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While online streaming makes it easier to watch your favorite movies, nothing beats the original experience of having a video player. If you have a collection of Blu-rays or DVDs, you might think of getting a multi-disc Blu-ray player that can accommodate more discs without inserting and removing them from the optical drive. You are in the right place because we prepared the top 5 hardware you can find online or at your local stores.

Multi-Disc Blu-ray Player

Part 1. Is There a Blu-ray Player That Holds Multiple Discs

It seems a multi-disk Blu-ray player is a myth, but in reality, a few video players can handle multiple discs for playback. It is designed to watch movies or play music simultaneously without changing the discs manually. But of course, the new technology refrains manufacturers from developing more hardware with multi-disc ability. Instead, streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO have become a normal place to watch all movies. Regardless, Blu-ray players can still hold multiple discs at once, and you can find and purchase them from the internet. Just read the next part for more information.

Part 2. Top 5 Multiple Blu-ray Disc Player

We prepared the best Blu-ray disc players that can hold multiple discs simultaneously for continuous streaming. We also include all the information you need regarding the hardware’s price, features, and overall performance.

Sony ES BDP-CX7000ES

Price: $1894.12

The multi-disk Blu-ray player is designed with a shelf space to hold hundreds of discs and play any movie or music to your command. It promises uncompromised audio and video performance and is built to last for years. This is far more advanced than a typical Blu-ray player because it sorts the content by genre, director, cast, and title. On the other hand, it is intuitive with a front panel design, allowing you to load and unload discs and spin the slot for streaming.

Sony ES BDP-CX7000ES


  • Support the newest sound technology like Dolby and DTS.
  • Built-in Sony’s HD Reality Enhancer for sharper and cleaner visual quality.
  • It has a 400-disc capacity for Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs.
  • Enable to play 1080p and 720p video resolution.


  • For technical issues, it is hard to replace some of its parts.
  • It is too expensive, even for used hardware in the market.


Price: $549

This multi-disc Blu-ray player supports high-res playback for up to 4K resolution as the 4K Blu-ray player. Its reference quality video has HDR & Dolby Vision, providing four times the pixels of a Full HD Blu-ray. OPPO UDP-20 also streams 4K media files and user-generated content and supports decoding HEVC, VP9 4K, and H.264 to increase compatibility. You can enjoy a movie night with its refined contrast and resolution, unparalleled by a regular Blu-ray player. Furthermore, its highly-precised disc loader ensures reliable playback with an optimized laser mechanism.

OPPO UDP-20 Multi Disc Blu-ray Player


  • It is much more affordable as a multi-disc player.
  • Suitable for Blu-ray, DVD-Audio, DVD, SACD, and UHD.
  • Built with ethernet connection for media playback online.
  • Deliver brilliant colors and sharper images than are as powerful as cinema technology.


  • No integrated apps for more streaming.
  • No built-in front HDMI input.

Sony UBP-X1100ES

Price: $598

If you are looking for another 4K multi Blu-ray disc player, then the Sony UBP-X1100ES is noteworthy. The hardware supports multiple loading and unloading of Blu-rays and DVDs with crisp 4K pictures. It is also best to set it as a home cinema because of its high functionality, including seamless audio technology. Since Sony is known for its excellent gadgets, UBP-X1100ES is built with a couple of HDMI outputs for flexible and separate audio/video streaming. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for headphones to watch movies without too much noise.

Sony UBP-X1100ES


  • It supports DVD-Audio and SACD formats.
  • Upscale movies with up to 4K playback.
  • Clear audio performance with DTS and Dolby Atmos technology.
  • Easy HDR to SDR conversion.
  • The remote control quickly responds to commands.


  • No Bravia mode to improve non-4K content.
  • The user must manually set up the Dolby Vision.
  • It's too pricey compared to other Blu-ray players with similar features.

Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD

Price: $299.99

It is a great addition to home theater because Pioneer is designed to saturate colors and excellent details for movies, TV shows, and other content. The multi-disc Blu-ray player comes with features that clean up YouTube and other platforms’ videos and optimize them for larger screens. Besides the multi-disc playback, you can also use Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD to connect your phone to a large screen with clean, undistorted pictures. Or, you can use your smartphone as an alternative remote to control streaming on your iPhone or Android.

Pioneer Elite BD 80FD


  • Play standard Blu-rays, DVDs, SACDs, 3D, and CDs with excellent quality.
  • It works well for online streaming on YouTube and other streaming services.
  • Stream 1080p with Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio for audio quality.
  • Connect wirelessly to a compatible PC to download tunes or movies.
  • The remote app is available to download on the phone as a remote alternative.


  • Only stream Region A Blu-rays and Region 1 for DVDs.
  • It does not support popular platforms like Netflix.


Price: $225

Many users find the multi-disc Blu-ray player more interesting because of its 4K playback with more compatible smart TVs to watch. LG UBK90 features Dolby Vision for a clean visual quality and has a fast-loading speed to load discs simultaneously. If you are not in the mood to play movies from your Blu-ray or DVD collections, the hardware supports Netflix and other streaming platforms to allow you to watch content effortlessly. Additionally, it has a selectable video resolution if you desire a higher resolution for your TV.

LG UBK90 Multi Disc Player


  • Separate audio and video signals with 2 HDMI outputs.
  • Support more audio formats like AAC, FLAC, MP3, etc.
  • Support standard Blu-rays, discs, and rewritable ones.
  • WiFi connection to retrieve and watch content from the internet.


  • Audio and video become out of sync over time.
  • More errors to new DVDs and CDs.
  • Randomly project double images when playing 4K discs.

Part 3. Bonus: Best Blu-ray Player Software

Did you know you can still watch Blu-ray and DVD movies with desktop software? The most recommended to use is Blu-ray Player for Windows and Mac, providing 4K playback with seamless audio experience. It has a user-friendly interface with the essential controls to pause, stop, and play a video, as well as functions to create a playlist. More than this, the video player is flexible with formats, allowing you to play Blu-ray, DVD, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV, and others without limitations. Watching the discs on your computer is made easier and more professional when you get Blu-ray for high-quality playback.

Free Download

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Part 4. FAQs about Multiple Blu-ray Disc Player

Wrapping up

Have you found the right multi-disc Blu-ray player for your home entertainment? We hope this article helps you discover more options, considering the features, pricing, and other criteria. For a bonus function, you should try Blu-ray Ripper to watch movies on your computer uninterrupted, just by clicking the Download button. Share this post with someone who might need better options for Blu-ray player findings.

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