100% Working Methods to Rip Videos from a DVD on Windows and Mac

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It is easy to rip a DVD on Windows or Mac with the help of DVD ripping programs. Just strictly follow the process; you can extract the digital files from a DVD within a few clicks. The article shares 2 methods about how to rip a DVD on Windows and Mac with ease.

In order to get the desired video or audio, there are some important tips you should know beforehand, such as the size of the DVD, the output size, the conversion time and more other information. Just read on the article before ripping DVD to PC or Mac.

Rip Videos from a DVD on PC

Part 1. Important Tips to Rip DVDs on Mac and Windows

In order to rip a DVD to PC or Mac successfully, you have to learn more about the DVD itself beforehand. The size of the DVD, the conversion speed, the protection and region code are all important things to extract videos from a DVD.

1. Extracted Video Size for a DVD

Unlike a CD, a DVD takes more storage space. A CD, for example, has a storage capacity of only about 700MB. A single-sided DVD can store 4.7GB to 8.5GB data, and the double-sided DVD has 9.4GB to 17.08GB storage. When ripping a DVD to your hard drive, you should check the destination and make sure it has enough space to store the DVD movies.

2. Estimated Time to Rip a DVD

Usually, there is an estimated time within the DVD ripper. Actually, it takes a longer time to rip a DVD than rip a CD. However, how much you spend on DVD ripping depends on your situation. A 500 MHz PC, for example, may require 24 hours to turn a DVD to digital videos, while it only takes 3 to 4 hours to complete it.

3. Protection and Region Code

Most of the DVD rippers might not support DVDs with protection. If you rented some DVD online or purchased DVD from Amazon, the free tools might not work for you. Have another check for the region code for the DVD should be another important thing to rip a DVD. The DVD player is not able to read the DVD from a different region code.

4. Choose a Suitable DVD Ripper

The DVD ripper is the last and most significant factor. It determines not only the output quality, but also about the times it takes. So, finding the best DVD ripping software for your computer almost determines the result and the whole DVD ripping experience.

Part 2. How to Rip a DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7 for Free

1. Free DVD Ripper

When you need to extract the videos from a DVD to iPhone, Android phone or other devices for free. Free DVD Ripper is one of the best choices to rip a DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7. Moreover, there are some advanced video editing features, to crop the video, apply video effects, add watermark and more.

Key Features:

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Here’s how to rip a DVD on your Windows PC for free:

Step 1.Load the DVD movies into the program

Put a DVD into your optical disc drive and make sure the DVD drive is able to read the disc. Download and install the free DVD ripper on your Windows PC. Launch the program and click the “Load Disc” button on the top ribbon to add movies on your DVD. Then all DVD movies will appear as thumbnails in the library area.

Free Blu-ray Player

Step 2.Preview and further edit DVD movies

Select a movie in the library area and preview it with the built-in media player on the right side. Of course, you can simply get the main movie for the DVD to the size of the videos. Hit the “Edit” menu to open the video editor window, which you can crop video frame, adjust video effect like video brightness, saturation, hue and contrast.

Edit Disc

Step 3.Rip videos from DVD on Windows

After editing, go back to the home interface, check all movies you want to rip, and locate the bottom area. Click and expand the “Profile” drop-down list and select your favorite video format, such as “MP4”, or the target device. Next, click the “Browse” button and set a specific directory to store the DVD movies. Finally, click the “Convert” button to rip the DVD disc.


Note: If you are using CUDA or AMD graphic card, the advanced hardware acceleration technology will convert the DVD to digital videos with fast speed. You can check the estimated time within the program easily.

2. VLC Media Player

In addition to the above methods, you can use VLC to rip a video file from a DVD.

Step 1.To get started, you need to load up the DVD that you want to rip and then run VLC on your computer. Then, go to “Media”, click on “Convert/Save”.

Rip DVD to MP4

Step 2.Then, a new window will appear. Here, click on the “Disc” tab.

Choose Disc Tab

Check the box next to DVD, and then you need to make sure that the “Disc device” field points to your DVD drive. Finally, hit the Convert/Save button at the bottom to move on.

Rip DVD with VLC

Step 3.Then, select the codec and output format you’d like to use for the rip under “Profile”.

Select Output Format

Step 4.Click the “Browse” button and select the destination and filename for the ripped file, and then hit “Save”. Finally, click the “Start” button to rip your DVD.

Start Ripping DVD VLC

Part 3. Professional Method to Rip a DVD on Mac

How to convert a DVD on Mac? There are dozens of DVD rippers for Windows, but limited DVD ripper for Mac. AnyMP4 DVD Ripper for Mac is capable of ripping DVDs on Mac to any video or audio formats with zero limitation. Moreover, there are multiple editing features to customize the videos with a stunning effect.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

How to rip a DVD on PC Windows 11 for free

Step 1.Load your DVD files

Insert your DVD into the DVD drive on your computer, launch the program, and click the Load DVD drop-down list on the top left corner to load your DVD. You can choose different files including DVD Discs, DVD ISO, or DVD Folder.

Load DVD

Step 2.Select the output file

After loading your DVD, you can select the output file. Click on the drop-down list in the top right corner, you can select 3 modes, including Rip to Video/Audio, Rip to DVD Folder, and Rip to DVD ISO File. Select the Rip to Video/Audio, and choose your desired formats by clicking on the drop-down list at the left bottom.

Select Output Format

Step 3.Rip a DVD to digital video

Click the Rip All button at the bottom right corner to trigger the DVD ripping process. You can click on the Stop All button to stop ripping. After finishing, the new files will be automatically saved on your computer.

Rip DVD To Digital Video

With the above 3 simple methods, you can convert your DVDs to any other digital format, which can also help you to back up your DVDs.

Part 4. FAQs of Ripping DVDs on Mac and Windows

Wrapping up

The article shares 2 workable methods about how to rip a DVD on Windows and Mac. In order to convert the DVD discs into digital formats, you have to learn more about the DVDs, the video size for the output, the conversion speed, the protection and more. Moreover, you should also find the best DVD ripper on Windows and Mac to rip a DVD with ease.

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