The Best Way to Convert Blu-ray Movies for Free

The Best Way to Convert Blu-ray Movies for Free

We have more devices for multi-media than ever before. What can we do if we wanna use the Blu-ray movies for these devices? Find the right Blu-ray Converter to freely transcode Blu-ray to various video formats should be the best choice. Free Blu-ray Converter is the best of the best solution to achieve your requirements.

Rip Blu-ray files to different video formats

The Blu-ray disc can only be used for Blu-ray Players, you have to burn Blu-ray to DVD for ordinary DVD players. No even mention other devices with multiple formats. Just find the different formats for your devices when you turn Blu-ray to other formats.

Video Format Support Device
Convert Blu-ray to AVI HDTV, PS3, Xbox,PS4
Convert Blu-ray to MP4 Tablets, iPhone, iPad,PSP
Convert Blu-ray to MPEG Zen Player and TV
Convert Blu-ray to MOV Mac Book, Mac Air, Final Cut Pro
Convert Blu-ray to WMV Xbox, Windows Media Player
Convert Blu-ray to FLV online streaming sites
Extract Blu-ray to MP3 MP3 players and audio players

Just take convert Blu-ray to PS4 format for example, you can transcode Blu-ray to AVI as well as MKV, MP4, MPEG2 and TS files. In order to get the broadest video formats and presets for these devices, it is recommended that you can use Free Blu-ray Converter.

All-in-one Free Blu-ray Converter

Free Blu-ray Converter is the best tool to convert Blu-ray to different video formats, and the hundreds of device types enable you to free change Blu-ray to formats of the devices directly. And you can also find the other special features for the Free Blu-ray Ripper.

1. Freely Convert Blu-ray to high quality video format.

2. Customize Blu-ray files before you turn Blu-ray to other video.

Free Blu-ray Ripper

Free Blu-ray Converter is able to transcode Blu-ray to the broadest video formats and the different device types directly. The program also empowers you to convert Blu-ray to high quality video format and enables you to customize the video files easily with few clicks.

How to free convert Blu-ray to video formats

Step 1

Launch free Blu-ray Converter

First you need to download and install the free Blu-ray Ripper from the official website, you can launch the free Blu-ray Ripper as the following screenshot

Step 2

Load Blu-ray disc to the program

Click the "Add file" button to load the files from Blu-ray disc or drag-n-drop the Blu-ray movies for conversion. You can load multiple Blu-ray files at the same time.

Step 3

Choose Output Preference

Choose the HD Video option for ripping Aladdin Blu-ray to high quality video file.

Step 4

Free rip Blu-ray to other video formats

When you make all the detail, you can click the "Convert" button to convert Blu-ray disc, you can use the Blu-ray disc to other devices easily now.

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