose from: its 16× optical disc writing speed. Another reason for you to choose it is that it allows you to back up your data or files from your Android device going to a Blu-ray.

ASUS External Blu-ray Burner

OS: Windows

Hardware Interface: USB.

Optical Storage Write Speed: 16x RPM.

Top 5. OWC Mercury Pro 16X External Blu-ray Drive

Here comes one of the most popular external burners because of its rapid speed, the OWC Mercury Pro 16× External Blu-ray Drive. This, too, has an optical reading and writing speed of 16 to 48 times faster, like what its name suggests, making it work twice or more than the other external burners out there. Moreover, it is a Blu-ray burner for Mac and is an aluminum sleek and durable device.

OWC External Blu-ray Burner

OS: Mac

Hardware Interface: USB 3.0.

Optical Storage Write Speed: 16x to 48x RPM.

Part 3. Bonus: Best Internal Blu-ray Burner to Keep

If purchasing an external device to burn your Blu-ray is hard due to the price, then having an internal burner should be your backup plan. That being said, have the Blu-ray Creator on your computer device to experience a fast and high qualitative burning process. Furthermore, this best Blu-ray creator lets you burn different types of videos, like MP4, MOV, MKV, MOV, FLV, MXF, etc., into a Blu-ray disc, ISO, and folder. In addition, it provides you with great options that will enable you to crop, trim, add watermark, and add subtitles to your video.

What is more amazing is the burning technologies infused with it, such as IMAPI SDK, Cdr tool, and VSO. On top of that, if you need to combine and merge multiple videos with their titles and chapters, this Blu-ray Creator will let you do it without any hassle!

Main Features:

How to Use the Internal 4K Blu-ray Burner for PC

Step 1

Insert the Blu-ray disc into your drive and launch the software once you finish the download and installation process. Then, hit Add Media Files on the main interface to upload the video or content you want to burn. Please note that you can add as many as you like.

Internal Blu-ray Burner Upload

Step 2

Once the contents are uploaded, you can navigate to the tools provided if you want to customize them before burning.

Step 3

Then, hit the Create button to begin the process.

Internal Blu-ray Burner Burn

Part 4. FAQs about External Blu-ray Burners

Are Blu-ray burners compatible with DVDs and CDs?

Yes. Most Blu-ray burners are compatible with DVDs and CDs. These burners can write and read the other discs aside from burning them.

What is the slowest writing speed of external Blu-ray burners?

The slowest writing speed of a Blu-ray burner is x2, which is the common speed.

Can I watch a Blu-ray movie with an external Blu-ray drive or burner?

Yes. External drives allow you to play movies on a disc.


Investing in an external Blu-ray burner will only be delightful if you will use it frequently. However, if you only use it once, then you better think twice. On the other hand, acquiring the Blu-ray Creator is already a wise decision if you use a computer with a built-in optical drive. This software already provides you with tools and features beyond what you need.

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