The 4 Leading VOD to DVD Burner You Cannot Not Miss (Full Review)

The 4 Leading VOD to DVD Burner You Cannot Not Miss (Full Review)

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April 19, 2022 09:30Posted by to Create DVD, Convert Video

It's fascinating to see the list of VOB files on your computer. But, nothing will be good if your device storage becomes full. Plus, VOB, or the Video Object file container, is known for containing a large size. To make some room for your device, why not create playback for them on a DVD? If that's what you need, here is the list of the VOB to DVD makers.

VOB to DVD Burner

Part 1: 4 Best VOB Files to DVD Converters

1. AnyMP4 DVD Creator

One of the best assets of AnyMP4 DVD Creator is its easy-to-use interface. Not only that, this VOB to DVD burner is geared up with advanced technology, which allows the burning speed to be 50x faster than its competitors. Besides that, you can have your video playback on Blu-ray, DVD, or ISO folder.

But what makes the tool even better? It offers you hundreds of templates for DVD menu customization. On top of that, it offers two main TV Standard formats: the NTSC and PAL.

AnyMP4 Interface Program



2. InfraRecorder

If your budget is tight, InfraReocrder is for you. This program is an open-source and free VOB to DVD burner which you can install on a 32- or 64-bit Windows operating system. When it comes to its function, InfraRecorder supports dual-layer DVDs. On the other hand, you can also back up your favorite music covers on a CD.

Infra Recorder Interface



3. Cisdem DVD Burner

Mac lover? You may resort to using Cisdem DVD Burner! Using this tool, you can back up your digital files on a DVD folder/disc or even ISO. One more thing, this program can facilitate DVD menu making and offers a variety of templates for your needs. Lastly, this tool contains a real-time preview for your output to avoid the obscene mistakes you will encounter later after burning.

Cisdem DVD Interface



4. AnyBurn

And the last pick for this is the AnyBurn application. This freeware is compatible with Windows OS. As for the functions, it can extract audio files from a CD and convert them to a standard format like MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. Lastly, you can back any files to three options: the CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc.

AnyBurn Interface Program



Part 2: Comparison Chart of These Programs

If you want to see the overall features of the programs mentioned above refer to the table we have made below.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator InfraRecorder Cisdem DVD Burner AnyBurn
Interface Easy-to-use Outdated interface design Easy-to-use Simple
Pricing Free/Paid Free Free/Paid Free
DVD menu maker Available Not Available Available Not Available
Built-in Video Editor × ×
Platforms Windows and Mac Windows Mac Windows

Part 3: How to Burn VOB to DVD

Now that you have learned the comprehensive information about the best VOB to DVD burners, we will move on to the breakdown of the steps in using the AnyMP4 DVD Creator. But before anything else, you should have the program installed on your device. Don't worry. Choose the appropriate Free Download button below, double-click the file and follow the setup wizard.

Let's begin!

Step 1

Import the VOB files on the DVD Burner

After launching the program, you first need to select the DVD Disc option. Then, add your target VOB files by hitting the Add Media File/s button. Alternatively, you may do the drag and drop method.

Import VOB Videos

Also, insert your blank disc on the DVD tray, and the program should detect it.

Step 2

Adjust the DVD Settings

After adding the files, refer to the settings below the interface. You can change the DVD Disc, Aspect Ratio, and the Video Quality by expanding their drop-down menus. Moreover, you can refer to the indicator right at the bottom of the settings. This will show the estimation size of your files, which can serve as the basis for your needed disc capacity.

Adjust DVD Settings AnyMP4

Step 3

Enhance VOB effects (Optional)

There is also an a way to edit your videos before burning them. Select one file, then tick the Power Tools tab > Video Edit. You can add a watermark or effects, adjust the brightness, trim or rotate your VOB file. After editing, hit Next.

Enhance VOB Effects AnyMP4

Step 4

Choose DVD Menu (Optional)

There are available templates for customizing a DVD menu that come in different designs for your occasion. After selecting one, you can control the buttons, background music, and the opening film. If you are okay with the Preview of your DVD menu, hit the Burn button.

Choose DVD Menu AnyMP4

Step 5

Burn VOB to DVD

Now, select the DVD Disc you inserted a while ago. Next, change the burn engine and the volume level. After that, choose the TV standard in line with your country. Suppose you do not have a disc. You can save the VOB file as an ISO folder. When all is ready, click Start.

Choose DVD Menu AnyMP4

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Part 4: FAQs about VOB to DVD Burning

Can I burn VOB files without a DVD burner?

Unfortunately, no. You will need software that burns VOB files to DVD, or else your files will not be playable on your DVD player.

What is a VOB file?

Usually, you will see VOB files contained in a VIDEO_TS folder. Specific files are encrypted in a VOB file container, like the audio track, subtitle, and navigation menu of a movie.

Is converting VOB to MP4 possible?

Definitely, yes! One way to access your vob files on any media player is to convert them to MP4. One application you can use is the Video Converter Ultimate.


Well done! Wash your worries now as you can access the paid and free VOB to DVD burners. As the free programs can do the job successfully, there are limitations that you will encounter, such as the lack of a DVD menu maker or OS incompatibility. If you want to ignore these limitations, AnyMP4 DVD Creator is what we highly recommend.

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