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It is not difficult to author DVD with digital file formats. But how to convert M4V to DVD for free is another story. M4V is a video file container format comes with the prevalence of Apple's products, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. When you purchased videos as M4V from iTunes Store, you should find the video files are encrypted with protection.

You can playback the M4V files within the built-in QuickTime Player on your iPhone or other iOS devices. You might not able to burn M4V videos to DVD with encryption, even if the file is completely downloaded to your device. Just learn more about the reason and the step-by-step guide.

Free Convert M4V to DVD

Part 1: How to Convert M4V to DVD with Ease

Just as mentioned, you cannot simply burn M4V to DVD with Finder on Mac or Windows Media Player on PC like other digital videos. Because most M4V files are encrypted, which limits the copy, convert and edit activities. What should you do to author the DVD files with the M4V files?

Most free M4V to DVD converter software can only handle unencrypted M4V files. AnyMP4 DVD Creator is one of the most professional M4V to DVD authoring software that you can write any M4V to DVD, including the encrypted M4V files.

How to Convert M4V to DVD on Computer

Step 1

Install the M4V to DVD converter

Before you converting M4V to DVD, you can collect all the files in one folder. Install AnyMP4 DVD Creator on your computer. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD drive, launch the software, select the DVD Disc option in the main interface, and import the M4V videos from your hard drive.

Select type

Step 2

Add Audio Track and Subtitle

Go to the Audio tab when you check a desired M4V file. Add the audio track and adjust the options on the right side. You can also go to the Subtitle tab and add the desired subtitle for the video. Click the Apply button to confirm it and back to the main interface.

Audio Track

Step 3

Edit M4V Video Files

If you want to further edit your video or audio, you can click the Power Tools at the upper right corner. Click Video Edit icon and choose the desired video editing tools, such as Rotate, Clip, Crop, Effect, Adjust, Watermark and more others within the program.

Power Tools

Step 4

Setup the DVD Templates

Click the Next button to go to the menu template window. Go to the Menu Template and choose a proper one. Go to the Custom Template tab and turn your creative to reality. Do not like DVD menu? Tick the box next to No Menu simply.

Menu DVD

Step 5

Burn M4V to DVD

When you are ready, click the Next button to enter the settings window. Set the save path for the video and other settings. Then click the Start button to begin burning M4V to DVD immediately. It only takes a few minutes to make a DVD with your M4V files.

Part 2: Comparison Free M4V to DVD Converters

What are the differences between AnyMP4 DVD Creator and 5 other freeware M4V to DVD creators, you can learn more details about the comparison from the following chart now.

M4V to DVD Freeware AnyMP4 DVD Creator DVDStyler DVD Flick Bombono DVD DeVeDe
Burn M4V to DVD and Blu-ray Discs Burn M4V to DVD and Blu-ray Discs Burn M4V to DVD discs only Burn M4V to DVD discs only Burn M4V to DVD discs only Burn M4V to DVD discs only
Supported Video Formats M4V and more than 300 file formats Support limited file formats Support only 45 file formats Support limited file formats Support limited file formats
Built-in Video Editing Features Yes, Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Ability to Setup DVD Templates Yes, Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Add Background Image and Music Allows customizing background Allow Background Image Only Not Available Not Available Allows customizing background

Get the details to get more DVD burner software here.

Recommend: Convert DVD to M4V Videos for Free

Just as mentioned above, you can convert M4V to DVD as a backup. When you want to use the M4V files, how to extract the M4V files from DVD without any charge? Free DVD Ripper is always a free DVD to M4V converter you can take into consideration. It has the advanced algorithm for hardware acceleration to convert the DVD files with a fast speed.

FAQs of Free Converting M4V to DVD

1. Can M4V play on DVD player?

Whether the M4V files are unprotected or protected, you cannot play the M4V files on DVD players (hardware). However, software like Free Blu-ray Player can play the unprotected M4V files. It is the free Blu-ray and DVD player to support Blu-ray, DVD and M4V files playback. Step 1. Open Free Blu-ray Player on your computer. Step 2. Click Open File to add the M4V file, and it will play it automatically.

2. Can you burn movies from iTunes to DVD?

iTunes does not allow you to burn the protected M4V movies to DVD. For creating DVD from iTunes movies, you should remove the M4V protection. However, it is illegal to remove the protection from iTunes M4V movies.

3. How to burn M4V to DVD on Mac with Handbrake?

HandBrake cannot burn any video files including M4V to DVD on Mac. For burning the unprotected M4V files into DVD on Mac, you need to download AnyMP4 DVD Creator for Mac. Check this post to learn the details of creating M4V to DVD on Mac.

4. How can I convert DVD to M4V?

For converting DVD to M4V, you will need Free DVD Ripper. It is the free DVD ripping software to rip DVD to M4V, MKV, MP4, etc. Step 1. Click Load Disc to import the DVD disc. Step 2. Select M4V from the drop-down list of Profile. Step 3. Click Convert to start ripping DVD to M4V immediately.


The article shares more details about how to convert M4V to DVD with freeware or professional DVD creators. If you have purchased videos from iTunes Store, you should find the videos are available in M4V format. For the M4V videos are protected by advanced encryption, you might not able to make M4V to DVD or ISO with ease. AnyMP4 DVD Creator is the best options create DVD disc with M4V files, no matter the M4V files are encrypted or not. If you have any other query about how to convert M4V to DVD for free, you can share more details in the comments.

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