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RecMaster can help you record your computer screen on your Windows and Mac computers. It can provide various helpful features you can enjoy when using the software. So, if you are among the users who want to discover more about RecMaster, it is helpful to read this review immediately. Also, you can discover another amazing RecMaster alternative to experience a better screen recording procedure.

RecMaster Review

Part 1. Quick Verdict to RecMaster

The RecMaster software is a screen recorder compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It can provide various recording performances that may help users record any content they can see on their computer screen. These are recording screen, videos, gameplay, audio, and more. Aside from that, the offline program offers an easy and interactive user interface. With this, even if you are a new user, navigating the software is easy. Moreover, the best thing here is that you can use the free version of the RecMaster software. So, if you want to experience its functions, especially in recording video and audio, you can do so. Therefore, you can rely on this offline software when planning on recording screens and improving your files.

Is it Right for You?

If you are going to record your computer screen in a simple way, you can tell that RecMaster is right for you. This is because the software has a simple interface and easy-to-understand functions. Also, it offers various options on how you want to record your screen. You can record a custom area or the entire area of the screen. You can also record your audio if you want. However, if you are a user who wants to record lengthy videos, then maybe the tool is not right for you. When using the tool’s free version, sad to say, but you can only record up to 2-minute long videos, which may bring dissatisfaction to users.

Part 2. RecMaster Features

The RecMaster for Mac and Windows can help you in various ways, especially when recording screens. It allows you to record everything you see on your computer. But that is only one of the core features of the program. If you want to learn more about the program, you can get everything from this part. So, begin reading as we provide all the helpful features you can experience.

Screen Recording Feature

SCreen Recording Feature RecMaster

RecMaster Screen Recorder was designed to help users record their computer screen offline. With this core feature, you can record your screen based on your needs. If you want to record the entire screen, you will need the Full-screen function. Also, if you want to record a part of your screen, you can use the Custom area function. So, no matter how you want to record your computer screen, you can fully rely on the software and won’t experience any difficulties.

To know more about the various screen recording options you can enjoy when using the RecMaster software, see the details below.

Game Mode Feature

Game Mode Feature

The Game mode feature is also available when using RecMaster. This feature will let you record your computer screen when playing games. For example, you want to have a copy of your gameplay. If that is the case, you can use this software as your gameplay recorder. With this, you can have your own copy of your gameplay, and you can keep it for preservation purposes.

Record Audio Feature

Record Audio Feature

Besides screen recording, you can also record your audio effectively when using RecMaster. The software can help you get a copy of any music or sound on your computer during the recording session. Also, it can record your system sound and microphone, making it more useful as an audio recorder software.

Basic Editing Feature

Basic Editing Feature

RecMaster can offer basic editing tools to use for enhancing your recorded video or screen. After the recording process, you can cut your video or trim it based on your needs. You can even adjust the timeline and add subtitles to make the video more engaging to viewers. However, the editing tools are limited. You can’t edit the recorded screen in various ways, such as changing video color, video speed, overlaying, and more.

Part 3. RecMaster Pros

Simple and Interactive User Interface


The user interface of RecMaster is understandable to all users. You can also understand its functions, making it more convenient for all users.

Effective Recording Procedure


When recording your screen, you can rely on RecMaster. It is because this program allows you to record your screen without any hassle. It can even record all the activities you have.

Customizable Hotkeys


You can also customize your hotkeys or shortcut keys on RecMaster. With this, you can fully control all the functions you need during the recording process.

Supports Various Video Format


After the recording process, you can save the video in a different output format. It includes MP4, AVI, FLV, and GIF.

Part 4. RecMaster Cons

Limited Screen Recording Length

One of the disadvantages of the software is it only lets users record the computer screen up to 2 minutes long when using the free version.

Costly Plan

If you want to enjoy the full potential of the software, you must get its paid version. However, the software is expensive. You must pay $29.95 to access the program on 2 personal computers.

Part 5. Best Alternative to RecMaster

The free version of RecMaster helps you to capture your computer screen effectively. However, you can only record for up to 2 minutes long, which is not enjoyable at all. Purchasing the software is also expensive. In that case, you must use another offline program to record your computer screen for longer than 2 minutes for free. If so, use Screen Recorder as your RecMaster alternative. The Screen Recorder software is capable of doing screen recording for longer than RecMaster. Also, you can navigate all of its functions since it provides an understandable interface, making it suitable for all users. You can also record a video, webcam, gameplay, tabs, and more. Additionally, it has Screenshot features that let users capture the screen during the recording process. It is also available on Windows and Mac, making it more accessible for users. Hence, for recording your screen longer, better, and smoothly using the free version, it is best to use the Screen Recorder software.

Free Download

For Windows

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Screen Recorder RecMaster Alternative

Program User Features Compatibility Interface Connect to Phone Recording Quality
RecMaster Beginners Record Screen
Record Audio
Game Mode
Simple No Poor
Screen Recorder Beginners
Record Screen
Record Audio
Record Gameplay
Capture Screen
Record Phone Screen
Simple Yes Great

Part 6. FAQs about RecMaster

Wrapping up

The RecMaster software is reliable for recording your screen in various ways. You can record your gameplay, videos, and more. But when using the free version, you can only record your screen for 2 minutes longer. In that case, it is best to use an alternative for recording your screen longer, such as Screen Recorder. This program’s free version can record your screen longer than RecMaster. Also, it can provide an interactive and simple interface, making it an ideal screen recorder.

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