The Best Way to Convert Blu-ray to DVD with Free Blu-ray Ripper

The Best Way to Convert Blu-ray to DVD with Free Blu-ray Ripper

When you wanna save the files from Blu-ray to DVD or computer, you have to rip Blu-ray files to DVD first. But there are some key points to extract the files from Blu-ray Disc. The article shows the best way to create DVD with Blu-ray disc with Free Blu-ray Ripper.

Key Points to convert Blu-ray to DVD

As the DVD Players are much more common everywhere car, kitchen, PS4 or Xbox, you have to turn Blu-ray to DVD for different usages. But some key points should be taken into consideration first.

A1. You might able to use PS4 Blu-ray Player, but it will be difficult to decrypt the Blu-ray files or without region restriction.

A2. When you use the Blu-ray Converter to transcode Blu-ray to DVD for different devices, you should pay attention to the standard of the DVD format.

A3. As the Blu-ray movies are extremely large in size, when you rip Blu-ray to DVD, the speed for conversion and the quality for the output file are also important for you.

How to convert Blu-ray to DVD with Free Blu-ray Ripper

Free Blu-ray Ripper is able to convert Blu-ray to decrypt movies from Blu-ray to DVD with a fast speed and the best quality. And you can also choose the DVD standard and customize the DVD files as your requirements before change Blu-ray to DVD.

Free Blu-ray Ripper

Free Blu-ray to DVD Converter enables you transcode Blu-ray files to high quality of DVD. And then you can customize DVD files according to the standard of the DVD Player when you convert Blu-ray to DVD. Just free download the Free Blu-ray Ripper to learn more detail about the program.

How to convert Blu-ray files to DVD

Step 1

Open free Blu-ray to DVD Ripper

Once you download and install the latest version of Blu-ray to DVD Converter, you can launch the program to load the Blu-ray files as the screenshot.

Step 2

Load Blu-ray disc to the program

And then you click the "Add file" button to import the Blu-ray movies to DVD accordingly. You can also drag-n-drop the Blu-ray to the program directly.

Step 3

Choose Output Preference

Just click the "Profile" button to choose the "VOB", you can find different video standards for the DVD format and then convert Blu-ray to DVD.

Step 4

Free rip Blu-ray to DVD

When you make all the detail, you can click the "Convert" button to convert Blu-ray disc, you can use the Blu-ray disc to other devices easily now.

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