Hassle-Free Ways on How to Fix Google Chrome Not Playing Sound

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There are some circumstances when you can not hear anything from Google Chrome, which may be annoying. And if you are looking for a solution to solve this, you must read this post carefully. It is because we will provide efficient and fabulous instructions you can follow to solve your problem. We will also explain the reasons why you are experiencing this kind of situation. So, to obtain all the information, come here and let us discuss everything about Chrome not playing sound.

Chrome Not Playing Sound

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There are different reasons why sounds can’t be played smoothly. No matter if you want to listen to music or watch videos. So, if you want to find out the cause of the problem, you must learn from this section. Without anything else, read all the information below and be well-informed about the discussion.

Extension Issues

As we all know, Google Chrome’s Extensions can offer a wonderful experience to the software itself. However, sometimes, it can cause some problems, including an error in a sound. With that, it is better to check the extensions and disable them. To do so, the most effective way is to go to the three dots from Chrome and click Extensions.

Browser Cache and Cookies Issue

If you use the browser daily, it will consume more data. With that, there is a chance that if there are too many Chrome cookies and cache, it is possible to have an error to a sound. If that occurs, clearing the cache and cookies is the best solution. All you need is to clear the data from Google and restart it.

Muted Device

If Google Chrome does not play sound when playing music or watching videos, you can check your volume system or settings first. If your volume is in mute mode, you will never hear any sound from your device, whether you're using a browser or any platform.

Outdated Audio Drivers

An outdated audio driver can cause an audio or sound problem in all applications, including Google Chrome. So, updating the sound driver can resolve the issue.

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Solution 1. Use AnyMP4 Video Repair

When watching a video on Google Chrome, there are times when you can’t hear any sound from it. Well, maybe the video is not fully equipped with the data it needs for a good playback. In that case, the best way to fix the problem is to repair the video, which is as easy as that. So, repairing a video is challenging if you do not know enough about the process. If so, we are here to introduce one of the best video repair programs you can use: the AnyMP4 Video Repair. When repairing a video using the program, you will never expect it to be simple. The program provides a simple interface that all users can navigate. Aside from that, the video-repair process is fast. With that, you don’t have to spend more time fixing the video. But wait, there’s more. What is good about this is that AnyMP4 Video Repair won’t decrease the video quality during the process. So, you can still get the original quality, making it an excellent program. If you want to learn how to fix Chrome not playing sound, see the best methods below.

Step 1. Install AnyMP4 Video Repair on your device.

Step 2.After that, insert the video file you want to repair on the left part of the interface. Then, add a sample video from the right interface. Note that you must first save the video from Chrome before going through this process.

Add the Video left Interface

Step 3.The next process is the repair procedure. To do that, click the Repair button below the interface. Wait a few moments to get the final video.

Begin the Repair Process

Step 4.Once the video-repair process is done, you can get the final video file by clicking the Save button below. After that, you can finally watch the video with a sound.

Get the Video Click Save

Solution 2. Update Sound Driver

If audio is not playing from Chrome, updating your computer's sound driver is another effective solution. An outdated sound driver is one reason you can’t play sounds. All you need is to update it and get the latest version of the driver. Click the Win + X keys to navigate to the Device Manager section. Then, choose the sound, video, and game controllers option and choose the Update driver. With that, you can get the latest version of the driver.

Update Sound Driver

Solution 3. Check Computer’s Volume

Well, it is important to check the basics before proceeding to the complicated solutions. So, one of the most important things to do is to check the computer volume. If it is muted, then no matter how you play your file, it won’t produce any sound. Always ensure that your computer volume is not muted. Click here to learn how to control the audio volume.

Check Computer Volume

Solution 4. Disable Some Extensions

If there are interfering extensions, then you might encounter sound errors on playing videos and audio. The best solution is to disable interfering extensions on Google settings. Once done, you can try playing video or audio and check if it’s already performing well.

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Wrapping up

With the help of this post, you have learned how to fix Chrome not playing sound. You also discovered various reasons why your Chrome is not playing sound smoothly. In addition, if you are watching the video with no sound, you can use AnyMP4 Video Repair. With this, you can repair the video and get an excellent outcome. After the process, you can enjoy watching your video with audio.

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