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One of the popular media players on the market is the JRiver Media Center. It can play various media files and offers more features that can make users happy and content. However, some users have no idea about the program. In that case, this article can be your guide for learning more about the program. If so, proceed to this post and check all the necessary information about JRiver Media Center software.

JRiver Media Center Review

Part 1. Overview of JRiver Media Center

What is JRiver Media Center?

The JRiver Media Center is a perfect option for seamless video and audio playback. When watching videos, you can enjoy its great quality without any setup procedures. Also, the program can even support various video files, which is one of its good features as a media player. It can play video files like MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, DivX, and more. With this, you can operate the tool without worrying if the video can be played on the program. It is only a simple overview of the JRiver Media Center. If you want to know more, see all the valuable information below.

What is JRiver Software

JRiver Price

You can purchase the JRiver Media Center for $79.98. After you purchase the program, you can do more things besides playing videos and audio. But if you don’t want to spend money while using offline software, worry no more. The program also offers a free version you can use. With this, you can still get some of the functions and features from the program. However, since it is a free version, you can’t experience some features compared with the paid version of JRiver Media Center Software.


Windows, Mac, Linux

Overall Rating

User Interface:


Video Quality:



  • It can play multimedia files like video and audio with great quality.
  • It supports JRiver plugins and a customizable user interface.
  • The program can manage various file formats.
  • Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.


  • The interface of the software is too complicated for non-professional users.
  • There are limited features when using the program’s free version.
  • It is expensive to buy the pro version of the program.

Best for

Skilled users.

Bottom Line

JRiver Player is an excellent program that lets users achieve good video playback on Windows and Mac computers. Also, it can support various formats if you want. Aside from that, you can access the free version of the program if you prefer to try its features first. But, if you want to get all the advanced functionalities of the program, it would be better to get the license from the program by purchasing it. So, download JRiver and experience it yourself to have more insight about playing video files.

Part 2. Complete Review to JRiver Media Center

Main Interface

The main interface of JRiver Media Center software provides numerous functions which can be useful for users. It has various sections from the left interface that allow you to browse the file you want to play. One thing you must know is that the interface is confusing at first. If you are a beginner, you can tell that the interface is not simple, and it takes time to learn. With that, it is suggested to ask for assistance when operating the player.

Burn and Rip CDs and DVDs

Besides playing video files and other media files on your computer, the program can offer more. With the help of JRiver Media Center, you can even burn and rip CDs and DVDs effectively. So, you can rely on this program if you want to deal with your disc, especially when burning and ripping.

Supports Library

Having an unorganized file can be challenging if you are looking for a certain media file. But if you use the JRiver software, you can arrange your files based on your preferences. If you are not yet aware, the program allows you to organize all the files.

Theater View

With the Theater View feature, you can add, remove, edit, and sort various interfaces that can make you feel like you are in a cinema. Also, when you are in a theater view, you can see all the suggested movies, music, and other files from the interface.

Part 3. JRiver Media Center Alternatives

1 Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray JRiver Alternative

The Blu-ray Player is among the leading media players to use for playing video files. It can play up to 1080p HD videos and other common formats, such as MP4, TS, MKV, WMV, MOV, and more. Aside from that, the interface of the media player is easier to understand compared with JRiver Media Center. It will only take a few clicks when playing your desired video file. Plus, you can also adjust the video color, screen size, volume, and other parameters. Moreover, the offline program is simple to download, making it more accessible. So, try the Blu-ray Player now as your JRiver Media Center alternative.

Free Download

For Windows

Secure Download

Free Download

for macOS

Secure Download

2 Audirvana

Audirvana JRiver Alternative

Audirvana can also be your media player for playing various videos on your computer. This JRiver alternative is also an effective program for viewing files with great video quality. It is also available on Mac and Windows OS, which is perfect for all users. However, like the JRiver, its interface is also hard to understand. Only skilled users can operate the player when watching various videos.

3 Foobar2000

Footbar2000 JRiver Alternative

Another trustworthy JRiver alternative is the Foobar2000. This software is capable of playing various files. It includes videos, audio, and more. Aside from that, another thing you can enjoy is ripping CDs and customizing the interface. But, operating the program is not that easy. It has a lot of processes to consider before you can get your desired outcome. But if you still want to try the Foobar2000, download the tool from its official webpage.

Part 4. FAQs about JRiver Media Center Review

Wrapping up

JRiver Media Center is an astonishing media player suitable for playing video files. It also has more features you can enjoy, such as playing audio, ripping and burning discs, customizing the interface, and more. However, in terms of usability, it is difficult to operate. There are various procedures you must do before playing your video. In that case, we introduced some alternatives to use for video playback, especially the Blu-ray Player. This program offers a direct and simple procedure for playing videos. So, download the program and enjoy watching your favorite movies on your computer.

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