How to Burn Downloaded or Home Movies to a Playable DVD on a MacBook

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Is it possible to convert downloaded movies to a DVD format on Mac? You should find that the DVD drive is no longer available for the latest MacBook versions. But it does not mean that you cannot burn downloaded movies to a DVD on Mac, you can still save the movies to a DVD folder, ISO format or even use the external DVD drive. Just learn more about the 2 best methods from the article now.

Burn movies to dvd on mac

Part 1: How to Burn Movies to a Playable DVD on Mac

Just as mentioned previously, how to convert downloaded movies to DVD if the DVD drive is not available? Is there a method to create a DVD without an external DVD drive? How to create a playback DVD with ease? AnyMP4 DVD Creator for Mac should be the versatile DVD burner to personalize the DVD with popular videos.

How to Burn Movies to a Playable DVD on Mac

Step 1

Download and install the DVD burner

Download and install the DVD Creator for Mac and insert a blank disc or rewrite-able DVD into your DVD drive. You can launch the program on your MacBook and click the Add Files menu to load the downloaded movies.

DVD Creator screen

Step 2

Preview and add DVD menu

Locate the right panel and go to the Menu tab. Press the rightward and leftward icons to find your favorite DVD menu template. If you want to create a personalized menu, click the Edit button with a document icon to open the menu editor window to customize one according to your requirement.

Customize menu

Step 3

Customize the background music

Here you can change the background music and picture. When DVD menu editing is done, click the Save button to go back to the main interface. Next, go to the Preview tab on the right side to view the effect.

Step 4

Set up the Preferences for DVD

Click the Preferences menu on the top ribbon and customize the options, such as aspect ratio, resolution, and click OK to confirm it. Locate the bottom area and make sure to select the blank DVD as the Destination.

Setup preference

Step 5

Burn movies to DVD on Mac

Adjust other options or keep them with the default values. Once hit the Burn button at the bottom right corner, the downloaded or home movies will be converted to DVD with the best DVD converter on Mac.

Part 2: How to Convert Movies to DVD with Finder on Mac

Of course, you can also take advantage of the built-in Finder to burn movies to DVD on Mac. The drawback is that Mac only makes data discs, but not playable DVD. It means that the system just burns your video files to optical disc in the original format and status, which you cannot edit, preview or add DVD menu. Just learn more about how to create a download movie to DVD on Mac via the Finder directly.

Step 1

Put a blank DVD into your drive and select Open Finder from the Action drop-down list on the pop-up dialog. Click OK to open the Finder app. If the pop-up dialog does not show up automatically, you can open Finder in Applications folder.

Pop up Finder

Step 2

On the left sidebar, select the blank DVD you have inserted. Drag and drop to put the movie files onto the DVD. It will copy the movie files to your disc on your MacBook, but not move them, so the original video files are still on your hard drive.

Finder Mac

Step 3

When you are ready to burn movies to DVD, click the Burn button at the upper right side to open the next dialog. Type in a disc name in the Disc Name box, and select a proper burn speed.

Burn profile

Step 4

Once you hit the Burn button, the process of burning movies to DVD on Mac will start. When it finishes, eject the disc and watch it on your DVD player or home theater.


Just learn more details about how to burn downloaded or home movies to DVD on Mac from the article. Even if you use the external DVD player, you can only use the Finder to produce a data disc, but not playable DVD. If you want to convert any movies to DVD on Mac, AnyMP4 DVD Creator for Mac is the easiest option you can take into consideration. More queries about the process, you can leave a comment in the article.

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