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As you download a movie on the internet, you might encounter DVD files saved as ISO files on your computer. Your first thought is it’s not important or only a detail on the video data. However, it is far from useless as it is a huge factor for movies. Here, you can learn more about what ISO is and which tools can open it. See the full details below to see how you can completely use the format to your advantage.

What is ISO File

Part 1. What is an ISO File

An ISO file is the entirety of a disc like a CD, Blu-ray, and DVD. It is like an archived file of an optical disk, a duplicate of larger sets of data. Since its main purpose is to copy or replicate the optical disk, a user can use an ISO file to burn a new disk with the exact details of the original disk. A great example is transferring a game from an outdated disk to the computer without requiring a physical disk to play it.

But other than transferring the replicated data, it has greater purposes for operating systems. An ISO file can be an outstanding vessel to download or mount operating systems, or you can use it as a backup disk of DVD or CD collections. Since it can hold a lot of data, an ISO image is the best container to transfer large data to a blank disk, and open with your ISO player

Part 2. How to Open an ISO File on Windows and Mac

To open the ISO, use Blu-ray Player as your ISO file reader. The program is available for Windows and Mac, which only requires minimal specs to open videos with outstanding quality. It is equipped with all the necessary controls to pause, stop, and play a video while giving you advanced controls to adjust the ISO video track, audio, and subtitles. Other than ISO files, the media player can also play various formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, etc. It also adapts the newest playing technology for any type of DVD and Blu-ray. Click the Download button and learn how to open an ISO file on Mac and Windows.

Blu-ray Player
Blu-ray Player
  • Play ISO files in 1080p HD and 4K UHD on Windows 11/10 and macOS.
  • Support Dolby and DTS for the best audio on any video.
  • Excellent layout without too complicated setup.
  • Provide other tools, such as Snapshot for screenshots.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Step 1.Download Blu-ray Player from the Bluraycopys' official website. Once installed, launch the program on your computer and click the Open File button. You can insert a disc and click the Open Disc button to load the ISO file format.

Blu-ray Player Download Open File

Step 2.When the video is uploaded, use the controls at the bottom of the interface. Additionally, you can find more options from the Controls menu. Access the Audio settings to choose the desired audio track, channel, and device.

Blu-ray Player Controls

Step 3.To edit the screen, go to the Video menu and select Fullscreen, Half Size, Double Size, etc. Finally, you can edit the visual from the Effects menu by changing the hue, gamma, saturation, and other components. Enjoy the video playback.

Blu-ray Player Audio Video Effects

It is easy to use Blu-ray Player to play ISO files on Windows and Mac. It is even a great media player to play Blu-ray, DVD, and many video formats in high quality.

Part 3. How to Mount an ISO File on Windows

The good thing about Windows is that it allows you to mount ISO files without installing third-party software. Although several programs like an ISO file reader can help you mount, it is possible to do this without installing one. This part will show the simple guide, including how to mount an ISO on Steam Deck on your computer.

Step 1.One of the easiest ways to download Windows 10/11 ISO is to browse it on the File Explorer. Right-click it and choose the Mount option from the drop-down list. Access the content by choosing the virtual drive from the navigation menu.

Step 2.To mount ISO on Steam Deck using Windows, go to Discover Store and install Mount Unmount ISO. Once done, right-click the file and head to the Mount/Unmount ISO Image option. Choose the Mount option from the sub-menu. At last, the file will be on your device, ready to access.

Windows Mount ISO Steam Deck

Part 4. How to Create an ISO File

If you wish to create a disk with ISO files, AnyMP4 DVD Creator is an excellent choice for an easier process. It is an all-in-one solution that supports burning CDs with HD and 4K resolution. Whether it is a video from a camera or an extracted ISO image, this tool will quickly embed it on a blank disk and export the footage as MP4, AVI, MOV, and other popular formats. To add to its feasible offers, AnyMP4 provides built-in menu templates, which you can customize as you please. Check out its fast-paced burning process by downloading it on Windows and Mac.

Step 1.How to make an ISO file? First, download and install the program to your computer and launch it.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Insert a blank disc on the optical drive and choose the DVD Disc option from AnyMP4 DVD Creator.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator Download DVD Disc

Step 2.Open the video file from your local folder. Videos can be edited within the platform with the built-in video editor. Choose ISO as the output format. Proceed to edit other settings like audio, subtitles, etc.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator Edit Settlings

Step 3.Click the Burn button after you edit the file. Depending on the size of the ISO, the process will take some time. After that, the disc is ready for sharing as a physical copy.

Take this ISO creator, you can make your DVD or Blu-ray ISO files without effort.

AnyMP4 DVD Creator Burn

Finally, a professional way to create an ISO image without too much work. Just load your disc and turn it to an ISO File in a few clicks.

Part 5. How to Convert/Extract ISO File

What can be done if ISO is not compatible with your device? Or when you need to extract an excellent video to transfer it on a disk? These tasks can be done in a few clicks on AnyMP4 DVD Ripper. It is a cross-platform that offers an easy way to convert and extract files, with many supported formats to choose from. Since it uses advanced technology, DVD Ripper will convert videos without losing the original quality. Check out its features by downloading it now.

Step 1.To extract ISO files, click the Download button to get the DVD Ripper on your device.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

Once installed, launch the program and insert the disk you want to work on. Click the Load DVD button and choose the Load DVD ISO option. Upload the file and click the Open button.


Step 2.Once the file is loaded, open the Full Title List menu and select the titles you want to extract. Click OK to confirm the selected titles.

AnyMP4 Full TItle List Edit Output

Step 3.If you wish to convert the extracted ISO image, go to the Rip All To menu and choose an output format. Otherwise, choose the Rip to DVD ISO File option to save the file as it is. Finally, click the Rip All button to extract the ISO image.

AnyMP4 Rip All

For a high-quality ISO extraction, AnyMP4 DVD Ripper offers a high-speed process. It also allows you to convert the extracted file to popular formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, HEVC, and more.

Part 6. FAQs about .ISO File

Wrapping up

And that’s it. Now, you have learned what ISO is and what you can do with it for storing video data. There are other ways to use the file, but it is better with Blu-ray Player for high-quality playback. Of course, AnyMP4 DVD Creator is the best solution to create a disk using ISO with outstanding quality. Furthermore, you learned how to extract ISO files with DVD Ripper in a couple of clicks. These tools are a must to try, so free download them on Windows and Mac today.

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