3 Best DVD Burning Software for Mac: Create Your DVD Easily!

3 Best DVD Burning Software for Mac: Create Your DVD Easily!

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Creating a DVD on any computer, especially on Mac, is challenging if you don’t have the proper software program. Unlike on Windows, it takes special attention to burn DVDs on Mac, for it does not have any default burning program.. However, if you cannot escape this task and there is no other computer device you can use besides a Mac, we have the best solution for efficient DVD burning while keeping your device secure. This article contains the top-used DVD creators that most Mac users trust. Let’s see if they can grab another user in you after you read this post.

Burn Movies to DVD on Mac

Part 1. Things You Must Have Before Burning a DVD

Before you try to create a DVD on Mac, you will need to prepare a few important information and items to ensure a successful burning. See the list of the important things below.

Part 2. Best Ways How to Burn DVDs on Mac

1. DVD Creator By Blu-ray Master

The first best way is the chosen DVD Creator of Blu-ray Master. It is a powerful program that can burn DVDs and Blu-rays and create ISO and folder files. Even your phone or camera-recorded videos can be created and burned on your DVD without any hassle. It is because this creator offers an easy-to-navigate interface that will cater to your level of expertise. Furthermore, this software program provides you with a customizable menu where you can select your ideal frame, template, and key for your DVD. Aside from that, it also allows you to add your desired image as your movie theme and a piece of background music for more personal DVD content.

Key Features

Step 1

Open the software on your Mac after installing it. Then, place the DVD in the drive, launch the software, and hit the Add Files button to load the video data. You can upload as many videos as you want.

Best DVD Creator Add Files

Step 2

Once the videos are uploaded, you can hit the Edit button beside the Add Files button. This will enable you to customize the DVD, then click the Save button to get the changes.

Best DVD Creator Edit Files

Step 3

As quick as that, you can finally hit the Burn button to initiate the process of burning.

Best DVD Creator Burn Files



2. DVDFab DVD Creator

This DVDFab DVD Creator is another software that will let you burn DVDs on Mac. Similar to the first one, this DVDFab can convert and transfer any type of video to your desired DVD and play it to any kind of player. In addition, it also lets you create your desired DVD menu and add your selected template to support your DVD content.

Key Features

Step 1

Launch the software, choose the Creator tab menu, and hit the Plus button to load the videos you want to work on.

DVD Fab Add Files

Step 2

Once done, you may click Advanced Settings under the uploaded video to access the settings you can make.

Step 3

When all is ready, hit the Start button to begin the burning process.

DVD Fab Burn DVD

To know more features about DVDFab programs, read the following articles to get more information.

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3. DVDStyler

You can also try this legendary DVD authoring application called DVDStyler. It is a free cross-platform acted software that has the capacity to let you easily burn videos to DVD and make professional-looking DVDs enthusiastically. Furthermore, it offers more than 20 different menu templates that let you create personalized menu designs and slideshows.

Key Features

Step 1

Launch the software, and click the File button. Then, click the New button to create a new DVD project.

Step 2

Now, upload the videos by dragging them from your folder and dropping them on the interface.

Step 3

Set the DVD properties you desire by going to the DVD information section and customizing the title, size, and aspect ratio of the DVD. Then, hit the Burn button to process the DVD creation.

DVD Styler Burn DVD



Part 3. FAQs About Burning DVDs on Mac

Is it possible to burn DVDs without a DVD drive?

No. A DVD drive is an important element in burning DVDs. If your Mac doesn’t have a built-in DVD drive, you can connect an external one.

What kind of DVD should I use on Mac when burning?

You can use DVD+R or DVD-R, depending on what your burner supports.

Can I connect an external DVD-burning software on Mac?

Yes. You can connect and use an external DVD burner to your Mac. But be cautious to only use a secured utility.


That’s all you need to know to burn a DVD on Mac. As an Apple user, you are liable for finding safe and reliable software that will not harm your device. So far, the programs presented above have the features you need to maintain a secured DVD-burning procedure. However, if you want the most trusted one, then have the DVD Creator of Blu-ray Master, and you will see the difference in your outputs as well.

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