How to Quickly Record Xbox 360 Gameplay without a Capture Card

How to Quickly Record Xbox 360 Gameplay without a Capture Card

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Recording gameplay and post it to YouTube and Twitch is a common way for game players. You can build your channel and attract fans to make money as well. Whatever, no matter why you record Xbox 360 gameplay, an Xbox 360 recorder is required.

The traditional way is recording Xbox 360 Gameplay with a capture card. You can get HD output quality and other advanced features. Well, a USB capture card is a good choice too. However, those game capture devices are expensive. If you just start recording your Xbox gameplay, you can use a cheap and easy alternative instead. This is also what this article mainly talks about.

Here you can get the easiest way to record gameplay on Xbox 360, Xbox one and other Xbox series.

How to Record XOBX 360 Gameplay

Part 1: How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay without a Capture Card

In past times, you can record gameplay from Xbox 360 directly by using a recording device or capture card. The expensive price and complex operations are not friendly to beginners. So if you are looking for an Xbox game recorder that allows users to record videos on Xbox 360 without a capture card, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder can be your first choice. You can record gameplay from Xbox 360 to show off your skills effortlessly. The Xbox recording software will not slow down your computer. You can grab any actions from Xbox game video without lag.


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Step 1 Free download, install and launch the Xbox 360 video recorder app on your computer. Choose Video Recorder for Xbox game video recording.

Choose Video Recorder

Step 2 In the Display section, you can switch from Full or Custom to set the Xbox recording region. It is also supported to record gameplay video with Xbox 360 window. Just select the edge of the display screen with red dotted line directly. Don’t forget to enable System Sound and Microphone. Or you just record a muted Xbox 360 gameplay.

Tutorial Record Webcam

Step 3 Click REC to start recording on Xbox 360. You can click the Screenshot icon to screenshot on Xbox 360 instantly. Furthermore, click the Edit icon to draw on Xbox gameplay recording as well.

Add Drawing Effects

Step 4 Once the Xbox 360 recording finishes, you will be in a preview window. Play the Xbox game video to have a check. You can quickly trim it by settings the start and end time. At last, click Save to export Xbox gameplay recording video as MP4, MOV or other formats. By the way, you can head to its Recording History window to share or manage Xbox 360 game recording files as well.

Recording History

Note: If you don’t mind the lack of editing tools and hardware acceleration, you can record Xbox 360 gameplay for free with Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder.

Part 2: How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay on Windows 10

If your computer runs Windows 10, you can use the built-in Game Bar as your free Xbox 360 recorder app as well. There are default Windows 10 Game Bar recording hotkeys. In addition, the Windows 10 PrtScn key allows users to take a full-screen screenshot quickly.

Step 1 Search for Xbox from the Start menu. Log into your Microsoft account.

Step 2 In Xbox Settings page, trigger on Game DVR.

Step 3 Open the downloaded Xbox game. Press Windows + G keys on your keyboard when you are notified about game recording.

Step 4 Click REC to record on Xbox 360. Or you can press Windows + Alt + R shortcuts instead.

Step 5 When you stop recording game on Xbox 360, you can use the same option.

Step 6 Go to the Xbox app to edit your Xbox 360 recording file.

Here, if you play Blu-ray on Xbox 360, then the movie can be captured directly.

XBOX Settings

Part 3: FAQs of Recording Xbox 360 Gameplay

What Xbox 360 recording equipment need to prepare for traditional ways?

If you want to record Xbox 360 game in high resolution, a capture card is required. You can use PCI or USB for Xbox game recording. Moreover, you should also prepare a USB cable and two HDMI cables. Connect them together. By the way, a stable and fast network connection is also necessary.

How to record Xbox 360 gameplay using USB?

To record Xbox 360 gameplay with a USB, you need to download Snagit and install it into your USB drive. After that, you can plug it into Xbox. It will start recording Xbox 360 streaming game automatically. If you want to stop recording Xbox with USB, just unplug it.

How to record Xbox 360 gameplay with iPhone?

ReplayKit gameplay recording app is your good choice. You can record Xbox 360 game and your voice using iPhone.

These are cheap ways to record Xbox 360 gameplay with your computer or phone. Even though it is your first time to record streaming game on Xbox 360, you can still get a high-definition gameplay recording here. Why not download the free trial of Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder? It is totally free and safe to try.

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