[Recommended] How to Shrink the Size of a VOB Format Video File

[Recommended] How to Shrink the Size of a VOB Format Video File

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If you are trying to extract content from an old DVD disc, chances are you are receiving files in a VOB format rather than other popular formats such as MP4 and AVI. These VOB files come in large sizes and are hard to manage, thus you are searching for a VOB compressor to reduce the VOB file size. In this article, we will give a quick look at the best ways to compress VOB videos.

Compress VOB

Part 1. What is VOB Format? Why do I need a VOB Compressor?

VOB, a.k.a. Video Object is a type of format popular among DVD-Video player contents. It carries two major components: a MPEG-2 video codec, and a container wrapper. VOB usually carries multi-media content such as Video, Audio, Subtitles, and DVD menus, regularly enclosed in the form of a private stream.

Why do you need a VOB compressor? Because normally speaking, VOB files are distributed on your DVD, usually comes in files around the size of 1GB. However, by summing up all the parts of the VOB files, the DVD video content could accumulate into an oversized file. That is why you need an easy-to-use VOB Video Compressor on your desktop to help you manage the fragmented VOB files, preferably supports both Mac and Windows PC.

Part 2. The Ultimate Way to Compress VOB

Blu-ray Master Video Converter Ultimate is a popular Video Compressor that has a proven reputation and active user base. It has a much higher compression rate and much less video quality loss than other options available on the market. For non-tech-savvy users who want to compress VOB files but get turned off by complex user interfaces and technological jargon, Video Converter Ultimate would help you to deal with the issues without any hassle.

Besides merely compressing VOB files, it also features:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to compress your VOB file:

Step 1

Download and install Video Converter Ultimate onto your computer. After installation, launch the program and click on the Toolbox tab on the right top side of the screen. Choose the Video Compressor option to import all your VOB files.

Add File

Step 2

Change the compression rate of your VOB file by dragging the Size slider. Click on the Preview button to see a preview of the compressed video. Next, click on the Compress button to start compressing your VOB file.

Compress Video

Step 3

Finally, click on the Compress button to start compressing your video. Shortly after, your video compression process will be finished and the video will be saved to the default export folder.

Tips: VOB files are generally stored on a DVD disc in many smaller pieces. For instance, a DVD burner will automatically divide a larger file of 10GB into 10 smaller, 1GB files. If you wish to combine all these files into one before compressing, rather than compress 10 separate files, use the DVD Ripper feature within Video Converter Ultimate to complete this task.

Part 3. Compress VOB Online without Watermarks

For most cases, VOB files are too large to be handled by an online compressor. However, if you are eager to give it a try, we would like to suggest Free Online Video Compressor as a viable option that could compress your VOB video. Follow the guide below to compress your VOB file:

Step 1

On the main website of the Free Online VOB Compressor, download and install a launcher plugin for your browser to proceed.

Step 2

Click on the Add Files to Compress button on the left side, and choose the VOB format videos in the pop-up dialog. Confirm your choices.

Add Files to Compress

Step 3

Before compression, you would be able to select customized settings such as resolutions to your VOB video.

Adjust Compression Settings

Step 4

Now, click on the Compress button to complete the process.

Compression Succeeded

Tips: If you wish to get a better and faster result, click on the Install Desktop Version button to download a stand-alone professional video compressor software.

Part 4. FAQs about Compressing VOB Files

1. Where is the VOB format used?

VOB files are usually stored at the root of a DVD within the VIDEO_TS folder. A VOB file is able to contain both the video and the audio data, sometimes it also contains other movie-related content like subtitles and DVD menus.

2. How to open a VOB file?

If the VOB filename extension is changed from VOB to a MPEG-2 type file extension such as .mpg or .mpeg, the file is still readable and continues to hold all information, although most MPEG-2-capable players don't support subtitles.

3. How can I convert VOB to MP4?

Surprise, you don’t! You could simply change the VOB extension to MP4, and your video player would natively play it. The downside is, you might lose some subtitles or DVD menu info. If you wish to convert VOB to MP4 without losing any information or quality, choose a good video formats converter instead.


To conclude, we have reviewed the popular ways to compress VOB videos, either with a professional desktop video compressor or utilizing a free online video compressor. No matter what is your final choice, these tools are tested and proven to work, giving you a hand to manage your DVD contents.

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