Steps on How to Clean a DVD Disc and Turn it Like a New One

Steps on How to Clean a DVD Disc and Turn it Like a New One

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We cannot deny the fact of how sensitive discs are when it comes to getting dirty. Dirty in the sense of having scratches, fingerprints, assorted smudges, and specks of dust. Unfortunately, these elements can hinder the disc’s ability to be played smoothly. Fortunately, these hindrances can be easily fixed by cleansing, which can be done by using your supplies at your house. So, are you ready to get the things you need to clean a DVD disc? Then, sort out the ideas listed below, and start your cleaning after.

How to Clean a DVD

Part 1. Preparations Before Cleaning a DVD Disc

Before you even do the cleaning, you must prepare the things to use first, just like preparing the ingredients before cooking. Doing this will save more time in doing the procedure, for you already have the things on hand. That said, here are the things you will need to clean the DVD disc.

1. DVD Disc

Gather all the DVD discs that you need to clean. It would be better if you already sorted the discs with scratches, from the ones with dirt only.

DVD Picture

2. Cleaning Materials

For the cleaning materials, you will need warm water, soap, toothpaste, alcohol, and an item of furniture polish. These materials are enough to clean both the discs with scratches and dirt.

3. Soft Towels

You will need soft towels to wipe the cleaning residue on the discs. It is advisable to prepare more than 2 soft towels for this procedure. Please be specific in choosing a towel, for it is important that it is soft to prevent more scratches.

4. Back-Up DVD

Backuping the DVD is necessary before cleaning the discs because they might get damaged during the cleaning procedure.

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Part 2. How to Clean DVD Disc

Now that you have prepared everything needed for cleaning the DVDs, it is time to do the job. Please rely on the steps below.

Step 1

Wipe the Dust Out of the Disc

The first thing to do is to initially wipe each disc with a clean towel. Please note that this wiping procedure needs to be done with extra care because wiping the disc with negligence will add scratches to the discs.

Wipe Dust DVD

Step 2

Soak the Disc in Water with Soap

After wiping each disc, you can put it directly into a clean basin with warm water and soap. Give your DVD discs time to be soaked for a minute. Also, note that the water must have enough soap to make it feel slippery. Then, your disc should be put carefully, and make sure that the reflective layer part is facing up.

Soak Soap DVD

Note: You can also replace the warm soapy water with toothpaste or alcohol to clean the DVD disk.

Step 3

Rinse and Pat Dry the Discs

When you think the disc got enough time to soak, ascend it and rinse it with running water. Make sure to rinse it well without a residue of soap. Then, using a new soft towel, pat dry the disc.

Rinse Dry DVD

Step 4

Furnish the Disc with Scratches

For the discs that have scratches on them, use furniture polish. Rub the polish on the parts where there are scratches, then wipe the polish with a soft towel after.

Furnish Polish DVD

Part 3. How to Keep a DVD Disc

Cleaning the DVD disc is a complex task though it may look easy. You need to take extra care in cleaning them. Therefore, what you will do after the cleansing procedure should be things to keep them clean. Thus, here are some of the precautions for keeping the disc from scratches.

1. Place the Disc in a Case

This is the safest method to keep the DVD and to avoid scratches. Put each DVD disc in its respective case and let it be protected all the time. However, you must be sure that the case you use is durable.

DVD Case

2. Keep Them Vertically Stored

Keeping the DVD in storage where they are positioned vertically is a good method to make them safe. As much as possible, do not store them overlaying on each other.

Store Vertically

3. Keep Them Away From Direct Sunlight

Direct heat from the sun will only let the disc hamper or damage. Hence, make sure to place your DVDs in a location with a cooler environment.

4. Take Extra Care in Handling the Discs

Hold the DVD discs with extra care. Holding it on the edges will make the disc bend, especially when removing it from the case. Therefore, we recommend you hold the center instead.

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Part 4. FAQs about Cleaning a DVD Disc

Why do my DVDs get scratched when I clean them?

You must assess yourself on how you clean a DVD disc. Do you use a cotton type of towel? Because this is a crucial thing to use.

How can I use toothpaste to clean the disc?

You just need to rub the toothpaste on the disc using your hand, then rinse it. Toothpaste is a good material to fix scratches on the disc.

Do fingerprints cause damage to the disc?

Yes, wiping the fingerprints using a piece of cotton fabric is important to reduce the damage.


Those are the ways and preparations to keep and clean a DVD disc at home. Hope you learn something that you will use. You can keep and store DVDs for years if you follow the above mentioned ways and tips. Additionally, you can extend your preservation by copying the disc contents using Blu-ray Copy Platinum. You can trust this software to maintain the high quality of your DVDs even after copying them.

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