Zoho Meeting Screen and Audio Recorder

2 Ways to Record Zoho Meetings with Zoho Screen and Audio Recorder

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Recording meetings is important. You can focus more on the meeting content instead of taking notes. Even though you miss some meetings, you can extract useful information from the recorded Zoho meeting files.

Zoho itself has a built-in screen recorder. You can record and encrypt all Zoho meetings directly. But the built-in Zoho meeting screen and audio recorder is not enough. You still need to use a third-party screen recorder to record Zoho meetings. Because Zoho allows the paid users to use the record feature only. What's more, only the host of this Zoho meeting can record it.

Zoho Meeting Screen and Audio Recorder

Therefore, this article provides 2 easy ways to record Zoho meetings. No matter you are a Zoho meeting presenter or participant, you can screen record on Zoho successfully.

Part 1: Record Zoho Meeting Video and Audio as a Participant

To bypass Zoho meeting recording limits, you can use Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder to record meetings from Zoho. All Zoho attendees can record online meetings with the original quality. Zoho cannot detect when you screen record Zoho meetings. Thus, you can secretly record Zoho meetings without others knowing.

Compared with the default Zoho recording feature, you can get on-screen drawing tools, mouse effects, hotkeys and other advanced features. Here're the main feature of the Zoho screen and audio recorder software.

Step 1

Free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. To record a Zoho meeting, choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

Video Recorder

Step 2

Select the Zoho interface as the screen capture area. Turn on System Sound and Microphone. Thus, you can record Zoho meeting audio clearly.

Custom recording area

Step 3

Start having a meeting on Zoho. Then click REC to start recording Zoho meeting screen video and audio.

Tutorial record video

Step 4

Click Stop to end up Zoho screen recording. In the Preview window, preview and trim the recorded Zoho video. At last, click Save to download your Zoho meeting into a MP4 video.

Preview and save

Part 2: Record Zoho Meeting Video and Audio as a Presenter

Zoho has a meeting recording function. You can record Zoho meetings on your computer with video and audio directly. The recorded Zoho meetings are encrypted. If your recorded Zoho meeting files reach the maximum storage space, you can buy Zoho recording add-ons, or you can delete previous recording files. The deleted Zoho meeting files are not accessible.

Step 1

Open Zoho and start a meeting.

Step 2

Choose Start recording on the left panel.

Step 3

You can click Stop recording to finish Zoho recording.

Record meeting on Zoho

Part 3: FAQs of the Zoho Meeting Screen and Audio Recorder

Which format will Zoho meeting be saved?

There is a download option after recording Zoho. Once you click this option, your Zoho meeting recording file will be saved in the MP4 format. (Find MP4 recorder here)

Where to find the recorded Zoho meetings?

Once the Zoho recording process ends, the recorded video file will be sent into your email address automatically. Or you can get access to the recorded Zoho meetings in My Recordings. Just sign into your Zoho account.

How long can you record on Zoho?

You can record Zoho meetings up to 12 hours. Or you can run Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder to record Zoho meeting video and audio with unlimited time.

Is there a free tool that can record Zoho video and audio meeting?

Yes. It is Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder that can record Zoho meeting with screen video and audio. The output video format is WMV. After installing its Zoho meeting record launcher, you can record meetings for free on Zoho.


These are 2 workable Zoho screen video and audio recorders. You can record meetings from Zoho into digital videos. If you need additional recording and editing functions, you can free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder. Its free trial is available for all users. Or you can use Zoho recording to record a meeting on Zoho as a presenter directly.

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