Free Blu-Ray Rippers to Convert Blu-Ray Movies to Digital Videos

6 Recommended Free Blu-Ray Rippers to Convert Blu-Ray Movies to Digital Videos

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In order to enjoy an excellent movie at home, Blu-Ray disc provides the similar quality as the one in the theatre. If you want to enjoy the Blu-Ray movies with other devices for free, free Blu-Ray ripper is always a popular and must-have products to enjoy the movies wherever you want.

What should be the best free Blu-Ray ripping software on Windows and Mac? The article is an ultimate review about the 6 Blu-Ray rippers, which you can rip the Blu-Ray movies down with ease. Just check out the programs and get a desired one according to your requirement.

Free Blu-Ray Rippers

Part 1: Free Blu-Ray Ripper

Whether you want to extract or rip Blu-Ray disc, Blu-Ray ISO or Blu-Ray folder, Free Blu-Ray Ripper is able to rip the Blu-Ray movies into most of the video formats, audio formats and even optimal presets, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, HD MP4, HD MKV, iPhone, Black Berry, etc. Moreover, the free Blu-Ray Ripper has advanced technology for CUDA and AMD acceleration.



Part 2: MakeMKV

If you just need to backup and save the Blu-Ray movies on your computer, MakeMKV is the free Blu-Ray ripper to preserve the most information, such as video streams, audio tracks, subtitles and more others. Moreover, it works with Blu-Ray discs with some limited DRM protections on Windows, Mac and Linux.




Part 3: Handbrake

Handbrake is another free Blu-Ray ripper to convert videos, add subtitles and more. It also enables you to convert Blu-Ray discs and DVD to different presets with optimal output. You can choose MP4 H.264, H.265 and even 1080P high quality. Even if you want to customize the output videos, you can also find multiple setting features.




Part 4: MovieRescuer

MovieRescuer is another free Blu-Ray & DVD ripper that backup movies without quality loss. It also preserves the multiple subtitles and audio channels when you want to further watching the movies on home server or portable devices. Moreover, it also makes personal media library from your Blu-Ray disc and DVD collection.




Part 5: Aurora Blu-Ray Copy

If you just need to copy and rip the Blu-Ray movies into ISO files on your computer, Aurora Blu-Ray Copy is a one-click free Blu-Ray ripper that backup your Blu-Ray movies on your computer. It has a straightforward user interface that accomplishes Blu-ray copy or ISO burning works within few clicks with ease.



Aurora Blu-Ray Copy

Part 6: Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is another popular free Blu-Ray Ripper to rip Blu-Ray movies and convert video formats. Similar to the other programs, you can find a large selection of output options, including the common video formats, iPhone, Android, smart phones, tablets as well as game console devices.



Freemake Video Converter


When you want to rip some Blu-Ray movies for free, you can find the list complied with the free Blu-Ray rippers totally free of charge. In order to extract the desired videos from Blu-Ray movies, you should check out the detailed features for these free Blu-Ray rippers instead. Free Blu-Ray Ripper is always one of the best choices if you just need to extract the Blu-Ray movies to iPhone, Android or other devices with a simple process.

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