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Blu-ray discs can bring users a more comfortable playback experience with their high-definition picture quality. As media file playback varies today, more and more people are likely to play their Blu-ray movies on PC, Mac, or other media devices, not just by Blu-ray disc player. Ripping Blu-ray movies is exactly one of the hottest requirements.

With this said, Blu-ray ripping tools are needed. Among the market, 4Media Blu-ray Ripper is one of the professional Blu-ray ripping programs. Is it a useful one? What are its features? Does it have weaknesses? Follow our article, you will find your answers.

4Media Blu-ray Ripper Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict

4Media Blu-ray Ripper is a professional ripping solution for Blu-ray discs. It converts 3D or ordinary Blu-ray discs to 3D videos and other HD videos. With it, you can rip your Blu-ray disc to HD videos with multiple formats, like MP4, AVI, DivX, WMV, ASF, and more. Or you can choose formats based on your playback devices. Meanwhile, the editing function of ripping is enough for basic customizations. You can select a certain title to adjust its subtitles and audio tracks. The Effects function helps you crop, add watermarks, and change image color. Before ripping, the Preview window from the interface can give you a clear presentation of your above preset. In addition, it supports users extracting audio files from the Blu-ray discs.

Is it right for you?

From our test, we conclude that if you are a Blu-ray expert, this software can be your ideal Blu-ray converting tool. Conversely, it is not that beginner-friendly. Why is this? Keep reading the following parts.

Part 2. 4Media Blu-ray Ripper Features

As a professional tool, 4Media Blu-ray Ripper remains the major features below.

Part 3. 4Media Blu-ray Ripper Pros

During our test, we found some advantages of the 4Media Blu-ray Ripper. We rated every one of them for your reference.

4Media Blu-ray Ripper Interface

Highly compatible with various file formats and multimedia devices.

Multiple presets to crop video frames, adjust video effects, add subtitles, and watermark adding of output videos.

The software only costs USD 24.99, according to its site.

Low CPU usage during software running: non-meeting excess 15%.

The function of extracting audio from Blu-ray disc is convenient with quality customizing.

Two real-time windows can compare original and output picture effects.

To conclude, 4Media Blu-ray Ripper acquired a 4-star score on our test. This is much better than most products in the market.

Part 4. 4Media Blu-ray Ripper Cons

At the same time, we encountered some unexpected situations that made us think about 4Media Blu-ray Ripper’s future improvements.

4Media Blu-ray Ripper Select Output

Part 5. Best Alternative to 4Media Blu-ray Ripper

According to our test above, the 4Media Blu-ray Ripper contains professional ripping functions and powerful compatibilities. However, its operations can be can be complicated. Some of its functions are unstable, too. Last but not least, its ripping process can be restricted by certain disc contents. Thus, we will introduce a powerful alternative to the 4Media Blu-ray Ripper.

Blu-ray Ripper Output Format Selecting

The software Blu-ray Ripper picked by Blu-ray Master supports various formats exporting, including AVI, WMV, FLV, DivX, MOV, etc. It also performs with Blu-ray to 3D converting and zero quality loss. It is easy to use with its clear and simple interface design. For example, click Output Format at the bottom left corner, and you can choose your final formats from its straightforward sections. Besides, the software can rip your Blu-ray disc at super-fast speed. More features of Blu-ray Ripper are shown below.

Key Features

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Here is a short comparison of these two ripping tools. Make an ideal choice for yourself.

Blu-ray Ripper 4Media Blu-ray Ripper
Interface Clear and easy-to-use Disordered and complicated
Ripping Speed Super fast Slow and long
ISO/Folder Ripping Support Not support
Ripping Quality Lossless Divided into Low, Normal, and High
Batch Conversion Support Support
Support Language More than 20 Only 9

Part 6. FAQs About 4Media Blu-ray Ripper

Wrapping up

In this post, we fully reviewed the 4Media Blu-ray Ripper with its main features, pros and cons, and an excellent alternative. 4Media Blu-ray Ripper plays well in Blu-ray ripping and 3D conversion. Meanwhile, the complete tools can better help us edit the final video file. Yet, issues like complicated interface or long loading time will also degrade our ripping experience. Hence, the alternative Blu-ray Ripper we recommend can easily wipe your worries about these issues. Still hesitate? Click the links below to download a free copy and try it!

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