How to Compress MKV Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently

How to Compress MKV Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently

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Question: Hey guys I need your help. my hard drive is filling up fast, and I am in urgent need to compress some TV shows I don't watch regularly. They are all 1080p and so I don't want to compress these MKV files and lose any quality. I've been told that WINRAR will be useless in compressing MKV files. Any help? - Post from a Reddit User

Answer: Don’t use a regular file compressor like WINRAR to shrink your video files. The algorithm this type of software uses is incompatible with video files, which are either ineffective or causing quality loss. Always choose a dedicated, professional video compressor to compress your MKV files or any sort of video file.

In this article, we will discuss the details about compressing MKV files with both professional software and free online compressors. We will compare the pros and cons of each option, enabling you to make a conscious choice.

Compress MKV

Part 1. How to Compress an MKV File with High Quality

To compress your video to the maximum compression rate with the minimum quality loss, a good, dedicated, and stand-alone video compressor could be your best choice. Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is an excellent product tailor-designed for your use case. You not only wouldn’t have too much quality loss post compressing job but also you would be able to utilize:

How to Shrink Large MKV File Size:

Step 1

Add Your Videos to the Compressor

Launch your Video Compressor. On the main screen, click on the Toolbox tab. If you cannot find it, try to locate it on the right side of the top ribbon. In the next step, choose the Video Compressor option. Click on the giant “+” plus button in the middle of the screen to import your video files.

Add File

Step 2

Set Up Video Compression Parameters

Move the Size slider to change your compression rate. Click on the Format option to change the export formats you desire.

Compress Video

Step 3

Compress Video

Click on the Preview button to get a quick peek at your final output. Then, click on the Compress button to start the process. Wait for a while and your compressed file would be ready to go.

Part 2. How to Reduce an MKV File Size Online for Free

If you just wish to compress a short MKV video file before sending it out via email, you might find online video compressor apps to be more attractive options. Blu-ray Master Free Online Video Compressor is a trustworthy product that delivers exactly what you need. You would be able to compress your MKV files with a simple click, exporting to popular formats, and it doesn’t have any limitations or watermarks comparing to other free websites.

How to Reduce your Video Size Online for Free

Step 1

Visit the official free online video converter website, and click on the Add Files to Compress button. You need to download an assistant launcher before proceeding to the next step.

Add Files to Compress

Step 2

After installing the launcher, the website would give you options to upload videos from your computer. You would be able to select the output video size, format, resolution as well as Bitrate according to your need.

Adjust Compression Settings

Tips: For more advanced users with more requirements, select the Custom Profile button on the main screen to tweak deeper options, which includes changing video and audio codecs, frame rate, resolution, sample rate, audio channel, and more other parameters.

Step 3

Now, click on the Compress button to start your workload. Your compressed MKV files would be available to you shortly.

Compression Succeeded

Part 3. What’s the Difference

Free Online Video Compressor Video Converter Ultimate
Compress Video YES YES
Compress 4K Video NO YES
Convert Video NO YES
Convert Audio NO YES
Safe to Use YES YES
Edit Video NO NO
Internet Connection Requirement YES NO
Convert DVD NO YES
Output Video Formats MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, M4V, FLV, WMV, VOB, MPG, 3GP, etc. Over 500 formats

Part 4. FAQs about Compressing MKV

Why are MKV Files so big?

For video codec reasons, MKV files are commonly larger than MP4 files for the same load of contents. One of the reasons is that, different from popular MP4 formats, MKV files use multiple audio tracks and subtitle tracks separately. Having a large file doesn’t mean MKV video quality is necessarily better.

Is the AVI format better than MKV?

Not necessarily. AVI formats were popular and more adaptable for commonly used video players, while MKV files are the semi-standard for High-Quality HD Movie files. Moreover, MKV supports FLAC lossless audio codecs and customized subtitles via SSA/ASS, which AVI lacks. Sometimes, you may need to convert MKV to AVI or vice versa for different uses.

How can I compress MKV files with VLC?

VLC Media Player is a free and open-source video player with video formats converter support. Open the files that you wish to convert in MKV, select the Media > Convert/Save option in the menu bar. Choose the type of format you wish to convert to and confirm.


We have explored two major methods to compress MKV files in this article. Whether you prefer the portability provided by the Free Online Video Converter, or the performance, extensive features, and reliability provided by Video Converter Ultimate, either option would help you tackle the problem without any trouble.

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