Top 5 Alternatives to Audacity Audio Recording and Editing

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When it comes to audio editing, Audacity is one of the best choices for any platform. It focuses on excellent results while providing additional functions like the audio recorder. But at some point, the software is not enough for today’s soundtracks, and you need an Audacity alternative that is more functional for editing, mixing, and recording. Since you are in the right place, check out these fantastic tools you can download on Windows, Mac, and other operating systems.

Audacity Alternatives

Part 1. Why Do You Need Audacity Alternatives

The primary reason to look for an alternative to Audacity is its learning curve. The software looks outdated, with cluttered functions. But other than this, you must consider why you need to explore other solutions. Here are some examples:

Part 2. Editor's Best Picks

There are five alternatives to Audacity, but if you want to pick the best ones, Here are the Editor’s picks among the top five audio editing software for Windows and Mac:

Blu-ray Master Picked Screen Recorder

This alternative provides an effective audio recorder for internal and external recording. It is easy to set up with a built-in soundcheck function to examine the system's sound and microphone. It is also best for users who are looking for cost-effective software with excellent results.

Adobe Audition

Audition is constantly updated to modern audio editing. It excels in everything, including audio mixing and editing for content such as podcasts, sound effects, and so on.

FL Studio

The Audacity alternative is complete with functions for music productions. With its 20 years of innovative evolution, FLStudio has become one of the best software for audio composing, arranging, mastering, and editing.

Part 3. Top 5 Audacity Alternatives

You are on the search for the best alternative to Audacity for Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Here are the top five recommendations, selected while considering the overall performance, built-in features, affordable pricing, and cross-platform.

1Blu-ray Master Pocked Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder Audacity Altaernative

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

Pricing: Free, $49.96/ one-time fee

Best For: All-around recording for audio, video, gameplay, etc.

Blu-ray Master picked Screen Recorder is one of the famous recording software for desktops. Its audio recorder is simple to set up but captures high-quality audio. As the editor’s best pick, this tool algorithm clearly captures sound internally and externally, eliminating the noise background by the user’s choice. Moreover, you can run a soundcheck before recording the system sound or your voice.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download


  • Export recorded audio as AAC, MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Configure quality from lowest, mid, to lossless.
  • Advanced output for volume, delay, and microphone enhancement.
  • Excellent noise cancellation for background noise.


  • The free version limits users to a few minutes of recording.


Ocenaudio alternative to Audacity

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

Pricing: Free

Best For: Basic audio editor and recorder

If you only need a simple alternative to Audacity for Chromebook, check Ocenaudio and its efficiency. White focuses on audio recording and editing, and Ocenaudio allows you to analyze sound and its information, such as the sample rate, channels, and others. This audio recording software is free and cross-platform, so that you can give it a try anytime.


  • Quick to operate without complicated settings.
  • Flexible enough to work on multiple tracks at once.
  • Suitable for beginners and novices.


  • It's not ideal for professional audio editing and recording.

3Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Audacity to Alternative Mac

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

Pricing: $20.99/monthly

Best For: High-end audio making

Adobe Audition empowers musicians, podcasters, and artists with its audio processing. It has professional-grade tools that elaborate the best parts of the sound while balancing the loud and quiet areas. Adobe Audition is expected to create the best audio quality since it is created in the same industry as Premiere Pro and Photoshop.


  • A vast library of effects, filters, and plugins.
  • Flexibility toward noise editing, degrading, and enhancing.
  • Integrate with other Adobe tools for media editing.
  • Remove background noise from audio.


  • Time-consuming to learn remixing and editing.
  • Resource-hungry as it handles complex projects.


Wavosaur Audacity Alternative

Supported Platforms: Windows

Pricing: Free

Best For: Processing audio files like WAV and MP3

Another best free alternative to Audacity is Wavosaur, a sound editor, processor, and recorder. All of these are accessible on the software Windows version, adding more functions like music loops, analyzer, and batch conversion. Wavosaur also offers an excellent VST plugin for support.


  • A free and lightweight Audacity alternative.
  • Extend functionalities via VST plugins.
  • Edit audio files without reducing the original quality.
  • Enable users to work with multiple channels and devices.


  • Only available on Windows OS.
  • It does not support too many audio formats.

5FL Studio

FL Studio Audacity Alternative

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

Pricing: $99

Best For: Top-tier visualization of audio waveform.

The Audacity alternative is one of the recently developed audio editors by Image-Line. One thing unique about FL Studio is its graphical interface that shows music sequences, assisting you to edit certain parts with precision. Unlike other premium software, purchasing FL Studio can be shared with multiple people with unlimited access.


  • Lifetime free updates.
  • Support a wide range of plugins such as synthesizers, samplers, etc.
  • Capable of automation and playlist arrangement.


  • Require high-end specifications for large projects.
  • The Mac version is not as extensive as the Windows version.

Part 4. FAQs about Audacity Alternatives

Wrapping up

Audacity remains a popular audio editor and recorder for most users. But if you are looking for a more advanced tool, it is recommended that you look for the best alternative to Audacity. This article chose the excellent ones, including their pricing, best for, pros, and cons. But ultimately, you should try Blu-ray Master picked Screen Recorder for simple but professional audio recording. With its free trial version, you can capture audio on your computer in high quality.

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