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3 Ways to Split Screen on Mac to Start Multitasks Easily

Here is the best way to multitask using your MacBook. Using the split screen MacBook feature, we can do our job simultaneously for a time-efficient outcome.

Brittany Garcia 01.12.2023 | Updated by Brittany Garcia
How to Get Rid of Split Screen on Android Phone Handily

If you plan to turn off the split screen on Android phones but don't know how then you must click this post. This post contains the full tutorial on the issue.

Brittany Garcia 01.12.2023 | Updated by Brittany Garcia
Best 15 Split-screen Games for PC, PS4, and Xbox [2024 List]

We offer you fantastic split-screen games for PC, Xbox, and PS4. Have an immersive gaming experience by playing them. Please, check here for more details.

Brittany Garcia 08.11.2023 | Updated by Brittany Garcia
NTSC vs. PAL: See Their Full Descriptions and Differences

Be aware of the 50Hz PAL vs. 60HZ NTSC color encoding system. Also, we will show the best way to change NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC. Read to find more.

Selena Thomas 01.09.2023 | Updated by Selena Thomas
How to Change and Remove the Drive Letter on DVD Drive

If you are trying to remove or change the drive letter on a DVD drive but can’t, you must be doing it incorrectly. See the steps of the proper way in this post.

Selena Thomas 01.06.2023 | Posted by Selena Thomas
How Long Does DVD Last: Know Lifespan and Proper Storage

Want to know how long a DVD lasts? Get to this article and learn the lifespan and the proper care of storage for your DVD movies well to keep DVDs longer.

Selena Thomas 01.06.2023 | Posted by Selena Thomas
Ways and Tips on How to Clean a DVD Disc Efficiently

Just like all discs, DVDs also get scratched easily. So today, let’s learn the best ways to clean a DVD. This post also tells how to keep discs.

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What is 4K Resolution: A Walkthrough Explanation about 4K

Do you like to upgrade your videos to a 4K resolution size? Then, you should learn about 4K videos first. Get to this post and read everything you need to know.

Selena Thomas 19.12.2022 | Posted by Selena Thomas
How to Use Skype Split Screen on Video Call to Open Message

Skype's split screen while on a video call will enable you to access your conversation and contacts. Learn the procedures on how to enable and disable it.

Selena Thomas 20.09.2022 | Posted by Selena Thomas
Two Simple Ways on How to Disable Split Screen in Safari

Do you find it annoying to see multiple windows on your iPad while searching the web? Then, get in here, and let's get rid of Safari's split screen view.

Selena Thomas 19.09.2022 | Posted by Selena Thomas
How to Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad: Instant Fix

How do I get rid of the split screen on the iPad? This is a question that most iPad users ask frequently. You can check this article as we answer that inquiry.

Selena Thomas 07.09.2022 | Posted by Selena Thomas
How to Do Split Screen to Multiple Sections for Windows 10 & 11

How to split screen on a PC? This post shares a full steps of doing a split-screen on Windows. You can split screen to 2, or 3 sections to start a multi-task.

Selena Thomas 07.09.2022 | Posted by Selena Thomas
How to Do Split Screen on iPad to Watch Multiple Screens

For instant achieving our tasks can be possible using our iPad. Click here to learn how to split screen on iPad/iPhone. Plus, a great tool that we can use.

Selena Thomas 30.08.2022 | Posted by Selena Thomas