The Easy Guide on How to Convert a Blu-ray Disc into Digital Files

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Streaming media is one of the most popular methods to enjoy the videos and music files. What should you do if you have some Blu-ray discs? In order to take full advantage of the Blu-ray movies, you should convert Blu-ray to digital formats to watch the movies on iPhone, Android phone, Xbox and more other devices.

If you have a large collection of Blu-ray discs, whether you need to play the movies with other devices, or have a backup of the Blu-ray files, you should rip Blu-ray to digital formats. Just learn more about the methods to rip the Blu-ray disc and the best format you should choose from the article.

Convert Blu-ray to digital formats

Part 1: How to Free Convert Blu-ray to Digital with Ease

Is there a method to convert Blu-ray to digital format for free, especially for the Blu-ray movies? Whether you need to convert a Blu-ray disc to common video files, or even the device presets, Free Blu-ray Ripper is the desired Blu-ray to digital converter you can take into consideration.

How to Convert Blu-ray to Digital Files within Clicks

Step 1

Import the Blu-ray movies to the program

Insert the Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray drive of your computer. Download and install the free Blu-ray ripper, launch the program on your computer. Click the Load Disc button, the program is able to scan your disc and import Blu-ray movies automatically.

Launch free blu-ray ripper

Note: When you load the Blu-ray movies, you also need to make sure the Internet is available, or else, the Blu-ray Java might not able to load the movies accordingly.

Step 2

Preview and edit Blu-ray videos

Just preview the Blu-ray movies within the built-in media player on the right side. You can also click the Clip button to trim the Blu-ray movies with the start point and the end point in order to divide the main movie into different video parts.

Clip blu-ray video

Step 3

Choose the desired digital formats

Unfold the Profile dropdown list and choose a desired audio/video format or a target portable device to convert Blu-ray to digital. You can also click the Settings button to adjust the audio and video settings, such as Video/Audio Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, etc.

Choose avi format

Step 4

Convert Blu-ray to digital videos

After that, you can choose the destination folder for the digital format. Click the Convert button at the bottom right corner to start converting Blu-ray to digital videos. Click the Open Folder option to open the converted digital video from your computer.

Note: Free Blu-ray Ripper not only compatibles with most of the audio/video formats, but also able to rip most of the Blu-ray discs. Just need to load the Blu-ray disc into the program, it is able to convert the Blu-ray automatically.

The above steps are telling the way to convert Blu-ray to digital formats. If you want to keep the Blu-ray movie playback settings, you should copy Blu-ray to ISO file.

Part 2: Which is the Best Digital Format for Blu-ray

When you convert Blu-ray to digital videos, what should be the desired digital formats? There are various digital video formats and device presets. You can choose the desired one according to different scenarios. Just learn more details about the one you want as below.

1. MP4 is the most popular video format, which compatible with most media players and digital devices, such as the iPhone, Android phones and more other device. MP4 is always a good choice that you should convert Blu-ray to digital format.

2. In order to share Blu-ray movies online, you can convert Blu-ray to FLV format. The FLV file format is a compressed video format for online videos. It can produce smaller file sizes and distribute through the Internet quickly remaining in a high quality.

3. If you want to further edit the Blu-ray movies after conversion, you have to convert Blu-ray to a lossless video formats, such as AVI. Bear in mind that the lossless video formats will generate larger files. It takes longer time to render your videos too.

4. MP3 is always a nice option if you need to convert Blu-ray to audio files. Because of the relatively high audio quality and less compression method of MP3 audio file, which enables you to play the audio files with most of the devices with ease.

5. Free Blu-ray Ripper also offers a variety of presets that help you convert Blu-ray to digital videos for playing on portable devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung phone, Play Station, and more. You can simply select your device model and the software will set other options automatically.

Whatever the file format you want to choose, you can get the desired one within the free Blu-ray ripper. There are more than 300 video/audio file formats and device presets, which enables you to choose the desired one within the program with ease.

Part 3: FAQs of Converting Blu-ray to Digital

1. Can you turn a DVD into a digital copy?

Of course, you can. For copying a DVD into a digital copy, you will need the professional DVD ripping software to extract the digital video and audio files from the DVD disc. Learn here to covert DVD to digital formats.

2. Is it legal to rip a Blu-ray?

It is complicated to claim it is legal or illegal to rip a Blu-ray. If the Blu-ray is your own creation, it is legal to rip Blu-ray to digital formats for easy playback. If you want to rip a Blu-ray with protected content for commercial use, it is illegal. Actually, it depends on the use of ripping Blu-ray. If you only want to enjoy it without sharing others for some commercial purposes, then it is legal to do it.

3. Digital vs Blu-ray, what are the differences?

In the terms of the video and audio quality, most Blu-ray supports 720p, 1080p HD and 4K, while many streaming service providers offer the 720P, 1080P or even 4K as well 4K. As for the movies, you can find some movies stored in Blu-ray, while it is hard to find from the streaming service providers. As for the playback ease, you need the professional Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray files while the digital video can be playback on most players.

4. Can I convert Blu-ray to DVD?

Yes, you can. For converting Blu-ray to DVD, you need to rip the Blu-ray files into the digital files, and then use the DVD creator to burn the digital videos into DVD. Here are the details of converting Blu-ray to DVD.


This article shares the best method about how to convert Blu-ray discs to digital files with ease. It should be the ultimate method to take full advantage of the Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO. In fact, you can convert your Blu-ray collection to digital video files for sharing, watching, editing or backup. Free Blu-ray Ripper is the best method you can take into consideration. Moreover, you can also learn more about the best digital files you can choose for converting the Blu-ray disc.

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