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The Shottr software can help you capture your screen. For a brief information, the software is among the screen-capturing programs you can operate on Mac devices. It can capture the whole screen, a part of the screen, and more. But it won’t end with that. If you want to learn more about Shottr, have the chance to read this post and explore more about the discussion.

Shottr Review

Part 1. Introduction to Shottr

Shottr is an advanced program designed for capturing screens on Mac computers. The software can be used easily and is compact, making it an amazing choice for Mac users. It is because Shottr can even provide a high-pixel quality when taking a screenshot. What’s more, the software can offer several useful features you can enjoy. These are zooming, pinning, annotation tools, and more. Aside from that, the program is continuously developing more features for the needs and convenience of its users. In terms of the screen-capturing process, Shottr can make you content. You can take screenshots with auto-scrolling, making it helpful for users. Also, it can recognize text and eliminate objects and text. Another good thing here is that you can annotate the captured image with symbols, signs, shapes, and more. Shottr can also be helpful as a screen ruler to measure the distance of the pixel between the two objects.

Part 2. Shottr Features

Shottr is a powerful screen-capturing software for Mac users. It can help you capture or take a screenshot on your screen effectively. But there are more helpful features you can find when operating the software. So, if you are interested in learning all its major features, we are here to provide all of them. Check all the features below and learn their capabilities.

Shottr Screenshot Feature

Screen Capture Feature Shottr

Shottr’s major feature is its ability to take a screenshot on a Mac screen in various ways. Shottr can capture any area of your screen quickly. It can also support scrolling capture. What’s more, the process of taking a screenshot is fast. You can just use your mouse cursor to get your desired screenshot from your screen.

Text Recognition

The text recognition feature lets you copy text from your computer. Then, you can put it on your clipboard to keep the copied text. With this, you don’t have to manually type each word. All you need is to highlight the text on the screen, and you are ready to proceed with the process.

Remove Object Feature

Remove Object Feature

Another powerful feature you can use on Shottr is its capability to remove objects or any element on your captured images. With this, if you have any sensitive information on your screenshot, you can remove them easily.

Scrolling Feature

In terms of taking a screenshot, you can use its scrolling feature effectively. This feature allows you to capture your screen while scrolling. With that, if you want to have a long screenshot, this feature might be helpful for you.

Zoom Feature

Zoom Feature Shottr

After capturing or taking a screenshot, there are times when you need to look at its detailed information. You might try to zoom in on the screenshot to see if it still has a good quality as an image. If that is the case, Shottr can help you with that. Its Zoom feature allows you to have a closer look at the image.

Part 3. Shottr Pricing

The Shottr for Mac app can offer a 30-day free trial version. In this version, you can capture any part of your screen or take a screenshot while scrolling. You can enjoy its features for 30 days. However, if you want to see the overall potential of the software, it is recommended to purchase its paid version. The basic tier costs $8.00. Also, there is a plan called Friends Club that costs $25.00, which lets you use more experimental features and better support.

Part 4. Good Things about Shottr

Easy to Navigate User Interface


The best thing when using Shottr is it's simple to navigate the user interface. Even though the software is among the advanced screen-capturing programs, users, especially beginners, can still use it.

Lightweight Software


Whether you believe it or not, Shottr has a small file size. You don’t have to worry if the software will consume so much space on your Mac devices. With its small file size, you can access the software anytime, making it an accessible software.

Shottr Scrolling Capture


We can say that all screen capture tools are not bad, but only a few support the Scrolling screenshot function. The good thing here is that Shottr is among the tools to use for capturing your screen while scrolling.

Free Trial Version


Shottr can offer a 30-day free trial version. In this version, you can download and operate the tool without paying a plan. So, if you want to explore more, especially all of its capabilities, the free trial version is there for you.

Part 5. Negative Side of Shottr

Only for Mac

Even though Shottr is an excellent software, you can only access it on macOS devices. So, if you are using Windows OS, the best thing to do is to use another screen-capturing software. You can only access the software on macOS Sonoma 14, macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Ventura 13, and more.

Complicated Advanced Functions

Some functions, such as ruler, text recognition, overlays, and more might be confusing for some users, especially non-professionals. So, when using the tool, it’s still better to ask for help from skilled users.

Part 6. Final Verdict

Shottr for Mac can help you capture your screen based on your needs. You can capture the whole screen, a part of the screen, and can even capture a screenshot while scrolling. It also has more features you can use, such as removing objects, zooming, annotation tools, and more. However, you can only access the software on Mac devices. With that, you can’t download and use its functionalities when using other platforms, like Windows.

Part 7. Shottr Alternative

In terms of accessibility, Shottr has limitations. You can’t access it on Windows computers, making it impossible to use. So, if you want helpful screen-capturing software that is workable on both Windows and Mac, use Screen Recorder. With this program, you can already capture your screen no matter what computer you use. Also, it can offer a more easier capturing process, which is better for users. Plus, unlike Shottr, the program has no complicated functions. All its features and functions are understandable, which is an ideal software to operate. Moreover, you can take a screenshot in many ways. You can capture a scrolling window, entire screen, region, window, and more. Another helpful feature you can experience when using the program is its screen recording feature. You can record your screen, video, gameplay, webcam, and more. The best thing here is that while recording, you can still take a screenshot with the help of its Snapshot function.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

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Screen Recorder Shottr Alternative

Programs Interface Features Capture Phone Screen Users Accessibility
Shottr Simple Capture Screen
Remove Objects
No Skilled Mac
Screen Recorder Simple Capture Screen
Record Screen
Editing Tools
Yes Beginners

Part 8. FAQs about Shottr

Wrapping up

Shottr can give a good performance for capturing a screen on a Mac. It can also offer various screen-capturing options for users. However, it is not accessible on Windows computers. So, if you want a more accessible program that lets you capture your screen on Mac and Windows, use Screen Recorder. Compared with Shottr, it is more accessible and can offer simple-to-understand functions that let all users enjoy the screen-capturing process.

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